World of warships – SHENYANG (Pan Asia DD tier 4)

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Decided to give the new DDs a proper testing today and I had a lot of good .
I have to say these DDs are interesting.


  1. That DD is monster, Flamu did 200K dmg in it, at T4!!!

    • Thor Helm.. yes but flambass shot down flamu TWICE in world of warplanes in less than 2 minutes and doubled his experience, so theoretically Flambass should be able to score a quick 400k in record time if he so desire xD

    • Umm I was not saying one is better player than another, was just stating that 200K is huge result in T4.

  2. Who got TK’d by the carrier on your team?

  3. The bs of Wargaming bending over because of over zealous players from China regarding Pan Asia line is embarrassing including deleting threads on the SEA forums. If I can’t fly whatever flag I want on this line, I won’t bother with them. Stop caving in to countries that have horrible human rights records or ban democratic principles WG. Sorry about that Flambass. Awesome videos as ever. Your character shines through. Always thought OMNI would be some try hard clan. But you guys clown about as hard as any but are still top notch.

  4. I got to say this thing looks over powered. Odd that the tier 3 and tier 5 ships are so much different and almost underpowered.

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