World of Warships – Shake Your Moneymaker

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TL;DR: Get the USS Sims!


  1. I kinda hate that i “PRE”bought Yubari before i saw this vid. now i would
    rather spend my money on Sims destroyer.
    hope that once i get to play WoW i wont be dissapointed on my yubari

  2. Hi Mr Jingles.

    Premium tanks in WoT tend to be WORSE than their equivalents of the same
    tier … But these premium ships have a very worrying amount of “Best in
    Game” features.

    Are you worried that Prem-Ships in WoWs might be a bit Pay to Win?

  3. I spy something beginning with depth charges

  4. sliding ships?WG KILL YOUR SELF!

  5. The USS Sims is basically the E25 in ship form


  7. Off topic but what’s your thoughts about World of Warships Space only

  8. hatethisgame

  9. thxs again Jingles spot on as always……

  10. Is the video sped to up?

  11. Sims looks too OP to not get nerfed…
    Its like the ship version of the T-50-2

  12. So the game’s in full release then seeing as they’re asking for player’s
    money, much like Warthunder? “Give us your money but it’s still a “Beta
    test” you know” wink wink nudge nudge!

  13. As more “informercial” for the NA server peeps, The price of the three are:
    Tier VII Sims – $34.80, Tier V Gremyashchiy – $29.30, Tier IV Yubari –
    $25.49. The Gremyashchiy is more expensive because WG is offering 2500 gold
    with it, and only 1500 gold with the Yubari for us NA server players.

    Additionally – we NA server folks can get the The 3 pack on discount
    already – (All 3 ships, 5500 gold, and 90 days of premium is being sold
    for: $59.50)

    Closed Beta participants be warned – what you use your premium time on to
    grind will likely be for naught when WG wipes progress upon release of open
    beta, but if you go for the 3 pack there might be some premium time left

  14. Red Obsidian TV channel

    Why world of warships? please go in to open beta :(

  15. Floris van den Eventuin

    USS Sims= T-50-2

  16. So what, can we expect another video today, or was this ‘The Mighty Jingles
    – 11 PM edition’ ?

  17. All of them are OP! It is a wargaming product, not even suprised!

  18. Jingles what about anny kind of weathereffects?! will we always fight at
    perfect calm sea and sunny weather?

  19. Battleships are still better…

  20. i bought the Japanese Cruiser
    not dissapointed at all
    Exept the terrible guns

  21. Depth charges on a cruiser? Lots of AA? Must be late-war.

    I like how the video shows the IJN naval ensign, but in-game the ships use
    the merchant flag. I understand WG’s reasoning behind not using the rising
    sun, but I still would have preferred it if they made a fictional flag
    resembling it (like how Whermacht flags in games typically have an iron
    cross in lieu of a swastika) instead of just using the merchant flag.

  22. which? :O SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY I BUY ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Murika!!
    I want an aircraft carrier that once all the planes are launched to fills
    it’s whole deck with German Tiger tanks and goes around blasting ships :)

  24. Show us some carrier gameplay

  25. I am glad I got my Yubari.
    That thing is the bastard offspring of an AA-cruiser and a Destroyer.

  26. I thought there was a japanese non-premium destroyer that did 40 knots,
    thus being the fastest in the game.

  27. Nope, the shimakaze goes 1 knot faster. But it’s tier X. SIMS STILL GOOD

  28. i bought em all

  29. That’s the trouble with WG, once they sell enough of these ships the nerf
    bat is going to drop!

  30. I got all three and love em all.

  31. Love the Yubari and Sims, HATE Gremyashchy with a burning passion. Overall,
    my favorite premium ship right now is the Kitakami. 800k credits and nearly
    7k exp in a single game. Little thing is a MONSTER.

  32. Sergio Montserrat

    Thank you for the pointers, Jingles ^_^

  33. hey look one more game which sells stuff when its in alpha or beta gg….

  34. You have any idea when it is coming out

  35. But, in wot premium vehicles are not NERFED as it would be breaking a
    contract as the vehicle has been purchased for real money. I presume the
    same will apply to wow???

  36. +The Mighty Jingles havent played world of warships yet because i didnt
    get a beta key. but im just wondering your thoughts, it sounds like all
    this ships are OP for thier tiers, do you think there is a possibility that
    they will nerf all the ships later when the game comes out?

