World of Warships – Shikishima – Trenlass, Monkey and Flambass on two brothers – triple bb division

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Hello boys and girls! I hope you are all doing well! Today I show you a really interesting approach to push with 3 battleships on two brothers. Of course something like this happens if me, monkey and flambass are in a division on two brothers. Thank you for all the support! I hope you are all safe and healthy!


  1. 13:48 I literally almost chocked on some chips I was eating when he said that

  2. Wow the RNG in that game coudn’t make it’s mind up?, dispersion was bad then good then bad then good, but it was still one hell of a battle 😀

  3. that dispersion at 7:25 is when you shoot while pressing the right mouse button for free look. It has been wonky for a few patches

  4. Flambass cannot help himself, it is all about him. GJ Trenlass you showed him what a potato he is.

  5. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    Love you 3 guys together 🙂

  6. Shikishima my next Waifuu

  7. Don’t worry, comrade, Smolensk used standard balans protection shield to ward your shots. Is all okay, according to spread sheet.

  8. Christopher Langbakk

    love when you three team up! do a tripple pommern soon? 😀

  9. Grimmshred Sanguinus

    Enemy team had no chance….

  10. Joey Strittmatter


  11. Your cam resolution is fine but the game looks like 480p….

  12. You middleman!!!!! 🙂 BOOOO!!!! Love it how serious you play. Next time… smoke up ;)))

  13. Can I have the special +50% dispersion from enemy’s camo for my Smolensk? Seems mine has the -50% one must be a mistake of course…. 😳

  14. When you crash down the middle in 2 Brothers ALWAYS take a BB that has more guns in the front.
    Monkey takes a Thunderer. LMFAO XD
    Only ship worse is an Amagi and Kii.

  15. Smolensk lol what a silly ship wg russian bias 🙂

  16. That dispersion is definitely messed up. Couple of those shots were worse than I’ve ever seen.

  17. A little song. Trenlass kicking ass,monkey being funky, sirpingalot talks a lot but takes the shot.
    Dude I can tell ya why your dispersion was way out of sync. Ya see you were tight with stress so you were yanking the trigger instead of squeezing slowly. You needed a couple of nice lagers to relax your trigger finger😜😜😜

  18. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

    0:59 fantastical

  19. Smolensk is the very picture of balans.

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