World Of Warships SHIMAKAZE Tier 10 Japanese Destroyer! EPIC TORPEDO’S!

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  1. Aurora because beast

  2. Now a ‘Fuck Ton’ of damage, is that Standard or Imperial ?

  3. Why dont you use the cannons? Arent they powerful enough?

  4. I come here just to watch a video and see all these uneducated wankers
    commenting and having a sook about the rising sun flag. Saying things like
    the Rising Sun flag is equivalent to the Swastika which is bullshit.
    Because the Rising Sun flag was around long before World War 2 and has
    nothing to do with starting wars. It’s an ancient flag that was used before
    the Japanese Navy even adopted it in the 1800s well that design at least
    and the same kind of meaning. Does anyone even know the meaning? I assume
    not seeing all the uneducated wankers going off half cock without knowing
    what they are talking about. It was a flag that was believed to bring good
    luck and fortune to people and sailors. I think I heard about some ancient
    Japanese legend that was talking about how the Rising Sun represents that
    when there was a time when the Sun didn’t rise the flag meant something.
    I’m not too sure but its just an ancient story that goes with the flag like
    pre creation Buddha legends of the sorts. But people are becoming too
    political correct these days its a joke. Anyway why are you being offended
    for half of you aren’t even Asian that are commenting let them speak for
    themselves. Also China and Mongolia used to rule a lot of Asian countries
    and committed crimes against innocent people and they still use banners and
    flags of the sorts that were used back then. I don’t see anyone complaining
    about that. So shut the fuck up and watch the video or if you cant hold
    your tongue get the fuck out because your full of shit. Have a good one.

  5. Yeehaw! More Destroyer gameplay!
    Thanks you Phly.

  6. id love to see the submarines brought into the game: i-400, gato class,
    narwhal class, type vii, jsut all of them! hey Phly if they do bring subs
    on i hope you get the i-400 class =)

  7. if you just set the course away from ship that spots you, you dont have to
    go slower

  8. Bismarck!!!!

  9. I knew it would come!

  10. Would really love to see some Des Moine gameplay Phly!

  11. I wish they had Submarines in WoWS just for another angle on the dynamic.
    It would also add another button for ships with *Depth Charges*.
    Submarines would focus on getting close whilst underwater, once it’s within
    5/6km or so ships would get a slow sonar ping, which gets louder and
    louder. The periscope would have to be raised in order to fire which would
    make the submarine visible if you’e looking for it. Scoring a depth charge
    hit would force the sub to surface.
    The part that would balance subs is that you have to aim your submarine to
    fire the torpedoes which would be very tricky, rather than with destroyers
    and the side mounted launchers, however they would have larger torps with
    higher damage potential.

  12. sunrising… its’ not good..

  13. Phily do the auroa please 

  14. i want u to do the midway carrier i have seen no game plays for that

  15. Hey PhlyDaily, great videos and keep up the awesome game play. Have a
    question though, is that ship that you use in the intro the German


  17. Dani “XzMaestrulii” Villarreal

    u really should consider team up with baron and jingles, that would AMAZING

  18. You should do the ZAO Jap cruiser 

  19. PhlyDaily you need to slow down (your ship) when to smoke.

  20. Phly, i think the reason the speed increase ability increases your
    detection range has more to do with your increased wake signature than your

  21. Did u ever think of doing a podcast with baron and slick I for one would
    love to see it

  22. I wish I had enough money so I didn’t have to earn anything :c

  23. phlydaily are you insane why put that flag omg its wrong its like the Nazis
    flag omg that’s wrong your Asian viewers will be upset about this


    Glad ya finally used and mentioned the P key to avoid giving yourself away!

  25. Spooky Scary Gang Raping Skeleton

    Phly do the worst ship at/for its tier, THE COLORADO

  26. Phly i think you have to change the image which used this video
    you uesd a ‘rising sun’flag
    it is very serious problem’s for people
    where they live in asia
    asian’s think that its same use a Nazi’flag
    in europe
    so in my opinion you should change thumbnail this video

  27. More Shimakaze, a bit more aggresion plz and support your allies with

  28. Play the Baltimore.

  29. why not play low lvl torp ships

  30. awsome

  31. Gearing!!

  32. You have the most awesome intro ever. Who made it? Its amazing!

  33. PhlyDaily Montana please

  34. +PhlyDaily please Montana 

  35. +phlydaily Montana please

  36. Whimsical Pacifist

    Something that is rather annoying for IJN DD’s right now: torpedo
    detection range. Take a Minekaze out with either torpedoes into a Tier 10

