World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 40

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  1. Do you have a discord brother?

    • Yes and no. I don’t have it set up properly but I aside from something like this I don’t use VoIP when streaming. I’m looking into getting a discord properly set up for the community, though

    • +Business6 a community discord is a good idea. People can find division partners and meet there. Plus it could give you the opportunity for fan submissions and contest. Just and idea brother.

  2. What’s your build for the Alaska in your past few videos? Top stuff!

  3. Oh. Might as well make every cruiser in the game have their citadel 1mm above the waterline. Come on people.

    • I don’t get your complaint?

    • +Business6 my bad sorry i didn’t get your point exactly. Thought you wanted azuma’s citadel bellow the waterline

    • +fokion leile No, it was more that I would expect them to lower the ship a bit. The citadel would still be above the water just not as much as it is currently. I don’t find it to be anywhere near as durable as the other battlecruisers in my experience but it’s far easier to cit than the other 4 or at least it seems that way.

  4. So Atlanta or Flint?

  5. actually the jean bart is one of the least dangerous bbs against your alaska because he can’t overmatch your nose

    • I know, but the French 15s are the ones you’ll take more damage from due to their shell travel time nailing the shit out of you before you can get angled again. I’ve taken more significant damage from high velocity guns like those and the Kron or Stalingrad guns because of that

  6. Mikasa es Tukasa…..

  7. leone with its oribital mortars is very dangerous, the enemy won’t know whats coming at them

    and the 12km torps, leone is a kitakaze at T6! so much awesome in one ship

    • Until you play it yourself and are trying to win, of course

    • +Business6
      This leone is the ship i would avoid and its coming as a way i would buy such a ship.

      Anyway Alaska, does the dispersion really that consistent all the time? Like every salvo you shot the shells is so tight and land where you aim.

    • +ahwai82 Nope, it fights against dispersion as well but it’s a LOT more consistent than the other battle cruisers by a noticeable margin. In order to balance the much lower pen and slower shells it has the bonus pen angles like the American 203mm and better dispersion values. I do run dispersion mod as well

  8. Omg turret traverse rate on mikasa looks like 0.5 deg/hour

    • Part of the reason why people joke about the ship only having secondary armament and not a main battery 😛 the other part is their dispersion, on average, is absolutely horrendous. It’s hilarious when you roll good dispersion and Dev strike something, though

  9. I hate to say it but not all “supercruisers” going to get the 60sec fire :/

  10. The intro show remined me of the Jutland battle with the old Dred nots that got in pretty close, hammering away at each other. with crossing the T

    • Hells yes! Wait until twenty of them are doing it 😀

    • Jutland was fought at pretty long range.

      How about Tsushima instead?

    • +W4lt3r89 yeah but more people are familiar with the scale of Jutland. While not factually connected it’s more the sentiment of it. The second battle of Tsushima will take place when the RU BBs are put into the game 😀

    • +W4lt3r89 I will have to look it up. maybe it was scapaflow I don’t know just stupid I gess

    • ​+Business6 Perhaps several people are unaware of Tsushima, but it did have bit of an effect on the battleship development after it, since the investigations to battle damage brought up the results, that the larger caliber guns were much more effective in producing damage, than the 6″ and smaller secondary batteries.

      So it kind of was an helper in pushing the Dreadnought out, and ushering the post-dreadnought battleship era.

  11. Holy shit that’s epic

  12. Oh cool I could use a Mikasa 🙂

  13. I’m so glad to see videos again Business. I’ll watch all of them!

  14. EU friends! Stream mod and all around good guy EICJC is going to donate a Mikasa for the EU server so you’re not left out in the cold on the giveaway! So four Mikasas will be handed out on the 20th, three for NA, one for EU. Thank you, JC!


    Secondary Brawl Best Brawl!

  16. Hell yeah, that was fun

  17. well played i must say

  18. Azuma < Stalingrad Kronshtadt < Stalingrad Yamato overmatch < Stalingrad armor Planes < Stalingrad def aa BB dispersion, reload, and concealment < Stalingrad dispersion, reload, and concealment Cruiser penetration and overmatch < Stalingrad penetration and overmatch Any ship's armor besides GK and FDG < Stalingrad. Historical, real ships that actually existed < fake, impossible Russian ships without any impact on history

  19. weeeee mikasa secondaries… see you there

  20. Mikasa <3

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