World of Warships – Shimakaze 300k 0.6.4

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by VDSlight gets into the action with the improved torpedo systems and gun traverse. We get to see VDS have the enemy push into his flank, Destroyers have always been great when stalling the flank of the enemy. Lots and lots of torpedoes on the flank with the enemy appearing to be okay with all the damage. Hope you enjoy seeing the massive torpedo damage from the Shimakaze and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Shimakaze


  1. let me teach you a trick Notser. If you have priority target skill and if the number on it starts to increase and decrease then it means you are being torpedoed from long range

  2. Nice game VDSlight , and hey Notser 🙂

  3. Yes, that was a nice game and i was in it 😀

  4. hehehe nom nom nom…. I have 18 points captain, Priority T., Torpedo A., Adrenalin R., Last S., Torpedo A. E., Superit., Concel. Ex.
    First thanks for good words. Second, I was lucky, but small part is that Shima was so long underdog that BBs ignore threat (but it is going to change ;). Third, torpedo T93. Mod 3…. Well it is because of radar and hydro ships spam in last couple of patches. That gives me a little of space to run away from cruisers. Fourth. Last kill. We had over 980 points and would be shame to miss 300K, so,… sacrifice…. Worth it 😉 and Fifth, DO use guns..Always 😉 see you on stream

  5. i bet on the enemy team chat there are lots of “noobs” line XD

  6. I just love how even the CV came into his direction, although his buddies were clearly dying to torps in front of him. You need a whole bunch of total potatoes for these results.

  7. It’s like the big ships actively seek out the torpedoes and ram them.

  8. Torping, feels good man…

  9. VDSlight may have been lucky, but he took advantage of the potatoes.

  10. I want to try 9,6km but the problem is that if i don’t like it, i can’t just go back to F3 torps, i have to redistribute skill points again as 6,4km range is suicide. If i keep it at 12km, i can switch between both options anytime. When i see replays like this i always feel tempted lol

  11. whats the key used to switch view from torp to torp ?

  12. z52 should have been hunting the shima all along

  13. Notser can you show us some German did action? Struggling with z23

  14. dd cancer diagnosed. Please nerf WG.

  15. Wow, all the BBs sailed right into those torps, guess its time to nerf the DDs again.

  16. My div mates run two shimi’s and a gearing. We can maintain a salvo every 30’s. It’s crazy.

  17. Ehhhh Notser, at 5:15 – That FLOOD that you “-Don’t even need to look at, he put it out” – Yeah, no… He is still flooding! XP

  18. Gotta LOVE How IJN 610mm torps – cause flooding like 95% of the time! Well, you love it if you are an IJN DD or Cruiser player anyway!

    I just got me ZAO! Finally – today I shall be playing my first games is that GORGEOUS Goddess of Fire – Premium Camo all the way too!

  19. That lot of BBs were dumber than a bag of hamburgers. VDS must have been bouncing in his seat with joy.

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