    IJN Tier 5 Type 89: detected 1.3km, 8.8s
    USN Tier 9/10 Type 93: detected 2.1km, 12.1s
    USN Tier 9/10 Mark 17/15 mod 1: 1.6km, 9.3s

  37. Jesus, what an annoying ship to fight.

  38. So; I have this thought:

    Don’t you just hate when you are the highest tier battleship in a game, and
    at first it looks like you have your teams support – so you attack the high
    tier battleships and cruisers on the opposite team; and when they fire
    back, your entire team scatters and leave you helpless….
    >.< DOH! I believe I played with too many kids or first-timers but I believe you DO NOT abandon your supreme ship - you defend it... lols

  39. Waldemar Borrero

    I know this is a different game but WAR THUNDER BRITISH TANKS !! HAVE BEEN

  40. Bismarck

  41. Sorry phly but I hate the way you pronounce shimakaze you pronounce it
    shimakazaay while you should pronounce it shimakazeh hope this helped also
    sorry for being mad at this small detail but still

  42. you rly just said torpedo’s. does someone belong to the torpedoes?

  43. I think you’ll find they’re pronounced ‘torpeedus’ ;)

  44. That Essex driver in the second game was Alaric, the same one you and Slick
    were fighting in the last game of your Montana video (the one Slick got
    into a bit of an argument with after his Yamato got wrecked). From both
    games, that guy looks like a seriously badass carrier captain.

  45. Toothbrush Shank

    you should go watch “Mingles with jingles ep110.”.. I don’t say you should
    remove the rising sun flag from thumbnails but you should at least know
    some stories behind it if you post it in the thumbnail:) +PhlyDaily

  46. Leo Ghiringhelli

    Phly in you opinion how is the Kongo because i played in a game and i’ve
    done 102k of damage
    – 5 warships sunk ( 3 BB 1 CA and 1 Cruiser)
    – 5 citadels hits and 10 critical dameges

  47. Do more destroyers

  48. Lol those donkey players.

  49. Faris Zulkarnain

    the purpose of Scouts on Cruiser was to Detect Torpedo acquisition, also
    for delaying Torpedo Planes..

  50. Phlydaily Sub feedback Form:
    [ ] Not Enough Torpedus
    [X] Perfect Amount of Torpedus
    [ ] Too Much Torpedus

  51. New York

  52. I certainly hope no one gives you hell for the “Rising Sun” Flag you have
    on your thumbnail… Jingles caught hell for it for being “insensitive”.

    • +Adam Botsford Yeah, I saw Mingles with Jingles too. The whole rising sun
      flag thing is understandable. Lots of people suffered (many of which were
      the Chinese) and you should respect it. Its kinda like someone walking
      around with a swastika armband around jewish people. and Zane Mukhtiar, you
      need to get some respect. -_-

    • +Adam Botsford phly just dont care 🙂

    • Yeah it’s stupid ho people care if you have a certain flag! Big deal!

  53. Your ally CV and you did some work lol

    way to exited)

  55. Do it for bloody king and country phly. Take out the warspite

  56. How do you do the fix position of guns?

  57. Well, I know there are a lot of ships on the waiting list, but I think it
    would be pretty fitting for the Gearing to be the ship after the Shibekaze
    (such torpedoes, wow).

    • +CouchPotato252 You won’t be invisible because if you fire you will be
      spotted even if outside of detection range

    • Note that the Gearing has a reload time of ~3 seconds and can fire outside
      of its spotting range (from ~10km), effectively making you an invisible
      Atlanta/ gunboat/ fire-starter with ten 15km torpedoes every ~140 seconds.
      Would love to see your reaction to it eventually!

  58. KUUMAA

  59. All planes can spot ships. Both torpedo bombers and fighters – just like
    the regular spotters. Turn off your AA and stay 3.4-4 km away from them,
    and you’ll remain hidden. As a DD driver, I hate planes. Smart CV pilots
    send their planes out to scout the entire opposing team before engaging.

  60. Phly you are the torpedo accuracy master!! the Kuma plz

  61. try the kuma , that thing is a fire starter and its torps are good too.

  62. thumbs up just for that amazing intro… really like that! who made that

  63. Play the Colorado please, I would like to know your opinion about it.

  64. Speed and Smoke does not make you a speeding duck, it makes you a duck
    hunter duck, SHOOT IT!


  66. Admrial of the sea


  67. Anyone else just love this world of warships intro?

    • +Dbars19 ehh i guess but i think its totally fine for his videos just cuz
      it fits it perfectly for how much he plays WOWS which i really enjoy

    • +brice burrell im surprised Navy field hasnt contacted him for copy rights
      and deleted all his videos/ sued him.

