World of Warships – Shimakaze Supertest Discussed

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A recent Shimakaze Supertest is making the and I discuss the supposed changes they are testing. Hope you enjoy the discussion and have a wonderful day!

VI Pan-Asian Destroyer Fushun Replay


  1. Kitakami 2.0

  2. I think I’ll continue down the Akizuki line. Nothing like nuking enemy destroyers. (Edit: Changed Akatsuki to Akizuki)

    • Poi~

    • AnimeLapse. My apologies, I made an error with the ships name. I understand where you are coming from now.

    • Kagero is a good scout, very low detection (5,4km maxed out). But you are right, it feels weak for its tier, it is slow and has a low HP pool. You have to avoid almost every fight and hope for your teammates to kill or fight off enemy DDs you are spotting for them. Which, in my experience, more often than not they’ll fail to accomplish.

    • Must disagree about Kagero I love my Kagero..No smoke, TRB, maximized concealment, RPF to help me find holes I can move into for off side shots. Got lucky nuff to have the engine boost extender upgrade. At first I’d run off to play “selfish” but these days I’m there just in front of the battle line messing with enemy DD’s and cruisers. Take them out and the BB’s are relitivly easy meat! Really depends where I get placed at the start of a match and on what map. Kagero all about torps, Akizuki, all about guns. and both ships see tier X MM so you have to be up on your game.

    • Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere
      I love Akatsuki, still have mine even though I’m on Yugumo. But you are wrong about Kagero; the far superior stealth & ability to use torpedo reload booster are what make it great.

  3. Notser uploads on my Bday. Best present ever.

  4. Good, deep water torps on Shima, that means no more TK, since BB and CV will always hide at the back

  5. *hears Noster complaining about detonations for a tad*
    you know it’s a ship
    if a mag goes up
    that ship is doomed
    it can’t be towed nor can it be saved
    so as far as i’m concerned Detonations are the most histoically accruate thing in wows :v

    • Detonated a full hp Missouri with kaga.

    • It had to be a name

      But u know since its the only historical thing…we could just leave that. There is a flag for it anyways so when it happens ure just like….yeah…fun…..

    • That’s BS. There’s nothing accurate about this game, why do you think it’s so important to be accurate about detonations? The only reason detonations still exist is because they are used to make MM faster. That’s why they NEVER speak about it.
      If i get detonated early in the battle with a tier X, that’s just WG stealing around 500k worth of credits from my account.

    • If you are on NA server, you can spent a couple of bucks and by the flags that you want. On EU you must always buy a shit ton of crap that you don’t want to get those flags.

    • Surprisingly there are a number of cases of ships surviving magazines going up. Not remaining in combat condition but being repaired and returned to service. For example USS New Orleans at the Battle of Tassafaronga took a torpedo and her forward magazine exploded. She lost her bow and had to be repaired for almost a year (and had to sail backwards to the US from Australia after temporary repairs) but she didn’t sink and was returned to service.

      In the main you are right though, magazines going up was usually catastrophic.

  6. #makeIJNDDsgreatagain wait…….dafuq?? cruiser immune too?? *NANI???*

  7. Only hitting bbs and cvs?! Wargaming u are soooo drunk!! I really can’t stress enough how stupid this idea is!! It would not only be the death of the shima, all bb players would rage about getting one-shotted by those 15 invisible torps.
    # make Japan great again!

    • The one responsible for nerfing dds and IJN/Shima to the ground, now its the focus of their torpedo rage. I would say its poetic, but then again, not hitting anything else is outright stupid. You might get a heavy BB match, but even then you go pretty useless fast.

    • Wasn’t this only one of teh torpedo types? ti 20k mk ones being replaced? It is not as if you can’t use those 12 km+ ones you already have instead 🙂

    • SwedishFox – death of the Shima? 20 km torps with 800 meter detection is a nightmare for BBS. Green BBS as well as red BBs.

