World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 37

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Links are here! Not in a pinned comment since I’ll be away for a few days


  1. Sweet Mino dance moves

  2. And please check the description, folks! Next video will be showing some light cruiser action! Thanks!

  3. I don’t think either alaska or worcester is or will underperform. Actually the concept of a large cruiser or high dmp machine is the most popular one in this game as you’ve mentioned before.

    • Yingxiang Yao I didn’t say the Worcester underperforms. But given the caliber you’d be better off in a cruiser or a battleship by comparison to the Alaska. That’s why I said it is so close to both underperforming and being overpowered

  4. Jeez, this is like spitting in the face of us who dont have tier 10s yet.. we could use a lot of those rewards to help along the way…

    • It used to be like that when I first started playing this 2 years ago. One of the new year events actually paid out a couple million credits and that helped me get my first tier 10. Now? Yeah, you need a couple of premiums and flags and a bunch of other things to make yourself bear the stupid grind. I mean, I haven’t ground a new line in so long I can’t even remember.

    • milkshake1993 The previous years they gave rewards based off of how many thousands of matches you had and the number of tier 10s in your port. The method they did this year is more fair. Maybe not ideal, however

    • Yea, my highest tier ship is the Lion at tier 9 and I cant make myself to grind it out.. Its gameplay is so stupid and 1 trick ponyish…

  5. If I could play like that I’d be happy … and you say it’s under-performing 🙂

  6. glad to see you back on wow

  7. interesting insights on the alaska, thanks for those mate!

  8. The Jean Bart is a tier 9 Richelieu with the reload booster… and increased sigma. Right? Why else am I saving this FXP?

    • I’m not familiar with the sigma values off the top of my head but I can say there’s no tangible difference. And whether or not it is something that is for you is not for me to decide. In that regard I simply provide my opinion as I’m not trying to sell it to you.

    • It may very well just be inside my own head. When I see videos featuring the Richy, the dispersion looks very German. When I see JB videos, the groupings always look clustered.

    • Jean Bart also has the best AA of any T9 BB I believe, so MASSIVE AA buff compared to rich. Yes, even better than MO, because of the range of it’s aura. Apparently.

    • The_grand_one Ahh, forgot to talk about that. Expect to lose a couple hundred dps from losing the hilariously fragile 57mm mounts within the first few HE salvos. The AA is only powerful if you have no one destroying the mounts a dozen at a time. Reminds me of the Texas: thoroughly overrated AA

  9. While I don’t disagree with you about the reload consumable, I look at it like I do radar, hydro and smoke, it’s just another thing you have to learn how to deal with. Recall when the Mino was released, it was labeled OP but once you figure out not to give it broadside (in a cruiser), it’s not nearly as nasty. Anyway, great vid. Enjoy watching your game-play.


  10. Praise the horn! I’m saving up fxp, was going to get the Alaska, but doesn’t look like the way to go. No interest in the JB, although the super Alsace looks like fun, but it’s too early to tell on that. That leaves the Musashi or Kronstadt, both bow-in boring to play ships.

  11. And people say high tiers have all the skill…

  12. Achim Hanischdörfer

    Short fuse AP won’t help the Alaska either, because 305mm AP DOESN’T ARM 25mm, 27mm and 30mm plating, unless ships are very close to being in autobaunce territory.

    • God save us all from short fuses. Short fuses is what balances the 305mm guns on batttleships on low tier from being overpowered. It’s the drawback they gave RN when they got that improved HE. Short fuses on large shells is a nerf in any and all cases.

    • Snagabott its not, i‘ve never heard such bullshit

    • Of course it is. Why else would they give short fuses to ships like Kaiser and Wyoming?

  13. Cleveland is a little bit like that for all cruisers though. The citadel is actually pretty small and all the rest of the ship is overpen city. On the flip side, it takes a ton of damage from HE spam (not to mention has to move in close).

  14. uh alaska does have the Des Moines bounces angles thats one of the reasons she’s such a devasting cruiser killer

    • SkyEye I said that in the video. Calling it a “devastating cruiser killer” is a bit generous. It’s overpen city most of the time in my 20+ matches in it.

  15. Meh. Still getting the Alaska because of its name, and I have the free xp.

  16. Nice to see you back my friend, I’ve missed your vids man. Hi from Sydney

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