World Of Warships SHIMAKAZE Tier 10 Japanese Destroyer! EPIC TORPEDO’S!

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  1. +JafuetTheSame i mean if youre dropping smoke

  2. The USSR is by far the worst country in the war but no one complains about
    that, do they?

  3. I’m Asian and I don’t give a damn


  5. +nulltull Needless to say; we lost the battle XD

  6. Dude get over it its just a fucking flag

  7. +choibacco i think 420 more torps will be just fine

  8. +choibacco Thare is nothing as too much torpdus! DansGame

  9. +Adam Botsford Yeah, I saw Mingles with Jingles too. The whole rising sun
    flag thing is understandable. Lots of people suffered (many of which were
    the Chinese) and you should respect it. Its kinda like someone walking
    around with a swastika armband around jewish people. and Zane Mukhtiar, you
    need to get some respect. -_-

  10. +Adam Botsford phly just dont care 🙂

  11. Yeah it’s stupid ho people care if you have a certain flag! Big deal!

  12. +CouchPotato252 You won’t be invisible because if you fire you will be
    spotted even if outside of detection range

  13. Note that the Gearing has a reload time of ~3 seconds and can fire outside
    of its spotting range (from ~10km), effectively making you an invisible
    Atlanta/ gunboat/ fire-starter with ten 15km torpedoes every ~140 seconds.
    Would love to see your reaction to it eventually!

  14. but luck just isn’t on your side sometimes =/

  15. Wargaming made it lol

  16. +Dbars19 ehh i guess but i think its totally fine for his videos just cuz
    it fits it perfectly for how much he plays WOWS which i really enjoy

  17. +brice burrell im surprised Navy field hasnt contacted him for copy rights
    and deleted all his videos/ sued him.

  18. ty 🙂

  19. It’s in the settings somewhere, can’t remember exactly right now, but
    something about team details, I think. It’s a little check box, you should
    see it.

  20. Tier 1 cruiser… support.

  21. +Garett Hughes open

  22. The ship might be the Bismarck considering the guns and general shape, but
    I’m not sure.

  23. Ok ty 😀

  24. The Arizona wasn’t it’s own class, it was part of the Wyoming of new York
    or New Mexico class of something like that

  25. Toothbrush Shank

    +Justnyan Andsmile gramatik <3

  26. What about the Midway?

  27. He already did the Warspite

  28. +Jason Leung sure ^^

  29. Hahaha- You do have a point.(^^) But in the end, no matter how much you
    reason it or know about it, we can agree that it depends on a captain’s
    Like, there are those who likes Destroyers better than the Cruisers, and so
    on. Haha-

  30. I believe 15 km gives plenty of room, in fact your render distance is lower
    than 20km so even if your team spots a target at 20km you can’t see it
    because it is not rendered for you.
    What they also don’t tell you is that Japanese 610mm torpedoes have the
    highest detection of all torpedoes, and very big reaction times of 12
    seconds compared to 9 seconds of UN torpedoes. At long range the torps
    split apart very much as well, so you need to shoot as closer as possible
    to saturate your area and guarantee at least 1 torp will hit. Otherwise all
    torps will miss just like that Colorado did in the video. (P.S>: if it was
    american torps he wouldn’t have pulled that off because american torps are
    detected later than japanese torps!)

  31. +Yu Takeda, it is just so they can keep a distance, and make hits if there
    are those from the opposite side of the Captain’s (players) original target.

  32. +PhlyDaily Wow, all this worry and butt hurt over a flag. Kids these days.

  33. +Shelter em…English please?

    just kidding,but I find myself having difficulties reading your comment

  34. Leo D.Astoria It would be wrong, even if it’s been a century is used.
    I think dat thinking is the most wrong

  35. +Justagermannerd Mate the rising sun flag isn’t the same as the swastika
    you wanker.

  36. +Leo D. Astoria but the Japanese lost the war,so of course every one can
    blame them.

  37. +Sir Derbear (OwTaCtrl) too slow

    that’s actually a quote

  38. SDSavage McGamerson

    +Anime_Kancolle_Kongou Battleship sen-phly*

  39. +Zer Goot 3 a second time

  40. +Zer Goot hit 3, or whatever key you have set for torpedo toggle

  41. BattleStarFreedom


  42. +PhlyDaily Mogami!!!!

  43. +PhlyDaily ZAO, the beast…..Cmon Phly

  44. yeah sry im blind xd

  45. +Mirza Ajanovic cant you read?

  46. +PhlyDaily you need to check how much it costs to launch torps in the
    shimakaze cuz its fuckin insane

  47. +PhlyDaily I know this is not related to WoWs but it’s important to know,
    when can we expect a War Thunder british tanks hype video?

  48. +Userext47 shimakaze did actually go above 40 knots irl

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