World of Warships: Shikishima – Feeling Rusty

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Shikishima is great. I’m just feeling a little rusty. Sorry. The water looks amazing!

0:00 Shikishima Intro
1:18 Captain Skills & Upgrades
1:30 Shikishima Match
13:20 End Screen
14:40 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese battleship Shikishima.


  1. Hello friend good to see you again. I really miss your videos.

  2. Long time no see.Long time no see ma man!

  3. Volanoes are loud. Who knew?

  4. I love ships like this keep up the work

  5. the summoning worked!

  6. finally you’re back! love to see your videos again

  7. ahhh lets go, been waiting for another video xD

  8. Welcome back!
    We missed you!
    I had to watch those WoW Replays T_T

  9. damn it, the game didn’t start with “SENTOU KAISH” voice line

  10. Arms race is fun. Play arms race. Its the only reason I have fun in this game.

  11. Nice to have you back posting videos. I have missed you.

  12. Wow that Somners had a perfect torp launch on you.

  13. Nice that you are back. I was worried that something might have happened to you.

  14. Welcome back!

  15. 19400/3 it’s 6466 dmg from regular penetration.

  16. Watching the replay, that one shot on the last enemy Shikishima where you got a citadel that you didn’t think you should have got? One of your shells actually smacked right into her cheek. The vertical dispersion actually helped your shot lol! Beautiful game though, I will never get tired of watch (and more importantly listening) to Shiki’s guns.

  17. They need to make citadel detonations sound like that volcano.

  18. Beautiful gameplay as always….also you seriously executed that sub…poor guy

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