World of Warships – Ship so broken it has no RNG

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Ever wondered how WoWS would look if a ship wasnR;t affected by RNG?
Well here it is, the limitations on this ship are so narrow that is basically doesnR;t suffer from at all.
All you need to know is how to shoot from long distances and WG made sure to equip us all with super long range ships so we could learn by now.
You CAN use this ship as any other and have okey success but it will depend on many factors, or you can use it as itR;s designed to be used and that’s long range sniping and care for anything else. It can go hand in hand with Conqueror.
If this ship stays this way all IR;m gonna say is: “GG WG…GG”
Enjoy and have watching 😉


  1. No complaining about RNG when you miss with this ship 😀

  2. They will eventually nerf it but add some self-defence torps……………..because RUSSIA!!!!!!!

  3. guess we finally found the ship for Mrs.Citadel

  4. this is wg last year in nutshell… cant wait for message from wg… we see poebeda outperforming other ships so we nerfed ships hp to 85k… rest seems fine 😀

    • nah, they’d probably nerf the <10km sigma a bit and compensate with a better rudder shift time in order to explore new balance options

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      No, comrade, it already has the largest turning circle of any ship in the game, has a vulnerable above-the-water citadel, and is weak to fire and HE spam with its limited charges of the Damage Control Party consumable. Those weaknesses balans out the strong gun performance.

    • When they add a new IJN ship… Its op, just nerf their armor and raise their citadel, nerf their rudder shift, turning radius, turning turret, ap pen values, torp speed/detection range… KMS ships, just bend their cannons and paint he whole ship with highly flammable to burn better… Yes WG has too much love for Japanese and German ships…

  5. TheReapingKnight

    Where’s that meme of that guy slapping everyone at a BBQ? This ship is that guy…

  6. If a Soviet ship is looking at you and you make a mistake, Stalin does not grant overpens. lol

    Also, smoke is a lie.

  7. This is the WoWs version of the KV2! just point and shoot! XD One ship to rule them all and with no rng punish them! “YOU SHALL NOT BROADSIDE!” – Flambass 2019 😀

    • No it’s not, KV2 doesn’t have infinite accuracy at max range, nor does it have a lot of pen. Monqueror is more like a kv2 because either cares about angling and just throws fire at the enemy.

    • It’s an Object in ship form….

  8. sit at maximum range and do this ships name… win… fun and engaging. First op premiums like Stalingrad, then 1.8 carrier “rework” to make dds completely obsolete and now the ru bias continues. So glad I am not playing this frustration s(t)imulator anymore. I am mad tho, that WG continuosly ruins a game that was so much fun once….

    • +Hiren Patel trust Me i know but that doesn’t mean you can’t play random. The real problem Come from the competitive : if competitive isn’t balanced when warrier Come you Can forget about gearing shima YY and normal dd play

    • Stargate3333333

      michaelbooster2 you lie to yourself with this wip stuff.
      Yeah, i know that there are balance related things that first come up after an extensive testing period, but the retarded concept of this ship is so obvious that even the worst developer must realize it while working the concept out.
      What comes next? Harpoon missiles with 40k dmg and 120 km range for destroyers?

    • only russian dds. just a coincidence the german dds stay the same. enjoy the hydro tho but it wont mean shit with all this powercreep

    • +cinjon smythe i actually love german de and to me they don’t lack that much

    • +faroria Well you can play random when CVs arent focusing you as when they are in a DD you will merely last 3-4 minutes and if you only play DDs with AA spec which most DDs arent then I think the game doesnt need rest of the DDs.

  9. New event
    Everyone gets a pobeda and it’s normal teams but there’s a deadly storm that makes everyone get closer and closer. No ramming damage just shotguns at close range eventually

  10. I don’t mind this as an experiment but why try this flipped accuracy on a 24km BB? They effectively made the best sniper in the game but it’s also a tank class?! They’re wired to the ficken moon.