  37. ur world of warship intro music should be – ‘a life on the ocean wave’

  38. Sooo if i’ll buy Albany, it will stay in my port after OBT kicks in or does
    it only concern the pre-order ships?

  39. The Gremjaščij is not the class. Just the name of the ship. It is a
    Gněvnyj-class (Type 7) destroyer. It was sailing under the Soviet northern
    fleet(it was even sailing to protect the Lend-Lease convoys, too.),
    survived the war, and sunk during nuclear testing in 1957 used as a test

  40. Richard Gustafsson

    5:35 “…To drive.” Yeaaah lol

  41. I would still love to see submarine in World of Warships, but is this even

  42. all reddy don

  43. Christian Seierup

    Jingles in case you did not know the Sims is not the fastes ship in the
    game. it is one of the fastes i think max speed in game is 39,9 i think

  44. hmmmm….. i smell russian bias

  45. I could only get one of the premiums. for good or bad I got the Russian DD.
    But it not to bad. I just need to learn how to use it right.

  46. Edward Blomstrand

    Well wows was fun before Russian bias. 

  47. Thanks Jingles for the video, I was thinking which one to get but I’ll
    probably get the full package when it’s released Tuesday.

    I doubt they’ll nerf these ships because if they do they’ll immediately set
    a bad precedent for WoWs and there is a good chance it will seriously hurt
    it’s reputation.
    Like in WoT, if the vehicle is bought with real money via the gift shop in
    many countries they can’t actually touch it anymore unless they make it
    better as it will be considered a breach of contract for the service.

    There is therefore a good chance the sims will remain like this
    indefinitely, if it’s overpowered they should have done a better job of
    balancing before releasing it :)

  48. What is that turret thing on the very top of the sims 

  49. You can already buy them all in budnle on NA prem shop. Now just to wait
    for open beta to get here.

    Oh and by the way JIngles, when will we see some Carrier gameplay?

  50. No idea on the WoWs game balancing since I haven’t touched it yet, but…

    Maybe it’s just me, but the US premium ship with that maneuverability,
    speed and “gun control” sounds OP as fucking hell

  51. The Pilot Penguin

    so i can get these ships after the sale but they wont be on a discount?

  52. Just been looking on the War Gaming premium shop and it seem the WoWs gold
    and premium account packages have ‘Only for WoWs’ stamped all over them.
    Its not so long ago that WG made a big deal about our unified accounts.
    Does anyone know if my WoT premium account will be unified with WoWs – I
    know it certainly hasn’t been for my closed beta account.

  53. Jingles could you make a yamato Review sometime if its not much to ask.
    Please dont send me to the salt mines D:

  54. With the aim assist mod in the game, the chances of me spending ANY money
    on WOWS is probably on a par with being bitten by a giraffe in my back

  55. From what I can read of of the news page of wows eu. Only the 15% discount
    runs till the 13th of april. The packages are available till the end of

  56. U.S.S Simms= Merica

  57. Good thing I purchased all 3 of ’em :D

  58. Russia had virtually no navy during WWII and they have a ship before the
    British Empire and Germany… riiiiiggghhhtttt….

  59. “Very quick video”

    12 minutes…

  60. I wonder if the 5 inch guns on the USS Sims can be used for AA? American
    DD’s in WWII had duel purpose guns main guns.

  61. U world Of tanks m8

    Got me a uss sims so hyped

  62. The USS Sims sounds like it’s going to be another Type59 story, sadly… 

  63. Jingles, the WOT test servers up

  64. Well Ok (PLS ANSWER!!!)
    When i buy this ships and gold for open and closed beta, will it still be
    there in the final version?
    I didnt watched the video to end in my previous question 😀
    Pls in need that information :)

  65. Anyone else slightly annoyed that a Russian ship has been added before any
    Royal Navy or German ships…?

  66. USS Sims = T71 right ? :D

  67. I think having you, Jingles, to show and overview ships and tanks is great.
    I think I want the soviet destroyer!

  68. Very importsnt q!!!! Pls answer!!!:
    Do the premium ships get removed to when the open beta and the final
    release begin? Why would i spend 20 € for sth i wont keep? Pls answer! 

  69. already some people on youtube are playing world of warships and we are
    still waiting is this correct :/ ?

  70. Blue Frog of Lenin

    The ship size is so fucking wrong. They’re so small

  71. I have this trick in the WG Premium Shop where I fill in my credit card
    details pretending that I’m not really buying anything. Then, when
    everything is set, I just hit that button real fast and write it off as an
    accident. Anyway, I got me a SIMS!!!!

    Any of you lot read how DD409 ended her days… :(

  72. So will we have to pay to play the Game ?

  73. So is it better to wait for the packige of all three ships or buy all three

  74. Thank you for the great video.

  75. I purchased the triple pack. Given it was the same cost as two of them it
    made sense which came to $78.56 NZ, basically get one free or close to.

