World of Warships: Shimakaze – The Best Torps

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Having fun with objectively the best torps in the game.

of Warships footage of the tier Japanese Shimakaze.


  1. Ahoy captains o7

  2. Is this gameplay or a podcast?

  3. Can you do a republique or Alsace video please?

  4. I always enjoy your videos.

  5. I like beer

  6. Triggered by the “vacuum sucks” joke. No it does not.

  7. boristhebarbarian

    that chat discussion about DD’s. remember that DD’s in WoWS are outsized meaning they are larger in game relative to other ships then they are IRL. If BB AP comes back maybe WG will shrink DD’s to make it harder to hit them

    • I doubt that they’d shrink DDs. Good point though.

    • No please don’t I’m a dd main but even I think that making them invulnerable to all BB’s that aren’t Russian is a good idea. It’d be Russian bias all over again!

  8. Aha! A Shima video! No wait, a meme, 20 km torp Shima video! Lovely game!
    1. I’m going to try out the meme Shima myself, see if the 5 kts speed reduction and 3k damage reduction can be overcome by the satisfaction of hitting someone with a torp on the next map.
    2. I actually think the Shima is OP. The player-base that plays the Shima though is very UP. Which is the only reason why it’s not being nerfed.

  9. This gives me bad memories. The one game I played with you like two years ago a Shima torped my Mogami to death, back when I didn’t have the 3.4 sec rudder shift…

  10. “why is this gearing so bad”….. Proceeds to be torped and killed by gearing only seconds later lol

  11. I like those Scandinavian buddies laughing every time they say something…
    Reminds me my buddies when we was teens, laughing frenetically just by seeing each other’s faces 😂

    GG btw, 16km/72knts, best shima torps imo as well.
    F3/12km are stealthier, but your ship must be closer, wich automatically drags attention of all enemies nearby… with the basic one, u can really be forgotten and drop walls of torps quite often with guaranteed hits on big clusters of enemy ships quite far away.
    So I also chose to deny the F3, plus, pushing them to 72knts make the 2.5km range detection much less handicapping than it is with 60knts torps… still can caught them by surprise with that speed.
    And without forget the little bonus: it’s 10m credits not needed to be spent on upgrades… so it’s just all good, who needs F3, shima can work really well with his basic torps and the rightful capt skills & modules.
    And I also use that same capt on my asashio ofc, wich works perfectly there too… it’s all good, very reliable management 👌
    (So let say there are 2 different torp options with shima, F3 is more popular, but not necessarily the best choice)

  12. I need more Shima

  13. that midway was really good. also lmfao enemy haku AP-bombed you hahahahaha

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    cool video

  15. How is gearing so stealthy?!

  16. no the hayate sucks cause it costs 2 mill and aint worth it

  17. That is one hell of a beautiful skin

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