World of Warships: Shimakaze 8km torp adventure

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We checked out 8km torpedoes with the Shimakaze and pulled out a close win with it. With as much radar as there is its scary run such low range torpedoes but they sure do pack a punch and are fast!


  1. Jash who sings that song Im dreaming that is playing between 11:00 and 15:00 on the video? I have tried to figure it out but cant. Thanks JerryPS Nevermind I found it Syrian – 03 – Dreaming Thanks for an excellent game and lessons on playing short range Shima torps

  2. Want even more crazy adventure, run Shima’s 8km torps with Torp Acceleration, muahahahah Enjoy 6.4 km range 81 knot torps!

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