  68. Law Chun Wang Chris

    Japanese do have very good torps like the famous type 93 long lance
    torpedoes that probably you are using. They have long range, huge
    explosives and nice stealth cuz they are oxygen torpedoes, hard to see the
    path. However, there is one disadvantage that most people do not notice is
    that they are very unreliable. It is an oxygen powered torp which makes it
    too sensitive to the surroundings. Many cases of accidents occured during
    the transport of the torps and there are reports by the japs saying that it
    is casual to see the type 93s explode at the middle of the firing range


  70. how do you get that layout with the ships top left and right? I cant find
    it anywhere

  71. Haha that was awesome! Love ya brother 


  73. GEARING!!!!!

  74. when you use smoke, make your engine stop. then enemy can’t find you until

  75. Take out the Erie

  76. “TOO SLOW!!”
    add more kancolle references below

  77. Could you please do the Nagato

  78. i dont think phly know when you shoot you get detected

  79. I kind of like the Japanese guns

  80. can u make world of tanks veidos again would really like it playing with u
    in it


  82. Is this open or closed beta cause I would love to play this game ps love
    the vids phly keep up the good work

  83. Those reload times… O.o

  84. can anyone tell me what class ship is in the intro? it looks german? im not

  85. Izumo please 

    I miss mine 🙁 

  87. Is it normal that that I’m getting 2-4 fps while playing. I also have a
    ping of about 230.

  88. USS pencil and cola plz

  89. When is ep 2 of montage?

  90. Phly play the Gearing Naval Machinegun!!!

  91. Pensacola pls

  92. Pensacola or Gearing plz


  94. Can you plz play the Erie soon

  95. Phly WYOMING
    just a question do u tink they gonna add arizona class ?

  96. lel 20th

  97. Also high tier american destroyers get real good torps, i think gearing has
    like 15 or 16 km range, but lower dmg and less torps tho

  98. Pensacola !!

  99. Zekamashi! My goal as a DD driver is to get to this ship. Still down at
    tier 6 Mutsuki, but about half-way to Hatsuharu.


  101. Justnyan Andsmile

    How about some Warspite action sempei? :)

  102. Tristen Toulouse

    Pensacola please attempt 8

  103. Why people use the 20km torps while the 15km are more than enough and do 3k
    more damage?

    • +Jason Leung sure ^^

    • Hahaha- You do have a point.(^^) But in the end, no matter how much you
      reason it or know about it, we can agree that it depends on a captain’s
      Like, there are those who likes Destroyers better than the Cruisers, and so
      on. Haha-

    • I believe 15 km gives plenty of room, in fact your render distance is lower
      than 20km so even if your team spots a target at 20km you can’t see it
      because it is not rendered for you.
      What they also don’t tell you is that Japanese 610mm torpedoes have the
      highest detection of all torpedoes, and very big reaction times of 12
      seconds compared to 9 seconds of UN torpedoes. At long range the torps
      split apart very much as well, so you need to shoot as closer as possible
      to saturate your area and guarantee at least 1 torp will hit. Otherwise all
      torps will miss just like that Colorado did in the video. (P.S>: if it was
      american torps he wouldn’t have pulled that off because american torps are
      detected later than japanese torps!)

    • +Yu Takeda, it is just so they can keep a distance, and make hits if there
      are those from the opposite side of the Captain’s (players) original target.

  104. Torps take 0 skill to use imo. they are game breaking at low tier

  105. Nice ship let me google it for more info…

    I liek it

  106. When firing your torpedo’s off fire one ahead, one behind an one on course 

  107. just going to say, you might want to drop the rising sun flag in the
    thumbnail, If you want to know why go watch the might jingles video
    “Mingles with jingles ep110.” It’ll tell you all you need to know.

  108. Sir Derbear (OwTaCtrl)

    i wish i knew some, Shimakaze quotes from KanColle but i dont :(

  109. Anime_Kancolle_Kongou Battleship

    Nice video Phly-senpai

  110. next do the north Carolina class 🙂 I love you that’s why

  111. Torps are OP…

  112. Erie

  113. phly how do you change the spread of your torpedoes

  114. Mirriam Crescini


  115. Like the the videos keep them up;)

  116. Nice shot Phly

  117. I am early

  118. Apostolos Kotsovolos

    4th? Good enough

  119. Víctor Grandini



  121. In this video I had the upgraded torpedo that has 15km range instead of the
    default 20km. So this whole video I was not using 20km. But the 15km which
    yields more damage etc. Sorry for the confusion

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