World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 25

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Yup, 25 episodes of random thoughts and gameplay! My thoughts are just to generate discussion and get a feel for how you guys interpret the changes the game is going through. I really don’t feel like it’s something being blown out of proportion, in fact quite to the contrary, and the video should explain that clearly.


  1. Just throwing this out there but I’m not looking for people to agree with me but just understand that it’s a slippery slope when you start adding silly shit into a game and still try to pass it off as “balanced.” To make these comments even more fun than I’m anticipating they already will be tell me one Achievement that would give a plausible yet game breaking buff to the player that earns it. I’m sure you guys will get creative! Thanks and enjoy!

  2. An upload on my birthday 😀

  3. For a British legendary captain, when destroyed send in about 10 other AI ships to hunt the ship that killed you

  4. For post match rewards how about say -50% post battle repair costs? For fucks sake high tier economy sucks, unless you deal 150k+ damage and cap a cap or two in the process you’re gonna lose money

    Of course, you can run a premium account to mitigate that…..

  5. I agree that there aren’t enough ‘normal’ ships about. Too many gimmicks. The whole KGV situation also pisses me off. The ship should be tier 8, with Nelson as tier 7. It can work, with the 14 inchers as stock guns, and 15 inchers as elite, but apparently, following the World of Tanks model for gun upgrades is too hard for WG’s WoWS department.

  6. I missed you man. Love you movies and about BB’s, all true 🙂

  7. keep it up business, your doing some really great commentary (:

  8. ”I’ts not negative.”
    You rekt WG in this video.
    I love your content and pls continue making videos.

  9. I agree with Biz. The gimmick count is going off scale. If they spent half the time dreaming this shit up actually addressing real balance issues, THAT would actually make the game better.

  10. 5 kills in a ranked match …maybe on lower elo , but on high elo , you must be joking and if you did get that 5 kills in a ranked match well son , you really deserve to win and get the bonuses that captain gives you

  11. it sucks to sail in a german bb and are “forced” to stay back and snipe because u know if u move forward, you’ll git rekt. i mean cmon.. ptfo pls..

  12. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Great video!

    I think they should have just had him be a Steven seagull and not this OP Kill stealing Magnet

    Edit: 21:05 that’s why I push every game until I’m in able to do more

  13. so this only happens in a single battle that the person receives a kracken? If it stayed with the captain after receiving a single kracken I can see your point but if it’s only good for a single battle, I don’t see your point at all except possible in clan play

  14. lol I feel bad for end gamers 😛 I have a score of competitive game claim to fames but as a old casual I don’t even see the problems you guys complain about I don’t think I’ll even go past T8 now game turns to shit top tier.

  15. I don’t find Khaba overpowered anymore. Especially the range nerf hit it super hard. Khaba gets DELETED by a good battelship AP salvoe. After the ruddershift nerf(more concealment nerf since you have to switch from this upgrade to the ruddershift one) it’s even easier for enemy dds to avoid a Khaba. The torp nerf also did it’s part by nerfing the ability to try to get flooding on BBs to get them to use Damage Con Party or to torp smokes. If you play your Khaba and think you’re an untouchable super hero, you will get put back to your place rather quickly. WG is also nerfing the ridiculous and weird AP pen of some dds. It’s still a strong ship and WG will probably understand to not overnerf it with worse turret traverse or worse reload. I honestly find the Grozovoi now that it can get amazing 6km stealth to contest dds and fight them up close way more fun to play. Both are strong. Grozo has worse gunboat characteristics like speed, survivability and fire power than Khaba while it has the stealth and the torpedoes to combine playstyles, since the guns are still great and extremely good lucking by the way.^^

  16. The good players are getting a buff and shitty players will still be shitty.

  17. Sorry, but a battleship by itself can’t withstand HE spam from a half dozen reds regardless how you angle or how you move.

    You will burn. You will get wrecked without help from your teammates.

    But at the same time, if a battleship is hiding behind an island or sniping from max range they aren’t doing their jobs.

    Bottom line and my point here is that a battleship by itself without team support is just as useless as one who hides or stays at max range doing nothing to help their team. Battleship achievements should say a lot about how good the battleship player is. If you’re earning Fireproof, Unsinkable or Dreadnought then you’re doing your job…

  18. Totally agree with you Business. This is a step too far toward the “arcade” aspect of the game, and it’s a stupid notion for some hypothetical crew to be able to reload a Yamato rifle in 17 seconds. They didn’t have an autoloader lol, keep it above 25 seconds.

  19. glad u are back business! there should be a giving smoke for your team achievement.

  20. You are dead right Business, I just set here shaking my head wondering why the developers went to all this trouble to create a game where teamwork is key and yet everything they do is about me, me, me and fuck even trying to do anything that will promote teamwork. Look no further than this joke they call ranked for proof that teamwork is not emphasised or working!

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