World of Warships: Shimakaze, Having Fun With Torpedoes

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A random battle played by _P4J4_ in the Shimakaze.


  1. My own dmg record is held by Shima so far. When all the RNG gods and situation is smiling upon you it’s the most dangerous ship around. Great battle! Also real balls of steal to leave the zone wall. I think I had taken my chances to troll their aim there.

  2. That looked really fun!

  3. He may have lost his ship, but while he stood proud upon it’s bridge he smiled generously watching that mighty battleship BUUUUURRRRRRN!

  4. did he use 20km variant? omg those torps can be detected from 2 km! why enemy ships still get hit by them? :O

    • I would say there are multiple reasons why ships still get hit from 20km torps (and yes he was using them). First, even if you see them a battleship can’t necessarily dodge them due to long rudder shift and big turning circles. Next, even if you could dodge them there might be human error, like oversteering when you try to hit a gap.
      And then then are people who sail into torps that have been spotted 10km away because they pay no attention to anything. They don’t even try to dodge, sail into every torpedo and then go to the forums and make threads that torpedoes are overpowered.

    • yeah and I just realized the enemies somehow group up and stay on the same spot, that would be heaven for dds

  5. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Good win, but i believe he got a little greedy at the end, and it cost him his life.. But GG….?

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