World of Warships – Shimakaze Buff and More

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Discussing some Developer Blog posts related to Shimakaze, Admiral Hipper, and Prinz Eugen. Shimakaze is getting a concealment buff, Hipper a rate of fire buff, and Eugen will receive access to a heal. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX Japanese Destroyer Yugumo Replay – Discord Server


  1. “Team play” in this game is a bad joke.

  2. John Scarborough

    What is this “Team Play” of which you speak? I sold my Shmi because I was sick and tired of getting little or no support when contesting caps and getting smoked by aircraft or American DD’s

    • this is a team game, if the fleet on your side of the map isnt supporting you feel free to delegate yourself as scout only and not a zone contestant. Chances are if there is an enemy DD in the cap they have a cruiser right behind them as they should be.

      if you dont, fall back when you have to

    • Oh god this. Last game this happened to me in a BB noone was pushing the objective so well…

    • let me guess, you are that type of player that either runs torpedo reload or use smoke selfish and then wonder why you dont get support.

    • John Scarborough

      LaMortEtLamour you’d guess wrong. I’m very much about supporting my team while playing to the strengths of my ship. Unfortunately it’s very rare that that I see any kind of real team play. Kind of hard to use smoke effectively when BB’s are camping behind Islands farming damage or sitting back 20K trying to snipe.

    • Mikael Kassell
      5 hours ago
      “”agree, all of your “team” is crying in chat for you to go spot or take caps… and the only see from them is the back of their ships leaving you for a fast trip back to the docks.””

      Years ago when I started playing, we had people in the chat constantly trying to come up with tactics and help each other. Yeah, there was some toxicity, but not much. That type of gameplay has almost disappeared. This morning I put up a strategy in chat and some guy started screaming at me that I was 11 years old. The sense of teamwork or even manners is almost gone in this game and gameplay seems to keep getting worse. When an entire team is camping in the back complaining “there’s a DD”, it’s pretty obvious these players A) don’t know what to do B) are afraid to die in a video game C) aren’t educated enough to come up with a strategy on their own.
      I really think somehow we need to work on a sense of community before we keep tweaking ships just to keep players on edge. We have enough players who can’t play effectively.

  3. I have stopped playing this game for a few months. WOW sent me an email asking me why i stopped playing and ask me to take a survey on why. My biggest complaint was the Imperial Japanese Navy destroyers and cruisers had serious flaws. The Destroyers if they ever got spotted by any other countries destroyers you were dead and could do nothing about it and they’re torpedoes get spotted from too far away with all the new Captain skills that are out there and consumables. My other complaint was the Cruisers gun range is too short and you’re spotted before you can even fire and you get Citadel and Dad I didn’t think they would take any of my concerns about this seriously I’m surprised they are actually buffing the shimakaze detection range

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Anthony Ware nope no premiums. Not even premium time, haha.

    • Anthony, I have all the Japanese cruisers from tier 7 (Myoko) to tier 10 Zao, and you are just flat out incorrect.  First, if you are not maximizing your concealment (in ANY cruiser, not just Japanese ones) then you are not equipping your ships correctly.  The gun range far exceeds your concealment so NO, you do NOT get spotted before you fire.  In fact the Mogami, with its amazing 9.3 km concealment, can even stealth fire its 10 km torps. Same with the Atago that has 9.1 km concealment.  All the tier 7 and above Japanese cruisers are good fire starters and the AP is decent.  It is true that some of the Japanese cruisers are prone to citadels – so improve your situational awareness and do not show your side.  The Zao does have better armor.  So, I have to conclude that your lack of success must be a result of incorrect tactics combined with poor decisions on equipment and Commander’s skills.

    • It’s appreciated that those of us who spend money to improve our experience in this game so others can play for free are contacted by Wargaming for feedback etc.

