World of Warships: Shimakaze – 6.4 km FUN

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Having some fun with F3 torps with Torpedo Acceleration on the Shimakaze. Just Dodge!

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese destroyer Shimakaze on the map Hotspot.


  1. Михаил Кожевников

    that “just dodge” moment xd

  2. I enjoy the F3 acceleration. it’s all about the torpedo hits. when they happen, they are funny. also you can rush some ships that camp behind islands

  3. ザム, I took my ship to the cleaners. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

    • Thank you!
      YES! She looks much better now 😀

    • The renaissance man

      Thats what I use on my Shima to troll new players, nevertheless you cannot afford to be clueless while playing with that setup cause if you do and you add legendary upgrade as well and then if you under enemy radar in such short range, Oh boi OOOOOh boi.. ur roast !!!

  4. Could you do a 6.4km legendary upgrade shimakaze for the memes

    • I could try, but I don’t see any synergy there. Even if my torps reload quickly, I won’t be able to use them, because I won’t be in position to launch the next attack.

    • @Aerroon if you can’t that’s ok, the only thing a going in favor of a build like that is MEME MAGIC.

  5. The premise is there s no cv and not much radar.

    • Ehh, if you watch till the end you’ll see me in a match with a CV *and* radar! I show the clip of sinking the CV!

    • @Aerroon wow i checked that out and it was an amazing game !

    • @Jer Jin Well, that match itself wasn’t so amazing, but rather that it’s possible even with CVs to do some things. Its all about dissuading the CV from going after you (making yourself a bad target).

  6. What is your opinion on 20km with torp acceleration?

    • Not worth it. Just use the 12 km torps instead without TA. You save 2 skill points and your torps will be much stealthier.

    • Agree with Aerroon. TBH torpedo acceleration is one of the most useless skill IMHO. I never took it if i went serious. Between 5 knot and 20% range, i pick 20% range.
      Lets say youre using normal 8km but restricted to launch at 6.4km. I bet the result is just the same as this video. It is not hitting because the torp is 5 knot faster, more like because Aerroon launch them at very close range.

  7. Try Kleber with TA, fastest torps in the game XD

  8. I love the build, and I had a solo warrior once with it…..on the day b4 the 8.0 cv reeeeeework update

  9. the guy in chat wanting to report everyone in all caps is the reason teams try to “win harder” and throw.

  10. stefanos perivolaris

    Genova is better torp ship has a speshul captain too


  12. That’s how I play Mogami torps when I am not spotted by DDs or CVs.

  13. I’m glad that Flamu has changed the meta. Now everyone will use this build 🙂

  14. Hmm… did this Aerron trying to convince me Shima is fun now?

  15. cant wait for european 91kts fun

  16. lets be honest: top xp, 230k dmg, yet you still got carried by team 😀

  17. Your commentary is so entertaining. Thank you.

  18. Stop making the game look fun darnit…

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