    • it can be replaces with 4 sec gun reload and wont complain in shima

  8. They should just put the old TRB as an option for the Shima. It’s undeniable that 30 torpedoes on 10 seconds is insane, but if we made it 30-35 seconds, that would feel more balanced, especially if you have to trade smoke for it. Or they could make a TRB that reduces the reload to 45-60 seconds, but put it on the same slot as the Speed Boost. Shima is like 90% about the torpedoes, 10% about the guns, so if the torpedoes are gonna stay in their current state, it’s only fair that they get to use more of them.
    And I’d agree that DW torpedoes are a straight no for IJN DDs. They already suffer enough at the mercy of litterally every other DD line thanks to horrible gun performance, and rely entirely on their good use of torpedoes to win knife fights.
    I’d also suggest that they improved Shima’s concealment, so it could reach something around 5.6-5.5km with a concealment build. Having the same concealment as the Gearing has never done Shima any favors when faced against the USN DDs.

    • I agree with this, but maybe give the torps a bit more concealment so they arent seen from space. And the TRB, maybe that it reloads 1 set of torpedoes. That makes 20 in the water, and not trade it for anything. At worst, trade it for the speed boost, but dont take their already shitty smoke just to lunch more torps wich is pretty much your thing. Trading smoke is way to hard for a DD that is supposed to play the objective, with a concealment of a Gearing. Maybe as you say, give it a bit more, so it can out spots other dds and run for the hills, as many pretty much do in such boat

    • I think that tweaking the concealment is the first thing they should do before applying any improvements to the torpedoes. Surely, the torpedoes need some improvements, but improving the concealment will be the first step towards giving back IJN DDs identity. I mean, a 5.5km concealment is still worse than Kagero/Harekaze concealment, and none of those are considered overpowered (Harekaze is pretty good tho, quite well balanced if you ask me). A better concealment will not save Shima from getting spotted if it moves full speed right into a Gearing, but it will be enough to let Shima maneouver away and avoid being spotted if it’s captain predicts the enemy DDs movements (which is not too hard with Radio Location).
      After changing that, they could even do something more passive for the torpedoes, like reducing their reload of around 2 and a half minutes down to 100-110 seconds (basically the same as Yugumo, but with access to more torps without having to give up smoke, so it would actually feel like an upgrade over the tier 9).

    • easier make ijn line tier 10 gun reload 4.5seconds

    • Luxi Lux gun reload on the shima dont really help it that mutch in dd fights as you nead to use your rudder alot to not get nuked and whit the bb like turret travers a loaded is of no use if it cant be keept on target.

  9. True story: I got detonated by a Moskva in my Montana in the first 5 min of a battle

  10. Notser pissed and moaned about DW torps on Pan Asian but now loves them. Jap DDs are all about never being seen. DDs torping DDs means you ran across a newb, not a decent player.

    • Staying hidden is indeed a key play style for IJN DDs which is designed around the fact that they have low concealment radii. Unfortunately there are DDs with better concealment than the Shimakaze, as well as the fact that so many ships, including DDs, now have hydroacoustic and radar (which also go through islands). There are also ships that are arguably stronger torpedo threats than the Shimakaze such as the Z52 with their consistent performance and reload speed. I don’t think deep water torpedoes themselves are a problem. But as Notser explained, having a second type of deep water torpedo (i.e. 3 different types of torpedoes in game) would add unnecessary complexity to the game. In one of the Wargaming FAQs, Wargaming said that they wouldn’t remove radar going through islands because it’d make radar too complicated for players. Yet, if Notser’s information is correct, they’re willing to add more torpedo types that need obvious cues to differentiate between torpedoes that will: (1) hit all targets, (2) hit all ships except DDs, and (3) hit only BBs and CVs. Sure, Wargaming might argue that a good player should be able to tell the difference. But if that is their argument then they should also ban relative ship angle mods (which I assure you is in their officially approved mod pack in forums) as it reduces much needed game skill and is only available to players who download the modpack.

  11. More nerfs to IJN DD’s. for FRAK SAKE WG…stop nerfing the line that does not need nerfing..DAMN!

  12. Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

    Plz no!! No bloody buff to that cancer ship. it makes the gameplay so boring with the passive play that comes from the fear of the wall of skill.

    • Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad passive play? You must be fucking joking. You must be one of those BB players. Passive play? So when you have two groups of battleships camping on map borders throwing shells across the map and praying for a good hit. Tell me, how is that fucking fun and engaging?

    • Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad buff? This isn’t a buff… It’s a Nerf. You make the most one dimensional DD in t10 even more one dimensional… If any Shima gets that dw torp. Gl defending yourself from DD and cruiser..

    • Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

      Yes passive play!! Is it to hard to read for you?? No one will push in fear of the wall of skill. And since this is a supertest you have to consider that this may not the change they are doing. So i say yet again. no buff!!

    • Lars eric Ericsson Rolstad

      did not say this was a buff did i? Since its a supertest thing anything can happen. Just saying dont buff that cancer of a ship.

    • You are really this stupid or just pretending? How could these DWTs be ANY buffs, if they can’t hit shit other than BBs (camping in the back already) and CVs (you pretty much never see them until late/end game). Use your brain sometimes pls… Oh and btw just because they can only be detected by what 800 meters, doesn’t mean that ships that are immune to those can’t detect them…

  13. Shimas are cancer as they are. It’s the one class of DD that consistently doesn’t play objectives.

    My thoughts would be to cut torpedo all round damage by 30-50% and buff the hell out of the guns. If they can’t do that they need to get rid of it all together.

    Also Notser if your seeing this I just want you to know that your obvious DD bias and Shima hard on are the reasons I can’t stand your videos anymore, and thus unsubscribed. Shame you still show up in my YouTube home screen though….

    Signed former fan..

    • Look JPN DD are torpedo oriented all others nations are not, all other nations can compete gun oriented, JPN DDs are good at playing in open water with their low concealment cloak, spotting ships for the others. All others nations have average torpedoes, far better gun system, if the Shima is the last DD in the team and dont play the objective, i do agree with you, but in all others cases, in my opinon JPN dds have nothing to do in the front line at least in range for “other nation” DDs. (I dont even talk about their smoke which is the badest). So When you nation is torpedo oriented you accept to have poor guns, but whem WG make your torps not that better you can critize the decisions made.

    • Manston Hisk oh you’re a cry baby? I would be to if i found out they were gonna change up the Shima in a good way.

    • Sorry guys, but did you say you play on the NA server? Then I’m gonna deliver the bad news. You suck. No, not personally, but globally. Come play on EU. You’ll pretty much NEVER see Shimas using 20 km torps and hiding in the back… they usually contest the caps as they should be (and in exchange get rekt by everyone else, hence the “crying” about it being weak).

    • I don’t know where you get your statistics from, but according to both NA and EU Warships Today the Shimakaze has been consistently placing second worst in terms of T10 DD winrate with less than 50% (above the Gearing but that’s for a different topic). That means, on average, Shimakaze players are losing more games than they are winning. You should also remember that Shimakaze’s signature weapon is her torpedoes and that her favorite targets are BBs. Doing ~45k damage, which is the average according to Warships Today, is like 2-3 torpedo hits and a few gunshots on a single BB for a game that lasts up to 20 minutes. That’s like killing half of a BB. Doing 45k damage as any gun focused DD can mean significantly different things as one of their primary targets are DDs. Dealing 45k damage could be the same as fully killing 2 DDs. It’s like how the Conqueror has the highest average damage. But according to Wargaming, the Conqueror’s damage is padded because her damage mostly comes from burning down enemy BBs.

  14. Ships that are mono-dimensional in nature become boring quickly. I was excited at first to think my Shima with Torp Accel and Torp Arm Exp could have 30 torps going 81 knots for 16km AND super low detection. But BB and CV only? How will this impact teamplay? How will having another “wall of skill” ship be fun for anyone except the troll minority? People at WG need to man-up, admit their mistakes, and give the IJN DD line reasonable buffs to torp detection.

  15. Actually I’d love to see the TRB on all mid to high Tier IJN DDs if smoke was sacrificed. I might start playing them instead of derping around in the Kamikaze all the time. It’s the the only IJN DD I play these days.

