World of Warships – Shimakaze Type F3 Attack!

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showing off the Type F3 torpedoes in two great games where we try to impose our will on the game. First game is on Warrior’s Path, we engage multiple enemies around A point and cause havoc among the enemy. The second game is on Sea of Fortune, where the enemy is a little more stubborn. I must do my best to take on the enemy without throwing my ship away. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Shimakaze Replay


  1. Seems like a fun build. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of the F3 torps.

  2. I think the Type F3 are the best torps because you cannot dodge them as a
    battleship and when you know how to WASD you dont get spotted as well

    BTW, have you changed the thumbnail style?

  3. minekaze and kamikaze r have 5,4 km….

  4. What do you mean when you say “I think they’re shadowing me”?

  5. there is a ninja annotation on the screen , & i cant click pause becos of

  6. you should get a 5 minute delay on your stream . makes everything alot
    easier with alot viewers

  7. omg was wating for someone to do this ( raise the bar use ta with 81 kts
    torp lol)

  8. Love this build when i’m playing my Gearing. Fresh meat to the grinder.
    Aggressive Shima’s = dead Shima’s.

  9. notser wonderful videos
    man I have to unlock the Shimakazy and the khobarovsk :)

  10. The PirateMongoose

    I don’t think the Iowa was watching your stream. I think he was looking at
    your last known location (from the engagement with the Khabarovsk) on his
    minimap and being smart.

  11. Hey Notser, great video 🙂 What Torpedoes do you recommend for using on the
    Fubuki? Is the 15km option with the commander skill to increase speed over
    a 20% range reduction? which ones would be best for different playstyles?

  12. Sebastian Teister

    Is it possible to consume more Notser than you can stomach?

  13. the faster torps are spotted a bit further out or is that only when you use
    the speed boost the captain skills provide?

  14. Notser – proving its not the ship its the bad player that cannot win in a
    ship since 2016 🙂

    i am semi glad the shimakazes ridiculous 20km torps were nerfed. These
    short range torps are the same as the zao and i love the zao. If only i had
    concealment on my hatsuharu captain and i could suffer through the fubuki
    and kagero to get a shimakaze to make it play like the Kamikaze or Fujin
    with this high risk high reward close knife torpedos.

  15. It’s not much fun watching clips from your stream, due to the amount of
    cheating. Would you mind labeling future clips as “from stream” if they
    are? Thank you. I thoroughly enjoy your regular content, though. Thanks for

  16. Stream sniping. Says a lot about people that they’re happy to cheat AND
    feel good about it (don’t mean the Iowa, that’s a bit of an open question).
    I wonder if there’s a way to build a delay into it? Suppose that wrecks the
    point of live chat, but still.
    That first battle; enemy team failed impressively.

  17. Have you ever tried 20km torpedoes with torpedo acceleration?

  18. that gearing didn’t die because of damage saturation

  19. Looking at the map, I guess Beef was just desperate trying to get a cap
    since the other surviving ships of his team looked to have no interest in
    capping even though they are down 2 caps and loads of points. Sometimes
    with these type of teams it may be better just to try to do as much as
    possible and die so you can get back to port and start another match.

  20. 74k? That’s it? Why even bother uploading it?

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