  76. The triple pack is such a good deal its about $60 and gives you a little
    bit more than $100 of stuff.

  77. Many thanks Jingles. Nice mini type review. I have bought the Yubari and
    look forward to one of your full reviews on the Yubari, I am still hopefull
    on getting a key but it will most likely go open beta before I get a look
    in. If you could do a full review on Yubari next, that would be great.

  78. I wonder if that will be the Russian Destroyer’s thing:

    Oversized, very potent cannon batteries that are balanced by a really slow
    turning rate, while being above average with agility and speed, and mostly
    meant for long range.

    Also with torps a bit in the middle compared with the other 2.

    Reminds me a lot of the tier 2 BattleCruisers they introduced in EVE a
    while back that were overly armed glass cannons.

  79. Just wait, open beta not released yet and the Sims is nerfed!

  80. you got a Us code to spare?

  81. So they basically put a t-95 equivalent i. Wows wll done wargaming, well
    done. You will never learn!

  82. I got the Russian one pre order, I haven’t played WoW yet so I didn’t want
    the Sims because I would just let my team down 😛
    and because im in the US the Russian one had the most gold to offer so meh
    im happy with my choice

  83. So WoW is gonna be the next pay to win game where premium stuuf is beter
    than the normal stuff wat you need to grind? 

  84. Thanks for this Video Mighty Lord!

  85. [H-S-D] Hexx's Seraphim Demons

    +Thraun NZ​
    +David Roberts​ 🙂

    World of Warships – Shake Your Moneymaker:

  86. You wont get gold on the Asia server, instead you get 30 days of prem, I
    would prefer the gold.

  87. The Russian ship will be a go choice its Russian gaijin is Russian
    automatically all Russians vehicles are good 

  88. Jingles do a video on the Spaceships they added.
    The Zaya, Yamato, Enterprice and Galaxy.

  89. if i had 60 $ do spare id do it in a heartbeat but i dont hell if i could
    use just two of the 25$ gift cards id do that even faster but i cant its to
    much right now

  90. there goes my wallet

  91. Oh come on, the Gremyashchy is a modern design. The hell is that doing in a
    War Gaming product?

  92. Appreciate the video jingles but because we know wargaming loves to nerf
    premium tanks/ships I’d rather wait to spend my money.

  93. Too late, Jingles. Already bought all three.

  94. Philip Oesterle Pekrun

    I’ll keep the uss sims in mind but btw something I wanna ask u guys: I have
    this spyware virus on my computer I tried to uninstall it and Internet
    explorer virus messages came up telling me to call a number to help get it
    off. I called the number and they didn’t answer and now I still have
    spyware even though it’s nowhere on my desktop or anything… Btw its
    spyware/adware plz reply and help I can’t do anything or shop online I
    can’t even sign or log in to any of my accounts plz plz help me idk what to

  95. The ships are going to be on sale for the rest of Beta. They said on the
    page they will be available for an entire year. The sale with 15% off will
    end within the 3 day period.

  96. Want the review on the Atlanta CLAA!!!

  97. 39 knots? Isn’t the Shimakaze suppose to be faster?

  98. Are they gonna wipe your acc after open beta test again ??

  99. I vote cpt Evans

  100. Who wants to vote on the most badass ww2 naval officer

  101. Please Jingles, do a video on the Death Pickle. I love my Iwaki alpha so
    damn much.

  102. Looking forward to see more WOW videos from you.

  103. it’s a Wargaming product, so you get the US, if you can’t afford the US,
    you get the Soviet, otherwise you save your money, because everything else
    is just fodder for the Soviets and US. 

  104. I’m in the closed beta, but I am too broke to get one of these! Dangit,
    I’ll just keep playing with my six ships that I have. XD

  105. WarlikeKirbyGames

    Umm looks lake wargaming have followed through with the promise of
    spaceships. at tier 30 check it out

  106. Naval Bombardment

    We get to keep these ships for when the game is release and progress is
    wiped, right?

  107. WoWS already has “aim bot” mods. Jingles can you research into how this
    effects game play and show it to your audience.

    “Some people just want to watch the world burn”-Jingles

  109. World Of Tanks The Best Replays


  110. Don’t presume to tell me what I will and will not do.

  111. sims all the way

  112. world of driftships. I know the kind of hate I’m going to attract with this
    comment, but,seriously seeing those destroyers turn makes me wonder since
    when warships carry their rudders amidships instead than on the rear.

    Makes me wonder why making the main game’s theme warships is of any
    importance, when the represented vehicles handle nothing like them…

  113. oh, here’s something early (but not all) American battleships had

  114. grem seems alot like e-25. use speed to stay on flanks and fight at range

  115. Please Please do a video on the Kitakami, thanks jingles you are the best.

  116. Also you’re not the only one who loves the Yubari, Ectar drove his on
    stream a while back where I could see it, and he loved it to itty bitty

  117. Appreciate the video Jingles. Brought the Sims blind and now glad I did.
    Cheers my good sir. Hope ur enjoying the sunshine outside.

