World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 36

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  1. I enjoy going into my garden, rolling around in dirt and pretending to be a carrot.

    Please Buddha let no one see this comment

  2. Russian Bias always protect.

    Hallo 😀

  3. That Helena fight was really textbook! 🙂

  4. That last drive by was so satisfying.

  5. I would like to lodge a complaint.
    Excellent vids!

  6. hurraaaay, finally something stupid but not as stupid as BF5

  7. Praise the horn. Great vid as always.

  8. Glorious as always?


  9. Always a pleasure to watch your vids …

  10. Praise the horn and pass the ammo!

  11. Gonna have to get a party boat myself, that thing is fun

  12. Another great video, Business. I think Aetam christened the Okhotnik “the Party Boat?” He’s pretty funny to watch on stream. I said he should watch your Thunder of the Guns video.

  13. Commentary on that last Helena bit was fantastic 😀

  14. Love all your vids, man! Just the way you set up kill after kill…you make it look all too easy!

  15. I’m always amazed at how you seem to pull out of seemingly impossible situations.

  16. Great video mate!

  17. Everything about that last clip in the Helena, great use of amo types and swapping.

  18. For me, the fun is between Tiers 5-7. After that, there is just a little bit of fun and a lot of regret. Before that, there is seal clubbing. And at some point with the Okhotnik in a match you say that “the flank is clear thanks to you” or something like that. Which is partially true, but don’t forget that the others drew the fire so you could get close and kill them. I like you cause you are not as arrogant as other youtubers,who behave like they are something special cause they are good at a video game. Please, don’t loose that.

  19. Sander Dekker [HOME] GarrusBrutus

    *takes the FuryTaco off the shelf and blows away the dust* “Hey there, old friend!”

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