World of Warships – Ship of Ghosts

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  1. *Laughs in broken sleep schedule*

  2. 29 second’s after uploading

  3. This is the earliest I’ve ever been, I’m drunk as shit and its 3:31 AM West By God time. Lets boogie.

  4. Anyone else rapidly scan the team lists to see if they are the recipient of the shame that’s incoming. 😂 Escaped for another day…

  5. ive never been this early to a jingles vid. feels weird.

  6. I’m wondering if the ships that launched those Long Lance torpedoes turned pink after they hit freindlies.

  7. whats this thing called a sleep schedule i keep hearing about?

    • david and martine albon

      It’s a thing that all the new salt mine workers go on about. All the veterans down here know that it is irrelevant and unacceptable as it decreases salt production significantly, and therefore brings the wrath of the Supreme Gnome Overlord down upon us

  8. B.A.P Golden Eagle.

    What’s with the ships health bar?

  9. Finally bothered to get round to finishing the mission to get Jingles as a captain today. ( I don’t play anything British as I only have Warspite)
    Now I can listen to the Overlord while I game and not just in the salt mines!!

  10. Jingles, you been huffin’ helium again? Your voice sounds… interesting.

  11. Holy boatships . . . I’m a bit early. Ah what’s another video to watch before passin out for the night.

    Edit below!
    I wonder why we don’t hear the torpedo beats like the days of old …. But still a good game played there!
    Let’s just say their are alot o’ fish in these waters. Just watch the video and see, no moar spoilers from me.
    Ok . Ok . just tell me to shut up now lol.

  12. Who wants a future episode to be named “I am Dwarf and I’m digging a hole!”

  13. Well done to him for over 2 million credits! That’s as much as I make in a month, lol

  14. I love JB, it is a great combination of speed, armor, decent firepower and powerful AA. The secondaries are OK, once you turn your ass on somebody, angle it and let your secondaries do the work, they often stand no chance. You can focus on someone else with your main battery. I really dont regret choosing this over Musashi, lol 😀

  15. Yuugumo knew it lost, but at least it did go out fighting. I can respect that.

  16. IJN officer: “If we fire our torpedoes at the enemy, we may hit army transports.” IJN Captain: “Fire carelessly, whatever we hit, we win.”

  17. Hey Jingle, thanks for the lols.

  18. Ya know jingles, i think this is the first replay or the first replay in a while where someone is useing the DEFAULT hud for WOWS, most people use the Advanced UI.

  19. Hey Jingles, did you watch the new essay series of sovietwomble? It is really good

  20. I decided to take the plunge and download Audible because of Rear Admiral Jingles. For my first Audible author, it was Mr. James D. Hornfischer. His book, Neptune’s Inferno. That was a week I refused to sleep.
    Edit: Yay, your voice is now at it’s old volume.

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