World of Warships: Shimakaze – 20 km Fun

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A fun Shimakaze match from yesterday’s stream. 20 km torps are awesome!

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese destroyer Shimakaze on the map Shards.


  1. I love the Shima!!

  2. Great, spoiling YouTube videos with streams now… how rude. /s

  3. I guess wide spread torps do work sometimes

    • If you have some idea what the opponent is doing then widespread is bad, but if you’re just throwing out random torps like I am, then it honestly doesn’t matter whether it’s widespread or narrow spread. It’s basically the same.

    • @Aerroon widespread is especially useful if you’re expecting an enemy to be crossing a narrow channel broadside on to you but he hasn’t been spotted in a bit so you don’t have a good idea of the timing.

  4. @Aerroon 425,564,984th!!!!!!!

  5. It’s a Shima, Jim, but not as we know it!

  6. Nice one entertaining i didnt see strefs in a loong time

  7. Not as fun as the short range torpedoes with torp acceleration on Shima! You can only torp ships if you can lick them!

  8. Are you trying to torpedo the next map with these 20km torpedo!

  9. Shimas Torps travel further than GKs main battery guns with legendary module.

  10. I went back to 20km because of fun, outside radar and blind sniping the cv cant be beat.

  11. My gawd… take your boat to the cleaners for once 😛 >_<

  12. Counter to cruisers: 20km torps
    Counter to desroyers: 20km torps
    Counter to battleships: 20km torps
    Counter to boredom: 20km torps
    Counter to 20km torps: 20km torps

  13. Great video! ( I can loan you some bug spray for that problem )

  14. Well, it will be “fun” with all the Shima players in my team who think its a good idea to slot these crap torps again…
    Only Potatoes eat them, because they get spotted from the moon. No offense, but Aerroon was just lucky this match. Both enemie Shimas died quickly (eating a 20km torp with a DD is a very special accomplishment ;), which denied all spotting for this OMNI Division.

    • Ehh, I would say that if you don’t expect torps then you can easily eat them too. If you’re stuck in a turn and the torp appears then there’s nothing you can do.

  15. Winning against TWO unicum/super unicum divs of two damn well played!

  16. contrary to what most ppl say, shimakaze still works in current meta. ive 66% wr in it for this season’s rank. even if its CV games

  17. Here’s the challenge:
    1 – use of smoke is banned
    2 – 20km torps compulsory
    3 – only fire torps on wide spread
    4 – guns are AP only the whole game

  18. youd have more fun and luck in playing the lottery

  19. Shima’s legendary upgrade is best suit for 20km torp, you want to spit out those torp out as much as possible.

  20. the angler shima comes in many shapes, colour and shades, of ugly. its like rainbow, of ugly.

    zefrank on angler fish

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