World of Warships – Shimakaze was supposed to be harder to play

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Everyone pretty much knows so far, that Shima is not my fav DD.
It’s a one-trick-pony (when it comes to earning exp at least) and if it doesn’t go well it’s gonna be boring.
The torps are spotted from far away and are not that hard to dodge, it’s not a gun boat (even tho’ that doesn’t mean you never use your guns ofc) and it’s more sluggish than most other DDs.
I can say whatever and think whatever but when games like this happen, you can’t help but wonder…
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Why would anyone grind this line these days…? WG there should be a reason that you would want to play a ship… most JPN DD’s don’t give you that reason…

    • Flambass I guess RN DDs may have better concealment than IJN torps…

    • That ain’t exactly hard though! *ba dum tss*

    • I’m not talking about other ships being afraid of you. I’m talking about other DDs going into panic mode when they suddenly lose 3k+ because they think there’s a cruiser shooting at them

    • how would you rebalance IJN DDs or at least Shima? torp detection, concealment, reload???

    • Concealment across the board (except maybe Akatsuki, but I still love that ship) is absolutely fine. Just don’t give the new lines even better conceal. Only thing that’s REALLY bugging the IJN DD line is torp detection. Right now, it’s always around 1,3-1,7 km. Basically from the moon. Whereas pan-asian torps are only detected once they blow up your ship. Give the IJN DD line normal torp detection or buff their reload so that their torps are kinda throw-away.

      Another way they could rebalance Shima in particular, is give her lower torp damage but keep the flood chance, better torp conceal and better reload. That way, Shima will have an ACTIVE role as a torpedoboat that stacks volleys instead of throwing walls of skill in order to flood, not outright blap ships out of existance with her torps. Easy! The ship itself is amazing. It’s the Minekaze platform that just works. It’s reasonably fast, stealthy, nimble (and just looks good) no reason to change any of that except the torps. Don’t give her crazy guns, she’s a TORPEDOBOAT.

  2. love my Sneaky Shimma .. sneak up on the unsuspecting enemy drop a few torps and sneak away and then read the salt in the chat … just glorious after a bad day 😉

    • If u didnt get zoned out by radar or enemy dds. Or enemy CV that u somehow in miysterious ways always end up against when u play Shima. And on top knows how to play it and spots u all the time while u have the below average CV player on your side. I like the Shima too but it gets countered so hard nowadays if the enemy knows what hes doing.

    • Grease Monkey I’ve seen your version of sneaky G. It usually involves a lot of “oh no, OH NO!” and screams on Discord as they crossfire the smeg out of you 😜

  3. Mencius Madhyanagara

    The ring tournament winner should be either Jingles or Hans, when do the first elimination stage start?

  4. Peder Tjärnberg

    Make IJN, great again… that even rimes.

    • With incoming RN DDs hardly but one can always hope

    • Peder Tjärnberg

      Flambass as Metallica once slang,”sad but true” 🙁

    • Not gonna happen. IJN dd line (torp one) is supposed to be artificial restrain of how good stealth torping could be in the game.
      If you buff torps – you kill game. If you buff something else, players who think the balance is just sum of all stuff, will demand to reduce all the other values, and give ’em better torps.

      From other side, we not insured from devs mistakes (i.e. asashio), so anything could happen.

  5. If torping from the rear you only need to close to around 7.5km the launch your “care packages”. Try IFHE on your shimmy..i’ve made gearings turn and run away from me from the absolute caning they take.guess they don’t like the fact that even if they angle they get face punched or detonated. If you want to really really really rustle some jimmies Flambass; don’t blow your load in 1 the launches out a bit more – this way no matter which way they turn,even if they slow down or try to ride the wake..they have to take at least 2 torps. Depending on where said torps touch the naughty ships; engines are out,steering screws the pooch or you hit RNG lottery and detonate them. Shima might be a “1 trick pony” but goddamn is she good at it.

  6. <3 <3 SHIMA <3 <3 torpedUUuuuuUUUuuuuuuUUuu

  7. Shima > Gearing confirmed

  8. Rodrigo Escudero

    Well you said it: Enemy team was out of DDs at 3 minutes….No carrier… Its the ideal scenario!

  9. Makes me want to grind that line

  10. The problem with IJN DDs is that the low tiers are a cake walk when no one knows what they’re doing, but as you get higher tiers, your targets are smarter and have more tools to counter you (radar, hydro, planes), while you get very little besides a 2-minute torp reload to screw you even more.

    • Santa Claus The point about the targets being smarter seems pretty risky to make on the base of this video 😉

  11. I hate Shima too…. but then there was that solo warrior yesterday..

  12. Good guy Flambass makes sure enemy ships stay hydrated 😉

  13. Torps launched:90


  14. “It’s supposed to be harder.” yeaah, wait until you meet 4 radar ships. Then you get what you ask.

  15. can you teach/show a vid on how to use the nicholas and farragut because I’m about to get farragut but i still don’t know how to use nicholas

  16. Someone's Youtube Username

    I shouldn’t tell a super unicum veteran this, but you shouldn’t use all 3 volleys on every launch. Total overkill and then you are non-threat while you reload.

  17. So im on Fubuki and this video made me rethink that decision and go for panasian DW Op torps. (Yes, i already have Z-52).

  18. well its easy because you Flambass know what you doing in / with the ships

  19. I think Shima is still a great boat. I have had huge games in it. Did 180k in a clan battle with it the other night. Did 135k in randoms last night. Yes it’s been power creeped a bit, but not so badly that it’s unplayable.

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