  16. what? so..WG continues to make the IJN DDs their fucking wallet…again. IJN DDs pay for everything in this game. 2.5km detection is bullshit. weak gun systems..weak torps..what good are the IJN DDs aside from cannon fodder??
     As a DD main..BB players don’t go out and tank and help kill things..they sit in the back and snipe because they don’t want scorch marks on their shiny hulls from RN BBs..this is only going to reinforce and cement the “camp and island hump” meta already in place. 20km DWT that hit BBs and CVs only is only going to enrage the player base even more and make IJN DDs totally unplayable and obsolete. If WG listens to the BBabies they need to follow their own processes and ask us DD players “how can we fix this?” “what can be done to make IJN DDs competitive again?”
    This is going to go how the GZ went…it will take something drastic for them to finally give back some teeth to the IJN the time they do it however the line will have died off completely..only the die hards like me will be the only ones left paying shimmy..and that means insulted on the daily,being told to go back to hello kitty because your in the shittiest DD in game,uninstall because your bad at boats,get a gearing or a pan asia DD,follow the meta potato player and ect.

    Read this now before it gets lost in the sea of comments;torpedoed by First!,or notification squad or something trite like that..enjoy what wisdom there is before it goes away.(if your reading this something with it..send it to whoever needs to see this point i’m going to enjoy what there is left of the tech tree IJN DDs before they hit the scrap market)

    • as an old shimmy captain, I’ve already left IJN tech tree and move to Khaba… since ship torps are so useless in high tire game. just make the bullet rain as WG wish it to be 🙁

  17. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to make the destroyer incapable of fighting in it’s main enemy?!?

  18. Personally, I don’t like these ideas for changes to the Shimmy. Don’t get me wrong. I love playing the stealthy ninja torp boat DD. I just think that this is the wrong way to go.

    DWTs that ignore cruisers? Sorry, but I’d never use them.
    Torp Reload Booster? I’d rather just seem the reload times for Shimmy torps reduced across the board. 30 torps in the water at once is way too much.

    I just wish that they’d reduce the IJN torpedoes’ detection ranges and their reload times, and call it good. It’s just wrong that the one navy, the IJN, whose DD’s are all about torpedoes end up having the worst torps. Well, maybe not worse than the Russian ones, but Russian DDs aren’t about torps, they’re gunboats.

  19. Random person 1000

    Truth be told I have killed a full health Fletcher at range in my Yugumo 1v1 if you are far enough away and you have speed flag and engine boost he has a hard time hitting you while you are monuvering and Yugumo’s guns are not that bad.

    • The strange thing is that the Yugumo is better with both its guns and torps then the Shimakaze. I remember when Wargaming nerfed the Japanese destroyers torps. I will admit that it was needed at the time but they went overboard with the nerf making only the premium destroyers still be enjoyable and effective overall. I have lost gun battles against Yugumo in my Shimakaze due to the really slow traverse on the guns. And in Clan Battles, I am only really useful as a flanking scout and causing chaos as a good team positions themselves in such a way that my torps get seen. The Shimakaze needs a rework to bring it closer in line with the other Tier X destroyers.

  20. The problem isn’t really the Conqueror, the problem is the fire mechanic itself.

    Fire does extremely high amounts of damage to BB’s, and BB’s catch fire a LOT. There have been many, many games in mine where every HE volley I take, despite having everything to counter fire, sets fires. Hell, even while damage control is active, fires are STILL trying to spring up.

    Very seldom do I sustain the bulk of my damage from AP rounds or torpedoes now…95% of games, 90% of the damage I take is from fires. And I do everything -right-…I don’t use damage control on the first fire (unless I’m so low health it doesn’t matter anyway and I can get one more shot off before death), I have the flag to reduce the time fires burn, the flag to decrease consumable cooldown, the skills to counter fire, reduce the amount of time it takes for damage control to cooldown…everything.

    These two traits…ease of being set on fire, and the sheer damage it does…combined with the fact that there is 0 defense against it once you start taking HE hits. And since battleships are slow and large, saying ‘don’t get hit’ doesn’t work.

    However, there is a very easily solution…drop the damage down and modify the mechanic to keep it useful.

    Simply put, my idea is as follows…drop the damage down to a quarter of what it is now. Instead, to keep the fire as a useful tool for cruisers to counter BB’s with, have it be so that the longer a section is on fire, the more modules go offline…AA guns, secondaries, up to and including the primary guns. Then, once the fires are out, have them slowly come back online as crews return to their posts.

    That way, battleship armor might actually mean something again, and fire remains an important tool against larger ships. Heck, they already have the basic idea in-game already…carriers not being able to retrieve aircraft while their flight deck is on fire.

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