World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 23

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Everyone stop! Hammer time!


  1. Am I first?
    Also, Zao is a bit bullshit. Iowa’s armor is a bit sad.
    On the topic of Foch or whatever his name is, the issue is that it doesn’t matter how he worded his “review” Wargaming has absolutely no grounds for issuing a *copyright* strike as the issue has nothing to do with copyright. And even if it did. Wargaming waived pretty much all copyright rights by issuing a global permission for people to record and monetize their games anyway.

  2. I agree with you and I love how everyone wants to chime in and sound important on this whole WoT thing. I’m just saying if it doesn’t affect you, STFU and let the two parties sort themselves out.

  3. 10 CITS on an Iowa
    using 20.3 CM triple guns from a Japanese Cruiser that didn;t even existed in real life

    I think I just lost my shit

  4. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    I had to rewatch that first Clip…”Did i read Zao? I think it was just a Zao right?”
    You managed to grew to what i still cannot…sadly…you see that entire game as in like all those awesome clips…i would love to do so and hafe fun with those “moments” yet even the best games are ruined for me if they end in a loss…and you wont believe how many game i lost wher i doubled the XP of the No 2 in my Team so i have the feeling i couldnt have done more…so WR is still my main focus, always hanging between 60.2 and when i reach 60.5 for that juicy 61% i loose some in a row…i think thats quite allright for mainly solo play, but i still feel bad about it. I would love to overcome it one day because i like the game so much.
    Quality Content as always Biz, keep em commin pls 🙂

  5. World of Tits.
    I like it. Make it happen.

  6. WG NA is using the SJW tactics that are all too common these days. Kinda seems like the new Mccarthyism.

  7. I’m concerned they’re going to over buff the Iowa, Monty, trump barge then have to nerf them somehow…
    I agree with you that they don’t need it, I mean I’m not going to complain but mostly I’m going to miss the huge broadside damage piñatas.
    The Kurfurst and Yamato are dumb fun, the Montana requires finesse and is so satisfying to do well in.

  8. You are spot on in your thinking.

  9. Anyway keep up the good vids…

  10. yay its business6 time 🙂

  11. Hey man ! i also kinda got a break from the game, seeing too many negative aspects lately (especially after u MIKE DROPPED =)) ) but hey… thats how it goes with this things… after all they are made for profit (as Borat said : for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan)
    Regarding that salvoe on the Zao i’ve actually gotten close to that, in a Bismark (i only have T 8/T 9 BBs) – with 2 citadels dealing more than 25 k dmg from like 10-12 km range… so.. i feel u :)…

  12. Nice. And thanks for featuring the Hindenburg. For some reason it’s not a ship that many people play these days.

  13. 1) Without having even seen the video, it’s possible that Sir Fosche was a total asshole and went above and beoynd the call of reason with his abuse leveled at WG. It’s even possible that someone will come up with even more defaming insults leveled at WG or even WG employees…

    …but none of that is an issue of _copyright._ So WG: Cancel his CC status if you must, sue for libel if you find it that bad, but abusing the system by filing malicious DMCA’s just to stop people from posting negative stuff about your product is simply unprofessional. Very disappointing.

    2) Statistically speaking, Montana trails the other two by about 10k in average damage and about one percentage point in WR. It is the weakest T10 BB and it suffers from the same weakness as the Iowa: high citadel limits your options. Keep in mind that (as you say) the CA’s can’t really pen the 400mm armor like they can the 300mm on Iowa, so this is purely a BB vs BB buff….

    …unless the PT armor model with the 29mm deck back in will materialize. Then it could actually end up being a buff vs BBs, but a _nerf_ vs everything else.

    3) About a week ago, I had a 260k game in my Montana: In the end it’s me and a FdG (half hp) vs a (nearly full HP) GK, Amagi (low hp) and DM (abuot half). I planned to shoot the DM and kill him and then ram the GK and let the FdG deal with the Amagi for a win. I shoot, but I don’t kill the DM, so I make the mistake of changing my plan… now I suddenly _don’t_ want to ram the GK and kill the DM instead. I kill the DM, but we pass close and he hits me for 40k, killing me soon after. Ofc the FdG of couldn’t win.

    So my greed for a win cost me my first 300k 🙁

  14. CaptainVancouver

    You mean 75% win rate isn’t sustainable ;D?

  15. nice to see you back business and nice sweet calm mature comments on recent events keep up the lethal work lol

  16. “how” LMAOOO

  17. David Parkerzilla

    Good to see you back and (genuinely) I haven’t even watched the video yet !

  18. Welcome back 🙂 did not notice before … subscribed …

    As to Foch, WG was in their right to request the video take down from Foch. Terminating his CC status was also ok. Everything else was totally wrong. And they paid for it dearly I think. Let’s hope Jingles changes his mind about WG content 🙂

  19. so cool to have you back Business6!! Hopefully you can give us mid-tier players some pointers on these mid-tier ships.

  20. Furious Sherman

    I thought you quit this game a long time ago. Why did you come back?

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