    • The Budgie Admiral

      I am currently at Ibuki and I really liked the Mogami more. I actually felt I could engage tier 10s better with my 155mm Mogami. I play a rudder shift build. The issue is that I can turn away as much as I want from a BB and still eat citadels. Angling does not stop damage anymore. I worked perfectly fine on the Myoko and Aoba, and they have even less armor. That kind of annoys me. But at least I still play them.
      Not the same with the main line IJN DDs. I rage sold my Fubuki after three consecutive games I survived from beginning to end without hitting a single torpedo ever. The ammount of time it takes your torps to travel is laughable. Compare this replay with your 49 knots speed the Fubuki torps reach. Here, it takes 20 seconds for a torpedo to hit and kill the BB at close to max range. With Fubuki it takes twice, possibly thrice the time. No chance an enemy does not turn in pne full minute. And I tried torpedo acceleration, that reduces the range you can fire to almost your concealment range for not a huge benefit in speed. Without concealment expert not recommendable. And as a player who is still working the lines I don’t have that skill yet.

    • The Budgie Admiral I highly suggest the range mod, first rudder mod and concealment mod on your ibuki. You will have around 19 km range on your guns with about a 13 or 14 sec shell travel time near max range. It is extremely easy to dodge BB shells at that range and it allows you to continue damage from positions at islands you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. 9.3 km detection allows you to push close safely, early and turn to kite before within that 13 or 15 km danger zone against BBs all the while keeping you close enough to deal an easy 3 to 8k dmg opening salvo on an enemy DD in a cap contesting your friendly DD.

      In my IJN I spend the opening minutes pushing closely to the nearest cap one of my friendly DDs are pushing. As my detection range is about even or a quarter at the latest into the cap circle I begin turning to kite. This places you in a critically helpful early game position. With your support your friendly DD is likely to win the cap and you’re already set up to put distance between you and the enemy when many of the slower ships are still catching up. Kite away as needed and cycle your fires amongst the enemy ships. Have an exit strategy and position yourself to have hard cover and limited surprise flanks. If things get too hairy use your concealment to gain distance

  4. Herrman the German

    Finally Hipper and Eugen getting a buff

  5. I will try hipper to we how it is.
    The Midway need is stupid. Its way to much. 40 planes and still have t8 torps and t9 fighters.
    I hope they dont do this.

    • the nerf is idiotic. will have less planes than Hakuryu because noobs dont understand that Japanese planes are much faster and reaload much faster while American ones dont come back because in t10 they just die being T8s

  6. Mixalis Papaleontiou

    IJN cruisers need a range buff imho. The attago has 15.8 and it’s not enough if you end playing with tier 10. Same for the mogami.

    • Still going to get the asashio yust to make bb feel the same as a dd getting hit by bb ap

    • Seth and Camille you know Baltimore has 15,8km range, dont make arguments about stock ships

    • Mixalis Papaleontiou with Mogami I achieve similiar results as with Kutuzov, she is well balanced and very strong. Even with Charles Martel I’m getting not that good results. Just use their stealth and speed. Annihilate enemy DDs, burn BBs to death or kill enemy CA with solid AP and HE performance.

    • Seth. The Baltimore and Atago are very different animals. You can buff the gun range on the Baltimore (at least until it gets down tiered with the line split) up to a very nice number, but that doesn’t change the fact that with those floaty shells, it’s difficult to hit stuff at long range. The Baltimore is better suited to closer range engagements. OTOH, the Atago’s guns have good shell arcs, but the range of 15.8 km is atrociously bad unless it’s top tier, and then it’s bearable. And because it’s a tier 8, it doesn’t have access to the tier 9 gun range enhancing module.

    • Try the atlanta… Unless you lose CE and take AFT on the captain (because IFHE is mandatory on the atlanta) then you end up with trash level 11.1km range… Less than 1km more than its concealment, and due to the floaty shells you’d be lucky to hit anything but a BB at that range.

      It’s cant stand up to close range combat either because it dies in basically one hit to anything.

  7. “5.6 is very attractive”, Notser, stop advertising her. All those anime fanboys are alrdy too attracted to her.

  8. Lol Asashio

    More reasons to play my Minotaur

  9. As an owner of the Eugen I am not to happy. Increased firerate and faster ruder seem much more usefull then a heal to me.
    Yeah, a heal is fine, but not taking damage in the first place because of a faster rudder while doing more damage yourself looks like the better trade for me.
    Do i miss something? Am i mistaken when i think the Hipper will be stronger than the Eugen?

