World of Warships: Shimakaze with Strefs (and 20 km torps)

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Me playing with Strefs during a stream. 20 on the Shimakaze can be quite nice.

World footage of the tier 10 Japanese destroyer Shimakaze.


  1. They always ask “Aerroon, why!?” not “Aerroon, how!?”

  2. 13670 damage 4:50

  3. People should turn pink for cracking bad jokes… LOL

  4. Somewhere in port, that shima is still reversing

  5. do u speak italian aerroon?

  6. shima still the most hated DD in our heart 🙂

  7. Fun times when there’s no CV and all the reversing Shimas etc are on the enemy team 😀

  8. good game but no CVs so very rare situation

  9. Rumour has it that the shimakaze is still reversing to this day ?

  10. 20km sucks…12km are more than enough.
    more damage, faster, faster reload and more concealed

    • But you can’t sink the CV with 12 km torps.

    • +Aerroon
      U will barely ever with 20km either…if he is spotted at all.
      U sacrifice a huge amount of torp power for a small chance to get the cv…

    • Actually I’ve found my perferct balance between 16km with torped acceleration and 9.6km with middle ones if I wanna be very aggressive. Anyway it’s by player preference, but I agree with you that 20km ones are the worst of all options.

  11. what do u mean u r capping in shima?

  12. Maybe you should have titled it: High Jinx with the Double Shima 20s?

  13. Gareth Fairclough

    That’s a strong, independent Shimakaze that don’t need no forward movement!

    Also, where’s the Amagi? All T10 games need a token Amagi!!

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