  118. I have all of them but I LOOOOOVE the Sims. If I had to recommend just one,
    I’d recommend the Sims.

  119. What is that gunless turret on top of the Sims’ bridge do? Every time you
    fire nothing comes out of it and I doubt those are torp tubes, but I could
    be wrong. Anyone know?

  120. i would really like to buy these ships but i dont know if its worth putting
    money into a game i cant play yet

  121. Jingles, a suggestion if I may: Refer to the Gremyashchiy class dd as the
    “type 7” which was it’s class designation.

    The Gremyashchiy herself most likely is one of the ships of said class
    built but I am not sure she was the first built.

    Just trying to save you the hassle of trying to pronounce that name.

  122. $59.50 for the triple threat pack in the shop

  123. So basically the Russian destroyer is 4 SU-100Y strap together on a
    floating platform?

  124. +The Mighty Jingles loving the “series” just a suggestion please make the
    vids a little longer. Thanks man, and thanks for you service from an ally 

  125. Who are you and what have you done with a real jingles two videos and one
    day outrageous but it’s a great video, good excuse somewhat. The jingles !

  126. jingles you know they dont nerf any prem tank, ship, aircraft anymore and i
    really like that fact ;)

  127. +The Mighty Jingles Isn’t The Russian prem destroyer the one that was
    supposed to be scrapped to give guns to the SU-100Y?

  128. Jingles wanna hear a joke? World of Warplanes.
    Wanna hear another? Silly Jingles. You can’t hear youtube comments.
    (Please don’t banish me to the salt mines.)

  129. StormRider Cherokee

    USS Sims makes insane amount of credits… Fast turning guns on it really
    make this DD shine. I’ve had some decent results shooting AP shells at T8
    Japanese BB Amagi even. Just hope WG won’t nerf the crap out of it later.

  130. fuck it….i’m getting all three.

  131. Are they going to add Italian ships in the game? I would love to use the
    Littorio class Battleships.

  132. Wonder what they will do with the tribals…how about a premium, HMCS

  133. They have a package with all 3 where you basically get one free if you buy
    all 3 in the package. Not sure Jingles mentioned it but you get premium
    account time with these ships and if you get the 3 ship package you get 90
    days of premium time

  134. Yah the sims is a little over powered

  135. PulpAdventures 13

    World of Warships…every battleship a Kongo, every destroyer a sims.

  136. If you dont’t have closed beta access will you get it if you buy one of
    these ships?

  137. You can already buy the three in a package

  138. will you lose the ships after the closed beta test if you are buying it and
    you are in the closed beta test

  139. its fucking BAE-TA

  140. Wow all these ships look really pay 2 win

  141. Thank you is not strong enough to express my gratitude. I was
    debating…but 59.00 for all three pr-order it is.

  142. jingles pls, the sims is not the fastest ship in the game, both the
    minekaze and the mutsuki will do 39 knots, and the shimakaze will do 40.

  143. 192 crew men? try 32 on the porter class torpedo boat, yeah

  144. Not sure if it was intended or not but Jingles said in the video that the
    premiums work like WOTs premiums. One thing differs, it is not by class as
    of right now but by nation. Meaning that you can move any Officer into a
    premium not just one trained to said class. As I said I am not sure this is
    intended but I have my BB cap in my Prem Cruiser and no issue.

  145. Neo Genesis Gaming

    So basically, buy them all because they are all good. :)

  146. Got the USS Sims when the shop went live. Look forward to playing it in
    OBT. No CBT access for me….

  147. 3 videos in one day
    WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT YOU DO WITH +The Mighty Jingles

  148. The sims seems like the type 59 all over again!

  149. The USS Sims sounds like the Type 59 in World of Tanks back then before it
    was removed from the gift shop and nerfed….

    World of Warships version of Type 59 back then? hhhmm…

  150. i purchased all 3

  151. I’ve been playing since 2011 for wot, does that make my chance of getting
    into the CBT higher, or what I’m guessing is that its randomly selected?

  152. Wow you Europeans are getting shafted i just bought my triple threat pack
    with the 15% discount

  153. good work J and thanks!

  154. Jingles, I want to see you do a review of a tank/ship or mingles video of
    yourself in a corner like quickybaby while wearing a tux, top hat, ball top
    cane and monocle like a sir. Please please please please!

  155. I guess they bundled and sold them differently on the EU server. I was
    able buy all three in a bundle. All three ships in a bundle they call the
    victory squadron.