  10. I think ships should have around 30-40% spotting range reduction by planes. Like, seriously. During WWII, scout planes could miss spotting a fleet. Even when they are under their nose. Spotting ships at high altitude by eye is challenging.

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      I’m afraid someone at WG played a lot of Battlefield where they used to have the “pokeballs” which are now spotting flares in Battlefield 1. So devs think planes may act like spotting flares when IRL you dad dudes checking the sea. Of course one shouldn’t expect 100% realism out of wows but an emulation of it like the spotting reduction range you bring up seems fair.

    • Oya I’d rather see planes have severely reduced torpedo spotting ranges, if not make it outright impossible for them to spot torpedoes.

      But here’s an idea, though it might not be feasible. IIRC, spotting ships at sea was often done by spotting their wakes first. And wakes are a function of a ship’s speed. So what it the spotting of ships be planes was a function of the speed of the ships? The faster the ship went, the easier it was to spot. And the slower it went, the harder it was to spot. Just a thought.

    • crucisnh that’s a pretty interesting idea but usually the slower the ship the bigger it is and easier it is to spot

    • Nicholas Well, there’s no reason why they couldn’t also factor in the type of ship into that idea. After all, CVs and battleships are usually driven by 4 shafts while DDs may only be driven by 1 or 2 shafts. And I’m thinking that larger ships and more shafts mean a larger, easier to spot wake.

  11. Make bunny ears relevant again!

  12. Who said this was a team game anymore? The current meta, as far as i can determine, is damage foremost and anything else secondary. Every battle, i see HE spamming BB’s at sniper range, not doing a thing to help the team. Then they brag, that they got their damage, “see you guys later”. So AFK for at least 1/4 of the battle, when everyone alive is needed

    • Nah it’s worse when there are ‘challenges’ with good rewards then the ‘team’ becomes competitors stopping you from earning the rewards.

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      I hope WG brings in more of the changes Flamu advocated for, like granting a Dreadnought even if one sank some time after earning it, or giving explicit xp rewards for recon, like enemy and torps spotting. But at the end of the day it’s always down to the players’ mentality and how they treat each other. I’m sure quite a few would like to attempt in chat communication but assume that it’ll only bring insults and belittling.

    • In addition to the above comments, I find the ranked 1 tryhards to be the most toxic. Rank does not = talent

  13. nice Buff to The Shimma …. But it aint going to change anything as it’s a torp ship and the torps can be spotted from the moon … She needs her torp visibility reduced to be in line with the other Normal torps so they are competitive in today’s play meta ..
    Come on WG Make The Shimma Great Again …… or at least in line with the other DD’s

    • Which is such bullshit when the reason the Jap torps were so feared was because they were both the fastest and stealthiest ship torps in WW2.

    • Grease Monkey second torps (12 km range) are pretty stealthy

    • The 12 km and 8 km torps are good. Plane spotting is the most common reason for dodges. No other DD can match the IJN volume of torps. The reload booster is underrated by the player base. 5.6 km on the shima is big. That makes you the stealthier t10 DD able to out spot the yue yang (5.8 km) and gearing (5.9 km). Only 3 other DDs can out spot the proposed shima: yugumo (5.5 km) and kagero/harekaze (5.4 km). People underestimate the ability to perma light an enemy DD in a cap. It’s very easy to contest a cap and not fire a single shot as you watch the shells from allies take down an aggressive gearing, benson, kid, fletcher, etc. Having the spotting advantage more easily forces out the enemy DD smoke. He who smokes first tends to lose the engagement and is forced in between a rock and a hard place. DD can sit in smoke and lose spotting on the cap and the enemy team and risk eating close range torps, or charge into the IJN DD being shelled by the enemy team, lose its concealment by firing and being put out of position.

    • Your comments are valid except the fact that the Shimakaze does not get the torp reload booster at all. And the Yugumo has better detection and torps plus the reload booster. With the rest of the tier 10 dds having the gun advantage plus having the option for detection options. The Shima needs to have the detection to make it more appealing in Clan Battles.

