World of Warships: Shimakaze – the Joy of 20 km Torps

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20 km torps on Shimakaze are amazingly fun. Sometimes they are even very effective! Nobody expects those torps not to run out I guess.


  1. Lo var Lachland

    Wait wait wait.

  2. 20km torps? More like 360p torps. lol

  3. Aerroon having some fun while I try to win the game 😀

  4. Shaima kaze? lol

  5. So happy you started uploading more frequently again

    • I will continue doing so. Yesterday I just dropped off and only woke up in the morning, because of the long stream I had. But today there’s gonna be a video (I actually had it finished even by yesterday evening, but I was asleep when I should’ve pressed the button).

    • +Aerroon it’s cool bro, you don’t have to answer to me. It’s your decision to make in the end. Just keep doing what you’re doing as long as you find joy in it. Just know that I amongst many other people enjoy watching your video’s no matter how frequent they appear. 😀

    • +dubspol Oh, I’m just saying that I actually made the video beforehand, but didn’t get to the publishing step.

  6. Your excitement is hilarious , GG makes me wana play the Shimma again!

    • Even though 20 km Shimakaze numerically seems awful, she’s just so funny to play, because people shouldn’t be getting hit by those torps.

  7. I think you got lucky with their carrier being a potato if he was half decent would of noticed the insane torp spam from the far left should of gone out to spot you.

    • Andreas Müller

      And that is just the thing. There are more then enough CV potatoes out there that this is still possible. It´s like BBabys driving in straight lines even though the 1-2 DDs on their flank got spotted and then whine about op torps from “nowhere”.

    • That is why rts should be back

    • Andreas Müller

      +Jonatan L so we have what? 1 in 15 games a CV and then you have to pray to god, satan and all the pagan gods of human history to not have the fucktard CV on your side? No thx i rather deal with the new CVs then what RTS CVs brought along most of the time WHEN there was one around at all. When you had the good one (mostly unicum or above) against you (once had the misfortune to see Farazeleth on the other side … it was a massacre) your game was mostly lost because your CV got locked out, deplaned and then your team dev strike farmed to oblivion.

    • they were lucky the CV was braindead, their DDs and cruisers were useless and not countering their DDs.
      any semi competent team would be able to easily dispatch them with minimal effort.

    • +Andreas Müller in tier 10 there won t be bad cvs hakuryu and midway players are good! But for fun i play kaga

  8. Aerroon, you make it that I want to play WoWs so bad. I can’t play at the moment while I’m studying in Japan. I don’t have my gaming PC with me T_T

  9. A fellow man of culture! I love Nachi’s voice as well<3 so soft and pleasing to hear. Nice torpedo play! I'll have to pick up my Kagero again and keep working up the line

  10. I just want to say that I appreciate you fast-forwarding the beginning of the game rather than outright cutting it out. Both get to the real battle sooner, but it’s more interesting to see how it happens.

  11. Shimakaze and Joy?
    Des Moine: Are you sure about that?
    Worcester: Are you sure about that?
    Midway: Are you sure about that?
    Any radar Cruiser: Are you sure about that?
    Every T10 ship that is not a bb: Are you sure about that?


  12. Mohammad Rashad

    Although I loved the video but u r giving the potatoes ideas D”:

  13. 20km torpedoes counter cvs…. yeah, actually, that might be a point because you can legitimatly hit them while you sit and laught next to worcester and minotaur xD

  14. shaimakaize. imma call the FBI right now

  15. shy ma case haha

  16. please don’t do that. there are still (way too many american) players out there that aren’t that well educated, and you’ll hear in the background, “SEE?? I told you that’s how it’s pronounced!”

    • I don’t remember who I got this idea from, but basically the idea was to intentionally mispronounce every ship name as much as possible.

  17. that’s why I like to play Asashio either… how terrible are DDs…
    do whatever those coward BBs don’t ever do…
    tons of damages and kill enemies ships with no one found you -.-
    13:51 so clearly, CVs is a mess and still keeping nerfed…

  18. I only used 20km while the other streamers that day always suggest 12km. The strength of 20km is, you can do all the basic stuff people usually wants. Capping, smoking, etc; While torping. I mean, when i cap, i torped the other side of the cap. Torping A and B from C for example. When i smoked friendly ship which of a bit further back, i didnt lose the edge either.
    Honestly i liked the old Fubuki 15km for long range torping better than Shima. But it has already gone. 3 tubes a launcher is better than 4 or 5.
    And i recognized you as one of my early torpedo mentor or inspirator. Where is your ‘predicted’ or ‘calculated’ moments ?

    One other thing, launching all torps at once has its own use. I used once to destroy a kiting Mogami at 12km. Running away from me 30 degrees to the right. Hit her probably at 18-19km from the launch spot. She was busy kiting, and her trajectory while is wonky for guns, not so for torpedoes. The chance she would get hit when turning in her zig zag pattern. 15 torps, all in once and same direction. Would spread nicely after 15km. Best against Cruisers and Cruiser DDs. Exactly why i kinda not interested with Asashio’s DWT.

  19. well clearly the enemy boats did not point out the direction to the CV from where to trops came from and the enemy CV, sure as shit did not send a squad to investigate, lousy CV work i would say, well played and a bit lucky too……..

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