    The package includes:

    Destroyer Gremyashchiy;
    Destroyer USS Sims;
    Cruiser Yubari;
    Three Port Slots;
    5500 Gold Doubloons;
    90 days of Premium Account.
    A squadron of three famed ships guarantees you a quick start in our world
    of naval battles. Stand at the wheel of Yubari and sink enemies with
    crushing torpedo strikes. Lead Sims into battle and find yourself in swift
    maneuvering engagements. The Gremyashchiy will let you become the master of
    sweeping raids and surprise diversions. Arm yourself and be ready to win
    glory and the respect of your opponents!

    These vehicles will remain exclusive for one year after their sale ends.

    Important: Closed Beta Test participants will receive the contents of
    purchased packages immediately as a bonus. Temporary game
    currency—Tokens—will be transferred to accounts instead of Gold Doubloons.
    After the wipe of all accounts at the beginning of the Open Beta Test, all
    previously purchased goods will be re-transferred to players.

  156. Sims looks great, but Yubari is essentially Gadget Hackwrench in shipgirl
    And I don’t care for Gremyachi, but bundle costs less than two other ships
    bought separately.
    Damn you, WG!
    However, since I don’t have access to CBT, and it will continue for several
    more months, it looks kind of fishy.

  157. Can’t decide, bought the bundle.

  158. shimikaze is faster than sims… by 1

  159. Are the premium ships bound to the region where you got your count on?
    I currently play on EU and if i buy a premium ship can i use it later on a
    free NA account or is it locked to my EU account?

  160. So annoying, I bought the tri-ship bundle and expected gold (I know, my own
    fault) yet you don’t get ANY gold at all…

    They REALLY should have added SOME gold, because fuck the small port and
    not giving beta testers gold…

  161. I would love if you can make a video outlining each ship class’s role and
    each nation’s defining characteristics.

    All the info i have about wows is from your videos, and having such a video
    will surely help a lot of us deciding which nation and ship type to pick on
    their first day.

  162. Thank you for getting us this information!

  163. Hassassin Assassin

    Commisar jingles of the wargaming propaganda bereau. I would buy one of
    these ships if there was a battleship or heavy cruiser.

  164. The Sims is a beast it’s the funnest ship in WoWS. I have come around an
    island at full speed and gone sideways that is how fast this little bugger

  165. Tier 7 thingy bought :p

  166. Thanks Jingles!

  167. The fastest destroyer in game is tier 10 IJN Shimakaze @ 40knots

  168. Uhh Jingles. I think you’ll find the Minekaze is faster than the Simms….

  169. Thanx for rushing this one out mate just what I was looking for. 

  170. Contens like these are pretty much pay to win when you have to pay for

  171. 10:52 Were those suicide bombers or what?

  172. Jingles, you gotta stop releasing the vids at these ungodly times of the

  173. Jingels are you ludicrous and Pharrell?

  174. It’s funny though. The Yubari was available in the Tech Tree at the start
    of the Closed Beta, but when they recently patched it, it was gone only to
    turn up in the Premium Shop.

  175. Thanks for making this video jingles 🙂 i think i will get the sims because
    if your only getting one you may as well get the expensive one.

  176. is the 130mm the same 130mm as on the su-100y? it say its gun is from a
    ship so i think it is or a different 130mm..

  177. WoT- Girls Und Panzer
    WoWs-kantai collection

    how about World of Warplanes or War Thunder?

  178. Jingles can they really nerf the sims without refunding people considering
    its a prem ship? Also considering its a pre order ship theyd need brass
    balls to nerf a pee order but it seems balanced to me considering ive heard
    its tier 7.

  179. +The Mighty Jingles Being a fellow sailor I am wondering if Gaijin or WG
    will add swells, waves and wind into naval combat as all 3 can have quite
    big impacts on a battle.

    Fog would be something to add as well since you get it a lot in vast open
    waters from my experience.

  180. Well i based my decision on that fact that i am a fan of the Yuubari in
    But thanks alot for this short notice video Jingles.

  181. Very helpful thanks. 

  182. How does one get to play warships I am dieing to try

  183. I predict USS Sims being nerfed to shreds.

  184. do a full review on the uss sims?

  185. Guys, if you’re looking for a game like world of warships to play while
    waiting for the open beta, take a look at Naval Field 2 on steam. It’s not
    brilliant, and some may think its not even good. It’s very much average,
    but it’d be great to see more people playing it while we wait!

