World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 32

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can go to hell.


  1. Three things:

    1 – What I really wanted to point out in regards to the GZ but totally forgot is how pointless the ship is: without plans for a full CV line WTF is the purpose of it beyond the obvious cash grab? It just reinforces all the negative aspects of the ship and the BS surrounding it, unfortunately. And how the hell is there a GERMAN CV before any Royal Navy ones?
    2 – Aslain’s mod pack is what I use and I just have the badobest v2 player panels and butterkeks tracers installed, really. The AA ones, too.
    3 – I read every comment and just don’t have the time anymore to respond like I have in the past. Thanks, everyone!

    • Agree with ya.
      Same with the enterprise though against the germans. Not as powerful with 2 squads but a follow up torp. Dead.

    • I think the GZ is broken. Today for my second time I get killed by that ship when I’m hiding so close behind an island that the collide alarm is going crazy. Still the GZ can send torpedoes from the island side and sink me. It’s so strange. It’s the only CV that can sink me like that. For me it looks like the torpedoes comes from inside the island.

    • There are plenty of examples of premium ships in the game without associated tech trees. And GZ was in high demand since always.

      Now regarding AP bombs … I’m actually in favor of them, but certainly NOT the way they are implemented on the GZ. Fact of the matter is battleship armor, historically, has always been modeled to either have solid protection against surface ships, or solid protection against strike aircraft. This is why ships with strong turtlebacks and all around thick side armor also have the weakest deck and citadel deck armors. So AP bombs balance that out. Also, the fact that dive bombers were previously just seen as pretty much useless whereas torpedo bombers were by far the biggest threat also doesn’t hold water. Yes, torpedoes are nasty, but WW2 showed us that strapping armor piercing battleship shells to airplanes was pretty damn smart.

      That being said, the way they added it to the GZ is just retarded. The minimum and maximum penetration values on those bombs, as well as the alpha, is just beyond stupid. Mix that in with the impossible to turn away from drop circle and you’ve effectively got an I WIN button against most battleships. The USN AP bombs are more balanced … but the problem there is that their penetration values are tiny, so they can only reliably damage a very very small selection of ships which in the end makes it so that many players actually switch back to the HE bombs, even with their disgustingly huge drop pattern.

      What does need to be done is ensure that AP dive bombers and torpedo bombers have comparable and equally *reliable* damage. For one, widen the penetration range on them so more of their targets can be citadeled BUT drop their alpha by a fair chunk. OR keep their alpha the same but widen the drop area so that RNG will make many of them fall into the water like it does with USN HE bombs.

      So yeah, AP bombs should absolutely stay in the game as that is what dive bombers did in WW2. There was none of this napalm shit that HE dive bombers do in WoWS. Just balance them so that torpedo bombers and AP bombers are both valid and equal choices for strikes, with AP bombers being a little bit stronger to take into account how much more time they spend in point blank AA bubbles.

  2. Definitely love the Feej more than the Edi.

  3. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    the only, very very small, posibility to justify the GZ would be testing purposes apart from any existing line.
    they failed with that for at least 2 reasons too, a) because it was obvioulsy not planned to be that way because she was not released so…all pointed towards a rushed and unthouight release. and obviously b) the way she is now seems to be more broken than she could have been without testing.
    i even was against releasing kaga and enterprise because of their politic of not changing, not really refunding premiums BEFORE a mayor CV rework…that even the GZ came out and how she came out just baffled me.
    i dont think they will do a cpt perk rework anytime, i think they will just stick to it, but i have to admit i kinda lost interrest over the last few weeks mainly because of playerbase and CV issues. they really ruin games for me, so im on a small break.
    the minor advantages of the Eddy all are going down the drain for me concidering i get into T10 in i think 80% of my T8 games….so i unlocked her a while ago, but i dont think i will buy her soon 🙁
    enjoyed your vid very much tho! great clips!

  4. read my comment

  5. Business, have you tried War Thunder ships? It’s pretty atrocious most of the time, but just recently they introduced light cruisers and it was actually fun.

  6. I was wondering when that Edi game would show up again ;p awesomesauce sir

  7. U should tell us hoe to get good. Give us your secrets!!!

  8. The Nicholas is such an underrated ship! Especially fun on NA since it’s not cancerously passive like on SEA.

    Always love watching your replays. Action packed pwnage. Keep up the good work!

  9. ahh, the edi….i actually used a radar edi a lot last ranked season….until i got the loyang, then i used the edi anytime the loyang was prematurely destroyed lol

  10. Sir, what mod are you using?

  11. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Nice replay !!!!

  12. I don’t understand these things… They heavily nerf IJN-DD torps because fairness(??). Then they introduce AP bombs and deep water torps because? Maybe their original IJN-Torp settings were spot on?!

  13. This CV is the biggest cancer on this game but WG is going full greed mode lately so maybe they will buff it.

  14. Carriers were broken since they were added to the game. Wargaming knows, but will not admit the mistake. It took them years to nerf SPG in Tanks too …

  15. Our only hope is the equally cancerous Asashio.

  16. GOOD vids man keep them coming

  17. Spinosaurus1212

    This might be a stupid question, but do you have any good tips when it comes to being aggressive in hindenburg, as I try to brawl a bb and end up getting wrecked. I like the ship, I do high damage, but it is all non important damage from bbs. I want to use the torps, but I just can’t seem to make them work.

  18. Hey look, a way that you can click in WoWs. Just like arty in WoT.

  19. Anyone else find it funny he put up a video of the Edinburgh the anniversary of her sinking? XD

  20. Agreed on multiple points. Asashio is a pain in the ass. Team kill seen in ranked yesterday due to one driver being completely moronic. Thank goodness I was on the other side of a map. As for the graf zeppelin, it’s a definite cash grab from wargaming. That ship is utterly asinine, and should never have been brought into the game before RN carriers.

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