    I like the possibilities it could go down though. Imagine this on a heavy cruiser but taking it further. Have the guns converge at a specific range in the same way as gun convergence is a thing in War Thunder air? Something with an optimum firing range say 12-14km for example. To close it’s meh. To far also meh but get your target into the Goldilocks zone = maniacal laughter ensues with chaos and carnage for your target :p

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      It’s actually not as much of a tank as some people think. It’s turning circle is huge (in fact it makes Moskva look agile sometimes) and it has a massive exposed citadel, as well as the limited DCP charges and 32mm armor everywhere making it very weak to HE spam and fires. Plus the guns aren’t made for brawling so it doesn’t need to be tanky. Instead, it can just sit at max range and kill any threat to it well before they can get into range to utilize any of its weaknesses.

    • +MidnightPhoenix07 yeah, that would be why I said “tank class” though and while compared to other battleships it’s not that tanky, it’ll still last longer than most cruisers when shot at.

  11. make the guns stupidly accurate

    no one questions about the 30 sec turret traverse anymore

    • Leningrad’s turrets out turn this ship by less than 3 secs…and that’s a DD!

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      FurryCrew It’s russian, there’s no such thing as a DD. All “DDs” are light cruisers, all cruisers are CAs at lower tiers and BBs at higher tiers, and all BBs are Stalin-blessed Star Destroyers. 100% completely accurate to glorious Russia’s real world navy and sekrit documents in the Russian archives. Completely balansed, now stop complaining and buy our premium ships.

    • someday wg is gonna add a soviet cv line taking inspiration from some officer’s note on a tissue and they’d probably just straight up bring over a venator class with the whole squad of arc 170s and all that jazz

    • Gulag powered turkey traverse 10/10

  12. WG on Vodka, again.

    It’s really Leviathan from Halloween except always has the accuracy-improving consumable active that activates when the shells travel far from the muzzle.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Honestly we should have expected something like this coming as soon as that consumable was added to the Halloween event. Pretty much everything that goes into one of the April Fools or Halloween special modes is being tested for inclusion in the regular game – Chapy’s reload/heal in Halloween? French reload booster. Leviathan’s Bussian Rias accuracy consumable? Slava normal dispersion. The DD’s mega speed boost in Halloween? Have you seen French DDs lately?

    • MidnightPhoenix07 instan turn when?

  13. I mean, we’ve had ships in the game that have had negligible RNG before- Katori and Yubari have the super hax aiming systems mod 0- but those ships have mediocre gunpower even compared to the cruisers of their tiers… this thing… it’s basically a roided up Iowa but with laser pointer death guns.

    • The yubari is practically a giant DD with cittadel, so at least it’s accurate. But this thing do things at 25kms that i do at 10 kms max in my montana, it’s so dumb.

    • +DerHasso Yeah- and Katori is mega slow and made of paper, but it has accuracy and range. This thing would be a solid BB without the ludicrous accuracy. Oh wait- that’s the Kremil.

  14. That punisher in your hands seems like the ship I thought I was getting when I unlocked the YAMA. LoL. GG

  15. if this ship releases in this state I am gone from the game
    this is ridiculous and must be nerfed

  16. Make it OP -> let the sweet sweet cash roll in (wait.. you don’t have a pobeda? casul pleb. Git Pobeda, Git 65% WR, noob) -> Nerf the ship after a while -> Repeat

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Or what I expect WG to do: Nerf Pobeda and keep the name on the tech tree version. Three months later, add the unnerfed Slava to the armory for the cheap price of 40k steel and 3 Molybdenum or 4 Copper.

      And then at Christmas: Add a steel monsters part 2 mission to the premium shop, and _coincidentally_ make it reward 30-35k steel, because people are _definitely_ going to buy it to get Stalingrad and Bourgogne, right?

  17. *pErfeCtlY BaLanCeD*

    *aS All thiNgS sHouLd bE*

  18. I am glad i stopped playing shortly after the CV rework.
    After Wot WG managed to make me quit their secong game too….

    • John van Bergen

      Did the same thing here. and this ship ship only confirms that i made the right decision. the game is broken and the fun is totaly gone. the game will not last.

  19. M a x i k i n g

    thats exactly what the game needed….punishing noobs 🙂

  20. HardTarget Jimmy

    Russian bias! Your navy was rubbish, but not in this game.

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