  186. They are all nice ships. But like master Jingles said get the sims

  187. The name of the soviet destroyer is quite fitting. “Rattler”.

  188. Александр Воробьёв

    It is painlfull to watch suffering of englinsh people when they pronounce

  189. And now for something completely different ….

    So i have this replay wherein wylleTog is lonely and decides to go camping
    in scenic Prokharovka. How does one go about submitting this for Jingles

  190. Right, Sims class it is then.

  191. USS Sims bought. Thanks Jingles, your videos are exceptional.

  192. Got the bundle,your move now open beta.

  193. “before they nerf it”. Yeah. If those ships are going to be the best at
    absolutely everything, it’s starting to sound like pay2win a bit.

  194. Really concise and insightful set of mini reviews. Thank you kindly, Mr
    Mighty Jingles.

  195. I bought the Sims today, and I agree that the guns are excellent. And the
    shots arch so much at long range, that they fall straight down. And thats
    really nice when firing AP at battleships. I racked up 15k damage on a Fuso
    on very short time.

  196. Jingles… I think the best DD killer in the game right now… might be the
    Atlanta-class… it sooo good.

  197. 2 videos in a day! Who are you and what have you done with the real

  198. Jingles, what are your thoughts on the new carriers the royal navy has, the
    Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales? 

  199. Triple pack purchased.

  200. I’m pretty sure Sims is gonna be nerfed to oblivio. It seems too good. I
    don’t play wows but I recognize an op machine when I see it. Of course you
    have to know how to play it but it’s still too good. Reminds me of a
    certain premium tank in wot…I wonder what might that be.

  201. Now i’m thinking of getting the Sims, however i know i can play her in the
    open beta but i’m worried that it will be wiped from my account on game
    release, surly this is all just me being silly (and yes i know Jingles
    said that all prem ships wont be touched but thats from closed to open) can
    someone tell me if i will get this ship on release or is it just for open

  202. I have the tier 5 soviet gremyash. The guns can deal dmg but as jinlges
    already told you to keep it at range and it also has a fast reload on its
    smoke screen.

  203. Looks awesome :D

  204. The Sims is apparently our Lord and Savior in boat form.

  205. Murmansk review?

  206. jesus you can even drift on the Sims

  207. I thought the U.S. Destroyers were needed pretty bad

  208. USS Simms = Type 59 MUST BUY!!!

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  211. NA server gets better deal the EU again FU Wargaming

  212. and the prices have gone up in the shop as well…god damm it

  213. I bought the effing Churchhill back in the World of Tanks beta. I made a
    huggeeeee mistake. But I also bought the Ram II. I love that fucking tank.
    And if it’s performance in game was any indication of it’s real abilities.
    It would have been an excellent infantry support tank.

  214. “Shake your moneymaker” like My pernai?

  215. So I understand how everything is going to transfer over from cbt to obt,
    but what about when the game is fully released, will the premiums that you
    buy remain with you?

  216. Jingles delivers again :)

  217. Got the 3-ship bundle!

  218. Of fuckin course the Russian low tier destroyer had better guns than the
    tier 10…

  219. So if I got that right, all 3 ships will be at a discount as a bundle with
    a lower price then the individual ships with the current discount’s the up
    coming Thursday?

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  221. Pro Tip: Try saying 16 euros 99, instead of 16.99 euros.
    We understand you are confused by the euro, Jingles, and we’re here to

  222. Oh thank you very much Jingles for 10:28. Actually I got an interest in all
    three ships since I saw them (mainly Yuubari at first but now all of them)
    but just couldn’t find out if it would be better to buy them now on
    discount or to get the package in a few days. Now I know it’s better to
    wait, I’ll get that package. Really thank you, you helped me a lot! :)

  223. Thanks Jingles, that will help me decide. I appreciate it :)

  224. Hey Jingles,are you gonna do a Review on the Kitakami soon?

  225. But how does one shake a tog?!

  226. TheClassicalSauce

    It’s a shame that the sea is always so calm. In contrast to games with tall
    mast ships (pre 19th – 20th century) It seems really arcade-y, with no room
    for tactics. At least in games with sail ships, you have to worry about the
    wind. Many tactics involved in tall mast sea combat are reliant on
    formation and wind direction, staying upwind of the enemy gives you greater
    tactical flexibility. This game just looks like a point and shoot. The game
    model doesn’t have to be ships, it could be tanks, it could RC cars with
    guns on them. From what I see, there is nothing to make you actually feel
    like you’re the captain of a WW2 vessel. Dodging enemy fire? Tactical
    maneuvering is one thing, but literally spotting incoming shells and being
    able to turn to avoid them is ridiculous. The projectiles need to be sped
    up immensely. The game mechanics should punish players who play like it’s
    Call of Duty. Ship combat is reliant on fleet doctrine, but I just see a
    bunch of rambos. Not your fault Jingles, but can you really say you like
    this game as a ship combat experience?

