World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 33

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  1. Quick note: it wasn’t until after I uploaded it that I noticed the Missouri *wasn’t* shooting at me.

    *crickets* woops

    • That yamato in the last clip was so mutch like me. Im suprised you didnt take any citadel damage there.
      A lil rant: i dont know if its just me but my dispersion with the yamato is god awfull. I mean it happened to me countless times that i do only overpens/miss to broadside targets sitting still at sub-10k ranges.. its just awfull.
      Also once i managed to land 7/9 overpens and 2 bounces when firing at an Alabama with Yamato at 2,5k range.. hit her at the toughest armor belt and got overpens.. and when shit like that happens to me people wonder why i want to overpen mechaninc (and the person resposible for it) taken out of existance.

    • I did take a citadel in his opening salvo against me but surprisingly not the second one. But trust me, those experiences echo mine with the Yamato 95% of the time. The prior video I uploaded was just that other 5%, lol.

  2. Yamato deleted

  3. Damn, I love seeing Yamatos get abused

  4. Always good to punish an Anzfork/NZS division.

  5. Achim Hanischdörfer

    It is surprising to me that you have dispersion issues in the Alabama.
    I feel that it is on the more reliable end of BB dispersion. It is not Montana precision, but it is workable.

    • To me it’s the most brawler-centric of the USN BBs in the game. The rudder shift is excellent, it’s short by comparison to other BBs so up close it’s a difficult ship to get the turrets rounded on and then the dispersion.

      No one will ever have the same experiences with BB dispersion, though. I’ve had fantastic long range shots with it but they’re just few and far between.

  6. therandomnessisreal

    Nice job, so much situational awareness 😉

  7. Nearly 3 mill potential damage! Great Video!

  8. Biz uploads a video, Praise the horn!

  9. Berkant Palazoglu

    did you use manual secondary on the scharnhorst?

  10. Manual secondaries with IFHE are pretty strong on Alsace.

  11. Multil BB push is awesome!

  12. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Good replay Business6. looks like you had fun!!

  13. Alsace with Manual Secondaries and IFHE is ridiculously strong up close, you really have to give it a try. I won’t say it’s *better* than a standard Battleship CE build, but it is equally capable damage-wise… but a *hell* of a lot more fun. To give you an idea… with IFHE the secondaries are strong enough that you can ignore any cruiser in your secondary range, and they will die before they become a problem.

  14. andreas pedersen

    Both Gneis and Bismarck has a strange armor layout. Though it’s pretty trollish from the side its forward citadel is pretty thin (150-180mm)if you get a good angle you can penetrate its forward lower bowarmor (60-70mm) and into the citadel. So when i get into a brawl in my Alabama i aim in front of its forward turret when the anle is right 🙂

  15. 1st clip was rad, in fact if you google rad, this video comes up kappa

  16. Subbed ✔️
    Good advices and enjoyable!

  17. Big up for you

  18. Beautiful Yamato kill! They r not as strong as we make them to be. Plus it has a squishy nose!

  19. Good games.

  20. Very rare I watch a vid twice, but I had to see that Scharny match again. Fantastic job Biz! Those are the ones that feel so damn good!

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