World of Warships – Shimakaze Keeping It Close

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Shimkaze on Ocean starts out heading east, we hope to encounter the bulk of the enemy team. Unfortunately, we encounter the enemy Gearing and Shimakaze. We retreat to the other side of the to the team in their fight with the enemy. The Shimakaze is great at flooding the water with torpedoes. Some success and some failures with our torpedoes will lead us to a super close ending. I’m still learning how to use all 15 torpedoes to the my ability. Hope you enjoy this very close and very stealthy game, hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Destroyer Shimakaze Replay


  1. You managed to not run into any islands this time, Notser :D

  2. Again, a nice watch :).
    You didnt do to bad Notser. I own the Shima for 4 months now but play it
    not that often because of the repair costs (over 200 k). You have to play
    it defencivly. Scout, cap and force the enemy in a direction they dont want
    to go. Thats your role in this ship. Also, always shoot narrow spreads. You
    have the 20km torps, I advice you to get the 15 km ones. You hardly ever
    are able to hit stuff at 20 but the speed and damage of the 15 ones will be
    more usefull.

    Still, a good game. BTW, are you able to play on the EU server? Would be
    fun to do some games together ;).


  3. New ships are always really new. You always need to get into steering them
    and firing their weapon systems. Even on the same line, the ships can be
    totally different. Sometimes not for the good.

  4. absolutely wasn’t expecting that game. Seems there is a bit of a learning
    curve with this boat. In all fairness though Ocean is a really odd map for
    DD play. People may think it’s easier because there are no obstacles but I
    think it’s harder because there isn’t any of those things to require
    opponents to make choices which DDs can use as predictors. It’s like blind
    texas holdem’.
    I hate losses like that though. No reason at all to get pushed off so far
    from your cap unable to respond with that kind of opposition. He had more
    than enough health and firepower to force the reds to make the mistakes. He
    chose to save his health rather than secure the win.
    Think of it like playing for damage points, kills, survival rate or win
    rate. For me the win is all that matters. Playing for the others
    compromises the later.
    I want to see you play shattered in this boat.

  5. congrats on another tier 10 notser!

  6. jihyuk kim (Ayakashi)

    We should nuff Notser~

  7. I’m saving watching this vid for the last one of the day. Ill be back in a
    couple of hours but as soon as I saw Notser posting a shimi vid I thought
    OMG, He will be hated as much as IChase after his CV vid. Those poor
    bastards on the red team. The mass call for DD nerfs are going to put
    people in the streets.

  8. A lot of torps don’t make a good ship. I love the Gearing.

  9. Mr. Notser, I’ve been following you from the start and I do love your
    content, it has replaced Jingles’ as the stuff to watch before sleeping for
    me. I am really happy to see that your channel is gaining publicity! Wish
    you all the best!

  10. very enjoying match…the shimakaze looks like a fun ship..cant wait tile
    the next one.

  11. As a nubie in this DD you did very well !!!

  12. savageneation was in your ibuki vid! he’s the dd that you killed with those
    first torps that you decided to not overlap

  13. this is my favorite ship >_<

  14. You lost!! That does it, I’m unsubscribing.. ;)

  15. Brian Lock (神通)

    Noster just lost 50k silver

  16. what a heartbreaker that was man I wonder which other tier X ship you going
    to get now xD you really burn through the lines

  17. is the Khabarovsk going to be your next t10?

  18. Just wait until Project R completes and you get 2000+ Kimikazes joining the
    game 40 torpedos at a time holy wall of torps batman….

  19. Soon 5000 subs! Way to go Notser! :)

  20. I feel so bad for the Tier X matches when Notser gets used to the Tier X
    DD:s int he to games you have should with this and the Gearing you 11 kills
    right? 7 in the Gearing and 4 in the Shima!

  21. You got a Shima! Yay!

    I do area denial and herding the enemy with Fubuki, and Kagero. Even did a
    2X Double Strike with Kagero yesterday same as you, still don’t know how
    they fell for it.

  22. you had a great game by the way, this was my 4th game in the Gearing.
    Loving that ship so far.

  23. I’m glad you posted that I was pneumonic on the enemy team

  24. ok notser now im waiting for you to donate to the cause so i can buy some
    kewl stuff!!!