  227. Sooo, the Sims is kind of an floating ELC AMX? :D

  228. will your progress be carried over from closed beta to open beat and then
    from open beta to full launch?

  229. But jingles, last time I shook my money maker for you you whipped me and
    named me M46 Patton….. I don’t want a repeat!

  230. As they have added a Soviet warship to the world of warships line up do you
    think they will add Royal Navy Ships, French Ships and maby even German
    Ships to the line up. If so what ship would you like to see

  231. Be careful with the Yubari. One of the three gun turrets is a “secondary
    gun”, and it really needs to not be with how weak the ship’s armor is. Plus
    the turrets turn very slow.

  232. Love it, play it before they…nerf it……good reason NOT to buy anything
    at this stage.

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    Asia server.
    Im not sure about other servers

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    I’m getting GTA 5 instead.

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    39 knots.
    But what about the Shimakaze? She reached a topspeed of 41 knots, did they
    make here slower ingame?!

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  243. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    The Sims – The E25 of WOWs

  244. And those were used against what? Do I hear submarines? … Im out, are you

  245. Why in the name of all the war gods, did war gaming add the USSAR navy
    before the Royal Navy, it makes no sense

  246. I originally wanted one, but at this rate I’m just going to break down and
    get all three. WoWS has a lot of promise, and I’m willing to spend a
    triple-A title’s price to fund the development, and get three ships.

    Also you save a ton of money if you buy the three pack compared to buying
    all the ships individually.


  248. You are buying ships, not access.

  249. GensokyoMillenium

    Saying this on this video as well: the 3 day period is only for the 15%
    discount on the ships. They’re all available until the end of CBT as noted

  250. So they’re pay2win, duly noted.

    Also, I just can’t do any F2P coop games anymore. I quit WOT, I’m in the
    process of quitting WT and I just can’t be bothered to have to play yet
    another siemka coop game.

  251. Does this game have german ships?

  252. Jingles, do you think WG adds Germany before they launch up open beta? I
    really hope the do.

  253. Just to clarify the 3 ships are available to pre order until the end of
    closed beta, it’s only the reduced price that was available for 3 days. :)

  254. Much appreciated for the input. I can only afford one and it has sort of
    helped narrow it down.

  255. Bought all 3 in a package…

  256. Glad I bought the Sims on instinct … Bought it yesterday, didn’t bother
    to do any research. I think I picked a goodie!

  257. Frenkert a regular gamer

    wait if i buy these now do i get closed beta acces? because i would buy
    just one of them to get in the beta, and have a nice ship offcourse. but
    mostley for the closed beta acces.

  258. Well, here in canada the three pack is on sale, saved a good 30% buying all
    three instead of 1 by 1 :O

  259. wait wait wait… if i spend all of my gold now they will come again in
    open beta??

  260. i am just wondering if any one can answer this, how do you get an invite

  261. You can put any captain of a given nation into a premie without
    re-training. You can put a Kongo captain into a Yubari and it works fine.
    It doesn’t have to be the same class of ship, just the same nationality.

  262. They all sound amazing, im half and half about the sims to me being the

  263. I’m kinda glad that progress is gonna be reset because I’m a huge fan of
    cruisers and was an idiot and put all my points from the alpha weekends
    into battleships :/

  264. I would worry about one thing about purchasing the Simms. One thing I know
    about WG is they will nerf a tank to death even after you paid good money
    for it. Simms is going to get hit by the nerf bat hard I think.

  265. I will take you at your word and buy all 3 in a package IF you are right :O

  266. jongles you can put any commander of that nation in to that ship as i got
    the sims and i put the cleveland commander and the carrier commander

  267. you should show off the ship you showed us last time with the 50 torpedo

  268. Sims = Type 59?

  269. Does this game require a good pc to run or not cuz i only have a laptop

  270. LvL 7, so matchmaking vs cleavlend, nagato and so on. Nah. I’d rather
    sailed on Гремящий.

  271. Jingles am seeing things or at 10:55 in this video a flight of planes
    kamikaze into a ship? Is that possible in the game?

  272. Bye bye 75$ for all 3… and some gold, depends on how much you want…

  273. They should add the uss zumwalt. Just for fun.

  274. +The Mighty Jingles i just noticed there were depthcharges on the end (i
    think stern is the official term) of the ship do you think those are
    actuelly going to be implemented into the game to act a sort of minefield?

  275. Annoying viewer voice: Actually Jingles the Japanese Destroyer, IJN
    Shimakaze is the fastest ship at 40.9 knots.

  276. Komrades!
    Buy our Stronk Destroyer! Reach your enemies from far away, where they
    connot reach you with our stronk and powerful artillery! Launch the Stronk
    torpedos at your foes! Even though they are slow, they are very deadly and
    Stronk! We have ze best and Stronkest ship! It iz better than those that
    Japanese and Americans have!
    Buy it today! Make Stalin proud!

