World of Warships – Shellback

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In case you were wondering, a Shellback is a sailor who has taken part in the traditional “crossing the line” ceremony whenever a ship crosses the equator. Excellent question! Watch and find out.

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  1. Thanks to your excellent recommendation I read Hornfishers Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, the story of the shellbacks and crossing into Neptune’s realm is till fresh in my mind from Hornfishers book. I volunteer at a WW2 Aviation Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado, US were I have handle many artifacts of pertaining to shell backs and the naval tradition of crossing the equator. Certificates and Charges with Davey Jones and Neptunous Rex’s signatures on them as well as the stories of the servicemen. Thanks for the recommendation and the fantastic video evil overlord.

  2. Is it just me, or is the way the captain of the Kidd zooms in and aims very dizzying and weird?😂

    • yes , and i hate scroll wheel replays, it makes it look like you have no f clue or plan what to do , you can exactly notice with every zoom in and out from the target he is waaaay off the target even the slow one with aim

    • It’s not just you. It was annoying

    • I think the player is using some kind mod that zooms in his camera more than usual, and on top of that, his mouse sensitivity is turned up way too high and he keeps over correcting his aiming causing the camera to bounce around constantly

  3. What was that? That sub was unable to kill one lone destroyer? Clearly underperforming, Subs needs buffs!

  4. “They did what they could.” Sick burn. 😀

  5. The 8 depth charge hits and no kill is absolutely ridiculous, especially considering the risk/difficulty of getting on top of the sub without being killed by the sub or its teamates. Please WG buff depth charge damage by 30% or make them force immediate surfacing or something better than what it is currently

    • >something better than what it is currently

      Yeah, getting rid of subs is a good first step in this direction.

    • At least give subs something resembling actual stats instead of the insane speed, BS 2 min submerge time and the homing torpedoes. If they gave normal torps with a full salvo ability (like a 4 to 6 tubes that the actual subs of the era had) with a reasonable reload (maybe 2 – 4 minutes for a full reload) and reasonable submerge times plus a top speed of 20 knots or even lower game play around subs wouldn’t suck so much. And give acoustic search equipped DD’s the ability to actually detect the damn things…you know. like it actually happened !

    • @gusty9053 The 2+ minute submerged time wouldn’t be an issue, if not for all the other advantages. While submerged the movement speed should be cut drastically, and yes, the reload for their torp spread should be quite long.

      Maybe the subs are just so OP because Wargaming is going to introduce a Corvette (anti-sub) class of ship to the game, and they want people to buy all the Premium Corvette’s because they’re sick of subs.

    • Or just remove submarines. I don’t understand what logic goes into creating another shipclass that promotes more camping..

    • good luck with that xd

  6. This is like watching the USS Johnston last stand during ww2

  7. “Well, the Fletcher guns aren’t bad” at the same time as 10 Non-pentration. Nice timing Jingles 🤣🤣

    • Depends what you’re shooting at really. The Kidd and Fletcher never let me down, that only happens when my team are glue sniffers.

  8. I was half-expectig a last-second Detonation on the Flint at the end there, with how Jingles was talking

  9. Great video. I am a Shellback also, a US Marine Shellback, in 1976 we went through the Red Sea into the Indian Ocean, ACROSS THE EQUATOR, to Mombasa, Kenya.

    • Semper Fi Devil Dog! I’m also a US Marine Shellback. I was on the USS Tortuga (LSD-46) in 1999 on a Unitas/Watc float crossing the Atlantic. I think the Captain of our ship had a hard on to get it cause we did gator squares all night where the equator and prime meridian intersect. Actually crossed them 6 times that night, lol.

    • jean-marc ortiz graulau

      Same here I am also shellback

  10. Amazing video and thanks for the brief description of the shell back. I am a shell back after crossing the equator in a Submarine a couple years ago and spent the entire video wondering if you were gonna talk about it haha

  11. Since this was a USA destroyer replay trying to achieve the impossible I feel it is appropriate to say that I think Wargaming needs to introduce the destroyer USS Johnston and the battleship USS Samuel B. Roberts into the game.

  12. if he managed to score a detonation on the flint this would have been legendary

  13. I like how the depth charges set a fire…

    On a submarine…

    Whilst submerged…

    Yes I know it’s not impossible but it seems humourous to ignite something that’s completely underwater..

    Also, shouldn’t a vessel, that has been hit by penetrating fire, not be able to submerge? Or more correctly, submerge and stay in a fighting shape, rather than submerge in a sinking fashion

    • I guess the fire was internal? (Still an amusing concept tho)
      In theory they could seal off that compartment of the sub and let it flood? Not like it would have anything they need in it like… the captain or the torps lol

    • Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

      fires on subs were and still are a thing. because of the enclosed space a fire on a sub is way more dangerous to crew and equipment than on surface ships.
      and there’s plenty of stuff to catch fire on a sub, first and foremost the batteries.

    • @Make-A-Woosh-Foundation I am not disputing that fires on subs are a thing, just that it seems humourous to set fire to a submerged vessel (albeit one full of combustible material, and oxygen)

      Either way, a sub receiving penetrating fire, getting impacted by 8 depth charges, and being set on fire would probably not be bin the best fighting condition!

    • Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

      ​@Liam O’Hagan yeah after such a pummelling they should be at least out of the fight, if not in an uncontrollable, unrecoverable dive.
      I don’t think subs should be able to fight and damage control at the same time.
      but as our gnome overlord said: it’s an arcade game not a simulator…

    • @Make-A-Woosh-Foundation I think he means that if the explosion was strong enough to start a fire it should have also burst the hull in that part of the submarine, flooding it and preventing a fire.

  14. Became a shellback this year on hms defender, was a great experience

  15. I’ll be giving away my age a bit, but I became a Shellback in 1967. Thanks for the memories. U.S.S. Laffey DD724. A Gearing Class FRAM II Destroyer.

  16. Jingles the art department had an impact on the graphics but all of the wave animations had to be done by the programing department, as a programer myself im very very impressed by thei work on the wave animations.

  17. When Shellback was up against that broadsiding Leander, it was a serious mistake to not switch to AP. American DDs’ 5″/38 guns can absolutely citadel a Leander at that range. And same thing with the Ryujo.

  18. Hats out to WG for the wave effect. I was fighting a z25 in rough seas and that little bugger was bouncing up and down in the waves. I was almost sea sick just watching him, Great stuff!!

  19. Those nice comments he made about his team, inspired me to jump back to wows. I was literally the same. Maybe a fool, for always trying to find the best thing to see in my losing team, or straight away blaming myself.

  20. been a while since we’ve seen a heartbreaker of this magnitude. another great video as always.

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