World of Warships – Shimakaze Kraken in Bastion

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on The Atlantic moves to capture the 1 sector, we encounter a enemy that overextended just a bit. I rotate back to the center and identify a possible enemy smoke location. A couple enemy battleships attempt a push on a friendly, I try to block it with torpedoes. The center becomes a little heated with all the ships in the area. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Shimakaze Replay


  1. First Sector.
    Second Sector.
    Third Sector.

    You’re welcome :D

  2. the guns are good, powerfull, slow turret traverse and a low rate of fire.
    every ship needs a counter from same class. i have done great in my shima
    against other dd`s with the guns against other dd`s.

  3. Holy crap that venomous chat…

  4. Shimakaze looks like a damn good (IJN) DD… I’m at Fubuki, and have
    already unlocked Kagero, but is Kagero even worth it? Should I just wait
    for the new tech tree?

  5. When the F3 torpedoes are much better than the 12km

  6. A Japanese dd can easily fight a gearing if it stays at long range and
    stays around cover

  7. I don’t feel the IJN DDs need any more gun power, they allready have the
    best torpedoes and concealment, why would they need any better guns? If a
    US DD outplays you and gets you detected he should get the kill (or at
    least trade much better HP wise) on you. RU DDs you can easily play around
    as they lack so much concealment.
    And honestly, I don’t even feel like their guns are underpowered. In a fair
    1v1 against a Benson, I in my Fubuki, spot him, turn around kite away and
    because I have better firing arcs, I can hurt him quite the bit while
    dodging his shells. Same for Shima and Gearing. (Kagero ofc relies even
    more on concelment than the others). Also whenever possible I try to
    contest caps together with a gunboat DD, spot the ennemy, let him and my
    pal open fire on each other and only then shoot myself, when he’s allready
    locked into my friend.
    Conclusion: play them right, team up, be stealthy, use your guns whenever
    you have a chance to get out with a good trade.

  8. Why Carriers cost so much to run? Maybe because of their aircrafts?

  9. Personally i love using the F3 torps on the shimakaze, so fast the enemies
    can barely dodge them!
    The trade off in range is really worth it

  10. A fubuki can get a 2km blind fire zone with concealment and AFT. 9.9km
    detection after firing and a 12km range means that you can plink ships for
    good damage with guns.

  11. This game exemplifies why going for 1 on Bastion is a bad idea. It’s so
    isolated that it was 13 minutes into the game before a real push to 2 was
    able to be made. Ultimately it was a win with excellent play Notser, but
    going for 2/3 is the recipe for Bastion. BTW, I hate Bastion mode!

  12. +Notser mentioning of Japanese DDs, do you have any information as to when
    the second Japanese DD line is coming?

  13. I recently traded survivability expert for AFT, and I am growing to love
    it. Losing 4k hp’s is a high price, but the ability to stealth fire from
    9.8km-11.7km has improved my kill rate and damage. Plus, it gives me
    something to do during the 2 minute reload for torps.

  14. Brian Lock (神通)

    Sector 1
    Sector 2
    Sector 3

  15. I’m pretty sure the new IJN gunboats have AP only… I was in game with an
    akizuki (Tier 8) and he fired AP at my angled Bismarck all game, and I only
    ever say him fire AP at absolutely everything the whole game.

  16. Shima guns are great. I use AFT and concealment and have good success with
    stealth firing and starting fires. For this build the 12km torps are ideal.
    Notser please try gunship build with Shima. It is a lot of fun. 3K per
    salvo is nice, especially when they can’t see you. If you are going stealth
    the F3 torps are the way to go.

  17. I’m still waiting for them to make BBs more survivable against HE spammers.
    Since they buffed the cruiser’s rudder response time it’s getting harder
    and harder to hit them. So they just slowly run you down and spam HE at you
    until you die.

  18. So, the new IJN DDs are currently crap ? that is one very discouraging

  19. Honestly, IJN DDs should have two torp selections in game. Long range and
    sort range. That would make them more effective. Like HE and AP but they
    have long and short.

  20. I’ve said this before, BUT…the way that IJN DDs can compete directly
    against other destroyers is that stealth. Until you hit tier X with the
    Gearing, every Japanese destroyer enjoys a concealment advantage vs. every
    other DD at their tier. This, combined with the massive alpha damage that
    an IJN gun strike can do, should allow you to pick & choose which
    engagements to get into *and* give you a sizeable advantage when you can
    land that first salvo. The Fubuki, for example, is plenty capable of
    competing against a Benson, providing that the IJN captain plays his ship
    to those strengths; too many of them don’t after being able to breeze
    through the lower tiers relying on long-range torpedo hits against brain
    dead battleship drivers.

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