  25. I think a good strategy is to ”spray and prey” xD

  26. Yea I have a hard time with jap dds as well not my cup of tea

  27. Great game Notser, IJN DD’s are a different play style the the USN DD’s
    but I love them both.

  28. Notser, trust in your guns. IJN DD guns are great once they are in
    position. Their weaknest is their turret rotation. I have killed lots of
    USN DDs and Russian DDs in 1 vs 1 confrontation. Since IJN DDs can detect
    other DDs first, you can ambush them with a solid well placed salvo. The
    first solvo is what makes the IJN DDs deadly.

  29. Sooooo close! good game, hope to see more “shima” games from you. Love the
    way you take us through your thought process, very helpful.

  30. this thing is a monster holy shit

  31. I love the Ocean map in a Shima where the torpedo range can really shine.
    That nearly two minute cooldown though can be really annoying. For that
    reason, I usually try to keep one of the torpedo sets in my back pocket for
    emergencies. What are your thoughts? I would personally take 15 Minekaze
    torpedos with a ~30 second cooldown over the higher damage/longer cooldown.

  32. Bad WG who forces us to have Premium to break even. You lost 50600 credits
    if not Premium account. Even tho you came second. Economy in Tier9/10
    encurages sniping in the back and passive play styles.

  33. Shimakaze is an area denial ship, a shimakaze alone can hold back an entire
    flank, the nemesis of the shimakaze however is the gearing or any high tier
    American dd. Good game thought.

  34. OH DAMN! Look who has the shimakaze

  35. Great video Notser!! i have Benson and Kagero but i think shima is on
    another world! I think its necessary to learn how to use as best all the
    15 torps, may be 2 salvo and the last to secure the kill. anyway if u fire
    all the 15 torps togheter, enemy can just see a DEATH WALL :-))))

  36. I’d recommend flooding a smaller area with a huge density of torps as
    opposed to covering a large area. That’ll be easier as well as you don’t
    really have to learn anything new, as you can just apply old skills just
    with more torps to use!

  37. How that guy in a Hindenburg, took too long to sink a revealed Shimakaze at
    that distance? is just two bursts, maybe two and a half, with that rate of
    fire and the precision of the Hindenburg’s guns… that guy sending
    torpedoes to a Shimakaze…

  38. Hey Notser, great video as usual.
    I just wan’t to point out that the upgraded torpedoes has the same speed,
    only 5km shorter range, but totally worth it later on due to the dmg.
    getting close to a Yamato, and launch a tight trippel launch will one shot

  39. Congrats on the Shima, really exciting game. I finally, after months and
    months of wanting one, pulled the trigger on an Atago last night. Got
    killed by a Shima/Kagero cross torping me in my first game lol. At least I
    was the last person alive on my team.

  40. I am looking forward to higher tier IJN DD’s. I am about 35k xp from the
    Fubuki, well that and having the credits to buy it. :)

  41. Grats on the Shima Notser :D

  42. LOL as if i needed to ask ..Ty my friend

  43. Congrats on the Shima and Gearing!

  44. The Mighty General CH13F

    Notser + Yamato = Fun

  45. Oh yes (and pls forgive me here) can you post a failure/no win game ( and
    your reactions) ??

  46. Oh My Goo Dness Notser..I mean really? LoL. 2 types of DDs..MTB and a MGB (
    Motor Torpedo boat and Motor Gun boat for those who want to know) I thought
    you were aware of this..Anyway, what sort of game would it be if these
    ships were in a division, working together..But I think you already know (
    ya I bet you have this in mind for us to view later lol) Pls start live
    streaming, your voice and Honest appreciation of a game is incredible (imho
    that is) ..Take care

  47. congratz on your tier X US and IJN DDs, im waiting for the mighty Zao
    notser gl 🙂
    and somehow another double strike in Tier X DD just like your gearing
    what kind of magic is that

  48. Hehe love the Shima. Especially with a level 17 capt. 🙂
    Mostly sending 15 torps at once. But one set always in a unpredicted path.
    Quite often surprises the enemy.

  49. finally a Shima gameplay

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