World of Warships – Shells Detailed

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Quick detailed discussion of and what to look for when choosing which one to fire. Hopefully this helps anyone who is still learning about . Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!


  1. More content explaining game mechanics pls!
    Oh plus, more down the line vids

  2. Hey Notser! Hope you are doing well. Is it possible to suggest to wargaming to implement a feature to remove all the signal flags at once instead of selecting all 8 manually? That would make life so much easier. Cheers for the vid

    • btw…y u want to remove all flags from Missouri? i usually only swap a few flags…

    • I was trying to remove the flags from all of my ships to save the rare ones. Then I realised if you have 15+ ships and all are equipped with the flags such as Wyvern, its a real pain in the ass to remove one by one. I really wish there was a button plus the game client lags when you remove flags momentarily.

    • I definitely can get behind this suggestion, I find myself always taking so much time to manage the port and signal flags

    • i got close to 90 ships…it takes time 😛
      i dont use wyvern except on Missouri with prem account. same for gamescom camo.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      Fuck, I hadn’t noticed… You mean I’m stuck with that broken boat forever? *sadface*

  3. I wish WoWs would give us the penetration values for angle and distance like War Thunder does. Let us be educated players without having to do a bunch of calculations. Especially, since their own videos that they do on their premium ships show different penetration values based on distance to target. We’re all experienced it in game too. At 5km a Des Moines can citadel some BBs but it’s hard to know where that range is exactly. By the way, the Des Moines can citadel the French T10 BB at 12km.

    • ! ObamaTookMyCat ! It’s a game not a history lesson. They wouldn’t ever her or buff anything if it was all based on historical information and a lot of ships wouldn’t even be in the game since they never existed. A general guide of averages would still be helpful. Especially since the AP in each line has different characteristic. For instance American AP will pen at angles that others won’t. French AP seems to be similar to American AP. The guns velocities for each ship is different too. On some of their premium ship videos they show the penetration values for different distances albeit not different angles. So there is no reason they couldn’t at least communicate penetration values according to distance since they already have that information.

    • I dunno, Yamato (Musashi) have the blushing cheek (Thanks Yuro) weakness as well the citadel which is well over the waterline… I think they have to show around 15 degrees or more to be able to get citadel with a 410 after going through the 32mm bow.

      (edit) My bad, misread your original post. However, I know Aerron has showed GK’s weakness which is kinda similar to Yamato’s just under the first turret. He demonstrated so with a Moskva, but he had to be at close range to do it to where the bow armor and cheeks don’t bounce, so I’m sure it can be done with 406s or higher.

    • If you get in close with Moskva though you can tear apart any ship in the game, I have outbrawled Friedrich Der Grosse in it.

    • MotorsportsMania21

      Alexis Spoor The Germans Yes. The Royal Navy? No. The Germans of course have that turtleback but British battleships are impossible to intentionally citadel which is part of the reason why people complain about the Conqueror being braindead.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Research Penetration graphs World of Warships on google – you should find it in the forums…

  4. What about 150mm on German destroyers? Is it the same as 150mm on cruisers?

    • I think he is wwondering if German DDs have the 1/4 and not the 1/6

    • German DDs only have the 1/6 pen with both their 128mm and their 150mm. It’s intended to prevent them from being able to spam battleships to death by simply shooting at their bows.

    • Masato Fujiwara yes you are correct I was thinking of the 1/4 rule.

    • Katya Hodgson but the same guns on the tier 6 German cruiser with many more guns does just spam hell and brimstone on BB bows and superstructure.

    • Not quite the same guns, but said cruiser doesn’t have long range torpedoes, speed boost, and smoke screen, and DOES have a citadel.

  5. Ricochet angles:normal 60degree,us 203mm 67degree, british 155mm 75degree, please correct if I m wrong;)

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      British Cruiser 152mm is 67 degrees (and HMS Hood). 
      Normal is 60 degree
      US 203 is 60 degree – but it has a very very high normalisation value – hence it can lolpen bows of cruisers solely because of this… 

      No ship has an auto bounce above 68 degrees…

  6. Hey notser what do you mean by overmatch?

    • tyrone D’Lisle I believe the sequence check for AP is like this : Bounce check, if passed, Overmatch check, if failed, Penetration check(n against multiple layer of the ship until the fuse detonated), if at the end of iteration of n, the shell hit citadel, it is citadel hit or just regular hit if not. Also if at the end of n, the shell exit the ship, it will deal overpen damage.

    • @Edhi No, overmatch comes first. You will never ever bounce against armor you overmatch. It’s why the Yamato hurts so much. It can blow straight through opposing battleship bow armor, period

    • Derek Holman It doesnt satisfied the question why BB AP deflected upon shooting DD.

    • @Edhi It..generally shouldn’t. Which BB and which DD? Khabarovsk can maybe bounce if you hit its 50 mm plates.

    • Derek Holman any, not just to DD, tin can cruisers like emerald, shchors also bounce BB shells. One i could think is it is not 100% guaranteed bounce when youre 90 degrees or bow on. It bounces some but not 100%. If you remember the armor plate thickness that explains why the shell must travel through thicker plane when angled ? It doesnt explains well at bow on ship because a ship is not composed as one single plate. So i think 90 degrees or bow on, aft on, is a bit special from the other angle.

  7. I love the videos explaining game mechanics, I hope that you will make more of these in the future

  8. HE shatters still have a chance of setting fires

  9. All I know for sure about HE vs AP is that I always have the wrong type loaded.

  10. don’t forget HE damage can be repaired most as apposed to AP as well

    • It can? Fire damage can be healed 100%, yes, but I don’t think the game makes a distinction between regular penetration damage from AP or HE (both will usually be 50% healable with some ships able to heal a bit more).

    • Correct. Pen damage is pen damage regardless of shell.

  11. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Canceror HE superior – citadel cruisers with HE regardless of angle – slap IFHE for the memes…
    dont get me wrong notser im not here to joke about IFHE here – its actually applicable for the RN BB line…
    damn wg making the game more braindead for the already pretty braindead BB playerbase.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer i think they should change how HE works keep in mind this is coming from a crusier player aswell. At least change it for the RN battleships give them Alpha HE or insane fire chance but not both.

  12. HA! I knew you could overpen the Citadel! TAKE THAT RANDOM STRANGER IN THE LYON LAST NIGHT. I WAS RIGHT!

  13. I thought the dmg for “normal penetrations” was 33% AP, 25% HE

  14. I bet the average player forgot all you´ve said 2 minutes after having finished to watch your video.
    The problem with theory is that it won´t stick in your head if it is just rawly thrown at you.
    If you really want people to learn how penetration works, saying “Don´t shoot here” isn´t enough.
    You need to showcase your problem by showing a bad example “Oha, that didn´t work :(” followed up by a good example “See, thats better :)”.
    Or at least recommend Ichase´s captains academy about penetration ;D

  15. Your videos are awesome man. Tried out Destroyers after watching that video and had a ton of fun with them. Currently working on the Japanese line of Destroyers. Got to love that range!!

  16. Excellent video! Please make more videos about the mechanics in the game; the more well-understood the rules, the better the play.

  17. Is there a third party website that allows you to see hidden stats for WOWs like for WOT?

  18. This kind of video typifies why I love your channel Notser. You tell people the details behind the ships, stuff that’s not widely known or easy to find out. Kudos to you Notser!

  19. Hi notser, could you perhaps explain why a 330mm dunkerque shell will overpen those tasty broadside cruiser at point blank, but say a bayern with 380 will not. Seems it is not calliber (or atleast not just) Shell speed maybe?

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