World of Warships – Ship Missions

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Playing my to unlock the modules again -_- and I wanted to mention some missions that are available for the patch. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII American Cleveland Replay – Discord Server


  1. LEX Maximaguy87

    yup my cleve was stock also….

    • Johnny der Achte

      My Cleve and my Pensacola, too. But I get several millions credits on top. It was enough to buy all modules again. I did not need to research them.

  2. My Baltimore was fully upgraded, so it can’t be a problem with the system….

    • If you had the Baltimore at t9 the t8 Baltic would have been fully upgraded. Or you may have just needed the NO fully upgraded before the patch

    • Axel Truth I did not have her before the patch, only the New Orleans

    • If you had a fully upgraded New Orleans then you got the fully upgraded Baltimore after the patch 🙂

    • Herr Gluten yes, but that tells us mechanically, they can choose if a ship has an upgrade or not, my Cleveland was fully upgraded and now it’s not, clearly that was a choice wargaming made…

  3. michael amadori

    You have to play the indianapolis once every 3 days, sorry I told you once every day

  4. Aghostonyoutube

    FYI, there’s 25 overall missions for Indianapolis but you only have to do 21.

    Joke’s on me though, even if I do all the missions that I can, I’m leaving on a trip on the 1st of July, so I can’t finish it lol…

  5. How often will you give away boxes?

  6. This Sims/Cleveland missions from the containers sounds a lot like the French battleship thing they had before. Never got anything, despite playing day and night… 😢

  7. cubanwar gaming

    Noltzer, you should use spotter plane, i fond it extremely usefull in my secondary build which makes my range stock so far but in my opinion it over powers radar

  8. I got the Kidd from one of the missions that dropped from the containers

  9. gotten A LOT of missions, if you have the ships already you get credits instead

  10. Yes there are a lot of radar cruisers running around…it’s been a pleasure torpedoing them. Pretty gratifying too

  11. Notser, The Mighty Notser, could you make Two Videos on How to US Light Cruiser, and How to US Heavy Cruiser?

  12. Meta is broken big time right now because of all the radar. No DD’s playing because it, and I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon

    • internetuffguy so soooo broken lol. Can’t stand it. Half the team dead in 5 minutes. So many cruisers just rushing in and dying

    • As someone that likes playing DD, I like it much better than the 5v5 DD meta that was going on forever. I just go in very carefully and make sure I am already pointed at my escape in case radar pops up.

  13. There’s so many Clevelands this weekend, and Russian Cruisers can melt them down easily from 9-12 km
    PSA: Don’t play DD for the next 3 months or so, the radar spam is annoying
    Then again, it’s a weekend, so expect WR to drop hard (Trust me, 2 wins in 3 days, or about 30 matches)

    -Daily Asian Server Player

  14. Radars were a type of cancer introduced by WG that completely ruined this game. The quality of battles went down the drain since radar was introduced, believe me. In good WG fashion, since radar is so cancerous for the game, they started to launch BBs with radar, then DDs with radar… I think the idea of WG is that one day, one team is on one border of the map and the other on the opposite border and they just fire at each other and stay like taht the entire battle. That’s the concept of good gameplay for WG. To add to the stupidity, they are promoting 20km torps for DDs. It takes a full retard to say such nasty stuff about torping from 20km and then promoting that same style of play. It takes a retard X10 to say how bad HE spam is to the game and then promote HE spamming. That’s WG.

    • well said

    • Before radar cancer there was stealth gunfire in open water (no smokescreen or island cover required) and Shimakaze’s signature high speed, low detectability 20km torpedoes. Players were generally in a camping meta at Tier 10, with battleships unable to safely push. It is ironic that the Asashio is armed with a target specific variant of the pre nerf Shimakaze torps.

    • They removed stealth firing and nerfed the hell out of Shimakaze torps. That should have been enough but the “always scared” BB community made some pressure and WG always open their ass to BB players. They also nerfed USN fire chance, including Premium ships, now they are introducing USN CAs with huge fire chance and a crap ton of guns. Also in their “effort” to stop HE spamming, they introduce ships like Conqueror. WG is the most greedy company I know. You can already buy special commanders, slowly it’s evolving to a truly P2W game, just like they did with World of Tanks. Do you wanna bet one of these days they will say “After checking game statistics, and since so many players asked for it, we are introducing Premium Shells.”. They will create the most absurd excuses to introduce the most game breaking mechanics. It’s a company, Viktor needs a few more Ferraris and 4 or 5 billion dollars is not enough for the boss. The game needs more money. We need to understand that this game can’t survive if Viktor can’t buy several supercars and mansions.

  15. Played my Indianapolis and didn`t get any US container…what gives?

  16. I got the Kidd and Cleveland missions from the containers. I already had both and the Sims and Atlanta. So, when I unlocked the Kidd and Cleveland I had a nice credit boost. I don’t think missing out on the Monoghan was a big deal.

  17. I got the Monaghan mission from my second container. I was hoping for Kidd, but I won’t complain.

  18. I bought Containers for 80 bucks just to get the Kidd

  19. I got the Tier VIII Cleveland from the mission from the FREEDOM ™ event containers. She came with all the modules unlocked and purchased, ready to be equipped. How ironic that people who had Cleveland before have to re-grind the modules again, while someone like me who just got the ship from the mission don’t have to, lol.

    I put the latest Azur Lane captain Cleveland into my shiny new Cleveland, like a match made in heaven. LOL.

  20. Got the Indy in a xmas container, didn’t know about the container’s thanks for the heads up! Happy hunting from the UK!

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