  277. I bought the pack with all 3 ships + 90 days of premium and i think 5500
    “gold”, its available in the NA shop for 60 USD.

  278. That’s weird. The NA packages come with premium time as well. Did Jingles
    just forget to mention that or do they really not include it?

  279. The sims 4 confirmed

  280. US Sims will be nerfed im sure

  281. just get the Atlanta then you will be happy

  282. All i got from this was “OP as balls”

  283. Mijova Kalaydzhieva

    Jingles, The Sims isn’t the fastest destroyer in the game.

    Shimakaze tops off at 40 knots.

  284. only get 1.5k gold and not 3k for us and japenese and 2.5k gold for soviet,
    anyone know why?

  285. IS 7 guns on a ship? Stronk soviet guns. Much firepower. Such caliber. Wow.

  286. Shame I cant buy any of these since I refuse to allow International
    Transactions on my card.

  287. Jingles i have churchil III T14 and am gona get chi-nu kai what should i
    get next of tire 5 premium tank

  288. Thanks Jingles, pitty I didnt wait for this to get myself a japanese

  289. so USS Sims= E25? great, great…..
    already an E25….

  290. 60 dollars, either I get the combo ships or GTA V which drops next tuesday.

  291. lol look at this crap moving.

  292. Thanks Jingles! :)

  293. Am I the only one hearing words like… “fastest ship”… “longest
    range”.. “highest caliber”… on the three premium ships that you have to
    pay real money for?

  294. I know this.. Conspiracy jadda jadda. But the way Wargaming has been
    throwing premiums out. With better and better stats, is alarming. Never
    thought Wargaming was a pay to win company. And i still don’t. But it’s
    starting to annoy me.
    But on the other hand. The other trees are not out yet. The existing trees
    are not fleshed out 100%.. So power creep may make them obselite.
    Sorry.. Just hearing “Best of any ship in the game” made me go on this
    tantrum,, :)

  295. KTKM HYPE!!!!!

  296. Does anyone know what that XXX tier is all about?? I’m guessing Russians
    don’t know what XXX stands for in the US :)

  297. Really… 11pm and a video. Hate this update schedule. Like if your having
    to stay up watching a Jingles vid

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  299. Y play your videos to make me sleep

  300. 9:10 – But you don’t get to use the Cruiser only AA ability, which is
    arguably better than just straight up more AA.

  301. You can already get all 3 on the NA server

  302. it’d be nice if i could buy the Sims….too bad Wargaming hasn’t sent me a
    key :D

  303. You answered one of my questions i wanted to ask in this video. What is
    with jingles, answering questions outside mingles with jingles. Thnx

  304. make videos for those XXX tier space vessels!! lol

  305. The NA server already has the bundle package of all 3 ships For $59.50 USD
    you get Tier IV Japanese Cruiser Yubari + Port Slot
    Tier V Soviet Destroyer Gremyashchiy + Port Slot
    Tier VII US Destroyer Sims + Port Slot
    90 days Premium account time
    5,500 Gold Doubloons As you might have guessed, took me about 30 seconds
    to decide to buy the bundle.

  306. Gremyashchy’s guns are basically SU-100Y’s gun.

  307. On a side note, any news on Star Citizen?

  308. Playing World of Warships with everything on low detail settings … or
    I’ll have lag…

  309. Just buy all of them

  310. I came here from sidestrafe’s stream

  311. jeffrey schreuder

    even though these ships look great especially the simms i wont get them
    because im not one of those wallet warriors i have no close beta acces and
    not a single game under my belt i hope more will think like that because
    boy o boy do i hate people with less then a 1000 games and a tier 8 premium
    tank in world of tanks im not one of those and i refuse to be one of those
    and i hope there will be as few of those as possible

  312. Oh we’ll, I didn’t want to get to bed early anyways…

  313. I got all 3

  314. wow, 301+ views already! I wish my videos got this many views.

  315. Why does that American destroyer drive like a ground vehicle, looks like it
    slides when you turn it at speed lmfao. Silly game

  316. when’s it coming into open beta?

  317. my grandfather served on one of the Sims class destroyers, not sure which
    one but I know it sunk. I think it might have been the Buck

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    😀 love this day! 2 videos today i am so happy!


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    better to buy them now or later.

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  325. like how everyone is posting before they even could have possibly finished
    the video (as it has not been up for long enough) just to be first.

  326. Can you freely move captains from non premium to premium of the same kind,
    the way you can move crews in WoT?

  327. Thanks for this really helpful.

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    unique information. Much appreciated.

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