World of Warships – Ship Happens

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YouTube has absolutely no sense of humour.

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  1. For 11 years putting out constantly incredable videos. Thank you jingles

    • I know right! I’ve been watching him since I was in 5th grade xD and now im in my sophmore year of college. His commentary always makes me smile.

  2. Coffee, flakes and Jingles, that’s the best combination to start of your day

  3. 2:20 Why did you bother buying a new place Jingles? You were living rent free in that dudes head…

  4. *Actually Jingles* the Moskva is a tier 10 submarine

    Yes I know its a different Moskva

  5. That’s the issue with Harry and his type. He doesn’t understand he has 43% WR purely because of himself. He doesn’t understand that he is the missing link, he’s so bad he CAUSES his team’s defeat every game. He doesn’t understand his team would have had a better chance at winning had the game started without him and as a 5v6. These people are just too dumb to think and breath simultaneously.

    • sure but his team was pretty bad..not sure it would have mattered much if he had 50%

    • These people couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with a hole in the toe, and printed instructions on the heel.

    • @Rileychu You really don’t know that people can be harmful to their teams? When you go into a flank with a BB support you do things you wouldn’t do if the BB wasn’t with you, and when the BB is terrible, those things will cost you dearly. Bad players will sabotage their teams by being bad. It’s not just bad teams, one player can easily be the downfall of a whole team. Famous bad players have less such effect, on NA server we have a guy called oznob, he’s terrible, but everyone knows and recognizes him, and so we know how to plan when he’s in the picture, leading to successful games even when he’s on the team because we know exactly what to expect from him. The majority of bad players, however, are not well known, which makes it very hard to plan. And WoWs monitor is broken more than it works which makes it worse.

    • Reminds me of guys who have been married six times but say it’s women that are the problem.

    • @BrainzZzZz That also… I remember once having a Yamato who was hiding in the back behind an island.. he got 2. on the team in a loss, hardly taking any damage after 3/4 of the team was dead. So it can be all ways… -Ansell74-

  6. At first I thought this was a new account from the ever egregious AngryTurtle, then I realised it couldn’t be, because he’s not stuck at the edge of the map doing bugger all except congratulating the enemy team for killing his, while also kill stealing as his allies burn down around him.
    Instead this guys just an utter arsehole who blames everyone but himself and ensures every ‘teammate’ he has suffers because he’s probably free XP’d his way to Tier X

    This lack of grasping the fundamentals of reality reminds me of the first time I played the Ryujo, back when it was RTS Carriers, and within a minute of the game starting a ‘friendly’ DD dropped torps into me because he hated CV’s, and sank me. Then 5 minutes later demanded I give him air support, completely forgetting why he’d turned pink. Only time I saw an entire team almost in unison call someone an idiot.

    • Man, if you had a replay for that, it would have been solid gold. Yeah, him torping you sucked. But that kind of nonsense needs to be shown to the world. 1 for comedy reasons of how much logic someone like them doesn’t have. and 2 to show the WOWS community how toxic one can be as a warning of what to watch out for and by who.

  7. One of my professors in Astronomy once said; If you see something strange and unusual, you get to publish it as a “discovery”, if you see it for the 2nd time, you get to publish it as a “proof that this is real”, and if you discover it for the 3rd time, you get to publish it as “statistical properties.” Indeed, 3 is scientific enough.

  8. “You people need to stop playing ranked, you are not good enough” Harry_lamb 2022 with a 43.49% winrate and 627 pr rating

  9. Note: Harry the Bastard is not to be confused with Larry the Badgered, who is actually an absolute delight to be around.

    • Neither of which should be confused with Garry the Bastard, who’s just kind of there and inoffensive, but also never really impressed anyone either.

    • @Zack Akai Come on you know Garry starts crying when you call him that, its not like its fault his sperm donor was a rake.

  10. As soon as you said, “Harry the Bastard,” I had a flashback to a ‘Young Ones’ episode. The one about the video.
    “I got it from Harry the Bastard.”
    “Who’s he, then? A gangster?”
    “No, some bloke who works at Rumbelow’s.”

  11. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    Haven’t seen someone this bad since Angry Turtle in WoWs. Pleasant to not have met Harry

  12. I always have the urge to throw a game with a guy like this on my team. I don’t, because throwing myself on my own sword to kill the guy behind me isn’t a good idea, but I admit the itch is almost overwhelming to deny those people a win they actively tried to prevent.

  13. It be fun.. for their opponents

  14. They’d turn on one another so fast lol. It’s my hope the resulting cockbaggery would create some sort of douchey black hole that dealt with them for the rest of us.

  15. @Lucian schraeder is a wot player though

  16. I’m about to be hit by a hurricane…and yet jingles is right it’s probably the worst thing I’ll see today lol

  17. Mutual Assured Destruction

  18. @Montro I am happily single 38 years old , nex 2 years I retire , so I will look for someone to bring me baby boy that I can play games with … war in Ukraine = loot of young sigle Russian & Ukrainian women will be soon avelible ;), I will look for 2000+ model then …

  19. Some say you can still hear him raging, even in your sleep.

  20. I will formally give out this call on Jingles’ behalf: Anyone on Harry Bastard’s team in the third game, *please* send Jingles the replay. We *need* to see just how abhorrent he was being lol

  21. Given his winrate I’m not too surprised by his behaviour. That ammount of self-consciousness tho is beyond me.

  22. @MKang 87 true. but, I’m just pointing out the reports aren’t always limited to 10. granted, with how harry likes to throw and blame others, I agree. it would be astonishing to see a 1 for his karma.

  23. When you are shooting at a bus sized target but your guns have “general zipcode” accuracy… Oh yes, been there.

  24. @MKang 87 given he kept telling other people to report for him, he was probably out, and or just trying to scare people with reports. As though they worked.

  25. I’m gonna go on a limb and say all of them, because they were all garbage and shouldn’t be playing ranked remember.

  26. god I hate people like harry.

  27. Been playing WoT the whole morning so absolutely correct.

  28. @Salt Efan and remember, Harry was in at least 1 more battle prior to this

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