  14. The in general seems to have lost its “Team Play” aspect ever since they added in campaigns or missions that require people to carry out something specific , it’s like people have a 1 track mind on chasing a task and forgetting about the actual game

    • Well the tasks have far better rewards than just getting a win.

    • Wargaming never seems to be able to figure out that giving players differing goals causes all sorts of weird player behavior. They also seem to be unable to figure out that making a mission requiring, say French BB’s will result in every battle being glutted with French BB’s. It’s even worse when a new ship line is added to the tech tree.

    • JWA79 people are people . u should expect to much out of them

  15. do you realize current “flanking” shima is forced by WG balancing. you run into a gearing in cap, you die. you run into a 52 in cap, you die, you run into pretty much anything, you die, and cap is the most dangerous zone for you. being outspotted by fletcher and benson doesnt help either
    at least you will be somewhat useful spotting for your team and torping at min(ya, min not max, as in <7km from enemy BB, <12km from moskva, <11km from des moines) range

    • Ya was just thinking same thing. The old days of pushing caps for stealth only defense are gone. Everyother DD will take a shit on you. What the shimi needs is a heal.

    • have to agree… you want “average joe” in shima to cap? how??? outgunned by everything outspoted by half of dds, and second half are all knife fighters with better everything… shima is that fat guy that is bullied in school by everyone… even kids from lower classes 😀

  16. Nothing more fun in a DD than BB’s and cruisers 15km+ behind you say they are supporting you contest the cap because they will get 1 maybe 2 salvo’s off that will all miss when the tier 10 gunboat wipes you out then it’s you suck for not winning a gun fight sigh.

    • Ushio01 Remember these are ” high ” tier players…

    • The Budgie Admiral

      Why I never rush caps in my DDs at the start. I can be of more use later in the game when the enemy has captured one or two points and is moving on. Then I can rush their points and make them slow their push. Also annoy them a lot 😉

  17. I dont get the team play part really. I play ijn dd and when I try to contest a cap I just get killed or bullied to being useless the entire of the game because of no support. When I go solo and only care to keep unspotted I do more for the team by giving paranoia to the enemy. Since as an IJN DD you are pretty … meh. You go German, Pan asia, even american. All of them are way better…
    Yeah our torps hurts

  18. Not gonna lie, saying Japanese cruisers are out dated is a bold statement

    • RasMaster 21 I know right
      Those complaining should try playing hipper at its current state has almost the same reload time as ijn ca, with better range.. which many in the comments are complaining about
      I think once they play hipper they’ll appreciate ijn ca more

    • i would say ibuki needs bit of love… bit of reload/armor love… its trash in current state other ships are kind of okayish

  19. TheLinkandmarioshow

    I have to say honestly Shima’s who don’t cap when a gearing is on the enemy team are playing the game smart. Would you rather them cap and suicide and be dead right away because maybe you get lucky but I sure as hell don’t reguarly get competent enough teams to support me. God forbid a Z-52 is on the enemy team in which case your torpedoes are now actually worthless in Shima, and they will just spot you wherever you try and hide and gun you down, then your team could be the best support in the world and short of radar rushing it you’re still on you’re own.
    You aren’t rewarding shimas who cap you’re giving all shimas the potential to cap without /needing/ a team to support you. This is like their continued nerf to carriers.
    You are giving players less and less excuses for playing BBs like shit against CVs as CVs continue to get worse and worse.
    This now takes away the defense that all shimas rightfully had that suiciding into a cap would be a waste for their game and be a waste to the team.
    I do totally agree that now capping points will be my primary goal in shima where before my goal was to try and explain to my team that me going around a cap isn’t ignoring the cap, it’s waiting till we can spot and secure it without risking my life so worthlessly.
    Getting caps as soon as the game starts isn’t as important as everyone seems to make it out to be, I know most shimas dont do this, but going around the cap and securing it first after they cap and then capping it back just seems way smarter to me than rushing it and counting on a potentially unreliable team to back you up.

  20. I don’t know what is going on on US server. But on EU team play is rarely seen. Everyone tells you what to do. But nobody is giving a shit about supporting/helping. The current meta rewards too much selfish playstyle. ONLY DAMAGE and KILL count. So why bothering cap?

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