World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 18

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Super easy to use the camo.xml file, just drop into world_of_warships/res_mods/ folder.


  1. Great video keep up the amazing work.

  2. Wow! Business making Montana secondaries great (again) !xD

  3. Yesterday I went against smoke with Fletcher in it (torps were reloading)
    in my Amagi, I hit this poor dude with 1 secondary and he detonated for 11K
    dmg…best feeling ever :D

  4. Good stuff,,, looking forward to Bismarck review b/c I’m not planning to
    share my 16 point Tirpitz captain with it – I may need to rethink that.

  5. MSAA? Welcome to 2008, WOWS!

  6. finally find some video that does say tir has decent guns instead of
    headless yoloing. Good video business:)

  7. I had to take a double look at that DM. Donskoi at 9:55, at a glance it
    looked like King George 5th.

  8. Nice video, as always. Calculated aggression. I will try these in my games.

    And can’t agree for once. The sound. Feels like they lack the depth and the

  9. Awesome scenes and your way of commenting is just refreshing. Thanks man!

  10. Actually you can choose not to fire the center torpedo rack first on the
    Mahan. You must zoom in, up to the point that the camera gets locked by
    default on the center rack, then press C to switch between racks. Hope this


  12. You can launch Mahan’s side-mounted torps first: press C to cycle the
    active launcher.

  13. thank you for the vids. by far the best I seen from contributors. Its nice
    to see a great player’s input in the game.

  14. Business do you use dynamic crosshair? Any particular way you aim or is it
    just feel?

  15. do you have a skinn pack that turns ship skins red? i thought i saw that in
    another vid and if you have it, could you plz post it?

  16. thx big fan BTW
    we should division up some time?

  17. i just got another double strike

    i was in my kawatchi (get it over with right) and i get in this wicked
    secondary fight with three tier 2 cruisers and i give one a full broadside
    and he sinks and i get another one with my secondaries Double strike YAY

  18. So many videos too watch ^^ nom nom nom. the tirpitz is sometimes really
    good yes. stronk video as always

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