World of Warships – Shiniest of horses

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One and only Shiny horse, Sharny horst, Scharnhorst, whatever you prefer calling it.

Powerful and fun to play ship but it can be frustrating when those guns feel like pillows.

Nevertheless here’s a good match in my Shiny horse, the shiniest of them all 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Arm wrist thingy’s, handcuffs then 🙂

  2. Me: Starts the video
    Flambass reads: I’m running out of ideas for valentines day! Any suggestions?
    Me: Wow educational content!!!
    Also Flambass: I dont even know when the valentines day is!

    This is the way!!!

    • Not gonna lie… I had to skip thar beginning conversation… Cus I just got dumped and talking about vday and thinking about how I got no one to spend it with anymore really hurts

  3. My parents remind me of my birthday a few hours before it hits (they live in +7 timezone than where I do).

  4. Kathryn DeerWalker

    Daughter of first cousin would be a first cousin, once removed.

  5. Putting aside how OP Flambass is, please, WG. Don’t make Scharnhorst’s gun sound like cruiser’s gun sounds. They’re not those 152s or 203s. They’re F*cking 283s for god’s sake. For once in your life WG do the sounds right.

    Amazing video as always Flambass.

  6. You can’t fail with a classic; a vacuum cleaner.

  7. Anybody notice that action between the Haida and the Pyotr V from about 7:00 to 9:20? The PV sat there afk (called by Flambass) and the Haida sailed right up next to it for the easy afk kill (and without helping his team) and torped but didn’t kill it. The PV then started moving and killed the Haida. LOL

  8. A good emergency gift is a Crock-pot. Get that and a book of recipes. People underestimate a good Crock-pot dinner until they make one.

  9. That yorck has hydro up, still eat trop lol

  10. At about 6:45, when you were stalking that CA – I never have those opportunities. Part of your learning series could be positioning – how to set yourself up to have opportunities.

  11. When in doubt over a gift, never underestimate the power of a hand crafted letter. Your thoughts and feelings put to words will outshine your best credit card every time.

  12. the daughter of my cousin? she’s called daughter ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

  13. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    I miss the days when you talked about the match you were actually playing.

  14. valentines day is my birthday xD

  15. Niece in Western Germanic terms (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Danish, etc) can be both your brothers or sisters daughter, so it highly depends on the culture you are from how that’s seen and categorised.

    It can get really complicated in the Chinese culture for instance, where every link from both male and female lines each have their group and individual accolades, a real head scratcher that one.

    Anyway –

    Great video again ?-up.

  16. FWIW there has been a push to add the word “nibling” to English to mean “niece or nephew” (like sibling). I only heard about this while tracking a thread in the Crusader Kings II forum about permitted marriages in medieval Christianity.

  17. Flambass: We have an AFK Pyotr that’s about to get devastated by Haida’s four torpedoes.
    [A few moments later]
    Pyotr kills Haida.

  18. Maybe 1st cousin once removed

  19. The daughter of your first cousin is your first cousin once removed.
    But most kids refer to their parent’s 1st cousins as Aunt and Uncle….

  20. Wait…. Your BDay is on March 11nth??? Mine as well!!!!! 😉 😉 😉

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