World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 41

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  1. good to see ya Business, great content as usual

  2. Gee… too bad this didn’t get dropped around 0.8.1 😉

  3. I made a woopsie. So here’s Giggles 41 that I had “finished” but didn’t upload. Giggles 42 is being uploaded with this, too, as 41 is basically a bonus now.

    • Fabian Schwegman

      great to see this compilation again, with different audio this time xD im pretty sure ive seen these clips before haha, still some fantastic clips nonetheless

  4. You like tooting your own horn, eh? LMBO

  5. América no Powa

  6. Ive already quit the game lol. Sold my account for 600. Not looking back.

  7. Thanks for the upload Business, Love ya Vids!

  8. Praise the Horn!!

  9. BeMindfulkthxbai

    Always look forward to your WoW videos. Another good one, thanks!

  10. Laszlo Jerkovits

    Love your Alaska videos. That ship was designed for you

  11. Well with the up coming aa change planes wont be around anymore anyway.

  12. Russian Bias always protect.

    I have a deja vu. I think I watched it before…

    … XD

  13. Woo bonus. Also hi business, let’s hope the CV tweaking goes better than your Kremlin teams kek

  14. You should join the mages guild in Winterhold, the are looking for types that make videos and made it dissapear even tho you thought its still exist

  15. Thanks Business!
    From watching yours and Flamus video’s I’ve learned to be a better player, keep them coming please. 🙂

  16. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Glad you are back, I though something serious happened to ya. Glad you finally found a new section of game play that is fun for you. Most of all having fun is what It is all about

  17. Yeah. The battlecruisers are easily OP.

  18. Lol I love the horn before destruction….

    WUAAAAAaaaaa——BOOOMMMM! Lol so good

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