World of Warships – Shimakaze & Gearing have a BABY

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ANOTHER brand new IJN tier 10 DD which is what you get when you mix Shimakaze and Gearing.
It’s called Hayate and it’s a gunboat with really good guns and dangerous slow rld torps, good AA but crap concealment. To be competitive this DD would need a slight concealment buff, but its weapons are working pretty good…even when your team decides to throw and not win under any circumstances xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The baby of Shima and Gearing ? Thought this was Somers for a second

  2. Thanks for fueling the weebs, Flambino. Who knows what depraved fan art you just inspired.

  3. You mean twins? I though they also gave birth to Sommers

  4. Well… someone’s gotta make a hentai out of this title

  5. Flambass please do a Worcester commentry

  6. TraianusImperator

    *Hooked on a feeling.

  7. take a look at the map like 2 mins into the game… the enemy team have already lost lol

  8. yeah…. this needs 5.9km detection

  9. japanese Armor= a samurai with a shovel, to catch bullets.

  10. Full conceleament of 5.9 or 6.1 would be just perfect for this ship.

  11. Alexander Quooss

    Do you make a video with Tips for thr T VIII clanwars

  12. Hayate, worst concealment? same as german DDs, so no problem right? gotta get used to it.
    well, concealment update and commander skill can fix the problem. 😉

  13. LOL…never stay in smoke screen when torpes are around.

  14. With a concealment buff, could Hayate finally be a proper IJN competitor to Gearing and Daring?


  16. I like that DD also but the awefull concealment for an IJN DD is a fairly serious strike against it. improved AA is good, and the rest of the ship aint bad.. but I do well in a Yugumo running no smoke, TRB and RPF and I don’t worry about IFHE. I’ll make that work on this ship when I get it. The poor stealth ends up making it a worse Yugumo with the only other saving grace being an additional upgrade slot. nd gunnery (tween traverse and ROF and Range). I’ll find a way to make it work. It is a hybrid boat..I’m comfortable with hybrid boats.

  17. Playing totally unbalanced and senseless op ships is cool?
    ! N O !

  18. clearly its to weak, wargaming pls buff like colbert 😀

  19. “If only all these ships decided to do something this game.” They are doing something, Flambass….they are distracting you.

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