World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 42

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Part two for today


  1. Forgive the rant(s) but I needed to say it as I don’t believe the game is in a good place at all right now post CV-rework. There’s plenty of potential there but everyone else having a shit experience at the expense of the CV is so goddamn old. With that being said there’s more to it than just the CV rework. I hope you enjoy the second upload today and it’s perfectly fine if you disagree with my thoughts. Just keep it relatively civil, lol

    • Hey Business6,

      I only saw your channel a few days ago when I was searching for Alaska videos. I seldom see anyone have as much fun as you did in those videos, and your videos instilled in me a great deal of hope and expectation for the game. I understand the nuisance that is 2 CVs repeatedly bombing you, and I do agree to some degree that there are a number of changes that would improve the experience such as limiting the maximum number of CVs to 1 per team. However, I disagree that CVs inherently ruin the experience of the game and completely disagree that the CV rework was a failure. I believe that the rework made CVs more accessible by lowering the skill floor and decreasing the skill ceiling. Terrible CV players prior to the rework were absolutely abysmal, but I believe most players didn’t hate on them as much because few of them played. Terrible CV players will continue to be terrible, but that’s true for any ship class. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been primarily playing T9/T10 French BBs and IJN cruisers and find that my least enjoyable games are not the ones with CVs, but rather the ones with too many DDs. I’d estimate that over 70% of my games these last few days included 4 DDs on each team. Many of those games start with 1 or 2 friendly DDs being 1 shotted by torpedoes, and some games end with my team having 0 DDs and 3 or 4 enemy DDs completely roaming free. With that, victory is almost certain for the enemy and any momentum in an offensive push is completely turned around. The main problem? I rely on my teammates for support to counter those DDs, and when that support is unavailable (again, often because potatoes are potatoes) the enemy can pressure and attack with 0 consequences. The key to success is team play. Relying on a teammate or 2 to stack anti air can definitely improve defense, just as having a DD or cruiser help me screen for torpedoes while I’m playing a BB. 1 single DD is a threat but the threat practically multiplies itself with just a second DD around. The same could be said with 2 CVs on 1 target. It’s also not any more fun having 2 HE spamming cruisers burning your BB down. I would like to see AA being more reliable, but there’s a balance that needs to be reached so that CVs aren’t completely deplaned for half of a match. I believe a few YouTube channels have posted videos about the 0.8.5 AA rework. AA definitely seems much more reliable, but I hope ample time is given to balance it so that CVs don’t feel completely useless by not having enough planes for an attack. Spotting is, indeed, immensely important. However, spotting (along with potential damage taken) are by far the least underappreciated statistics in the game in terms of exp and credits. I definitely wouldn’t want to play the game if the only thing I was expected to do was to spot enemy ships in the current state of the game. I really do enjoy your videos, and I look forward to (hopefully more positive) ones in the future!

    • Double and triple cv games are ridiculous. I don’t get why it’s a thing.

  2. exactly why I stopped playing. Just stopped being enjoyable

  3. I am one of those people who think CVs should stay in game But!
    They need to make there be a lot more CV vs CV gameplay. That’s the thing about this rework, CVs where stronger Pre-Rework but there was a significant amount of CV vs CV gameplay which made them never be able to use 100% of their potential.
    But now with the rework there is basically no CV vs CV gameplay which means Literally everyone who plays them can use 100% of their potential allowing them to cause far more issues for the balance as AA isn’t strong enough to handle it alone But if AA was strong enough to handle it on its own then CVs would be worthless.
    The rocket planes on the CVs are literally fighter planes for Christ sake! they can figure something out.
    Overall If they can’t bring back proper CV vs CV gameplay with Proper fighters etc then they will need to just remove them until they do.

    • Well, CVs using fighters primarily for spotting ships should be an indicator of how f…ed up the game is.

    • CV vs CV gameplay already here….now routinely you get at the end of the game CVs vs CVs…. This never happened before.

    • @David W except that CV vs CV gameplay is only conducted by proxy – which of them does more damage for the team. there literally is not direct interaction, unlike all the other classes …

  4. I believe the easiest way to fix the carrier is to take away the rocket planes and give them fighters instead and then make it were planes can only be up for the same length of time that the fighters planes that are consumables. They make it to easy for good CV players to win. I really hope they fix all these issues. This way they would be a bit more balance since they aren’t up as long and then you need to land those shoots. We all know that they will not get rid of the CV but if they do this. That would get rid of spotting from carriers. Also, they can make it where they have to wait longer for planes to be ready to use again and they have a bit more damage available to them but either having 1 drop or 2 drops in their runs. 1 drop is more RNG whereas the 2 drop would be better but better chance for their planes getting destroyed.
    Also, wargaming needs to look at making more maps and scenario battles instead of just putting in new ships every time. I do understand that they don’t want to get rid of CV from all their work on them but making these changes would make them much better and more balances.
    I agree that premium ships are just getting boring to see the new ships all the time and totally agree that the gearing is lacking now because of the power creep.

  5. I took a lonnngggg hiatus and am just returning. I am on the fence about CVs but I do am leaning towards annoyed. I feel like it always comes down to the CVs and a single ship on both teams. At lower tiers, its a bit more tolerable, but at higher tiers, I feel pretty helpless. Especially in the IJN line. Games are more much enjoyable when I luck out in queue and no carriers pop up.

  6. S P R E A D S H E E T

  7. We don’t need a lot of these new ships. I also still think the battlecruisers are unnecessary too. All these ships break the game. The struggle with CV is enough.

  8. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Says in S+G 41 we will see no more Alaska….starts S+G 42 with Alaska 😀

    Wait….175k in under 6 min? lol lol lol what a push. Glad to see you are back…i´m on a Break since 3 Days before the CV Rework hit live and i still don´t regret it. Excatly because what you said….WG is stubborn as shit…so many people told them what might and might not work WEEKS before release…yet they are like: They see me rollin´ …. So i Quit. That EZ.

  9. Richard Strickland

    I’ve been playing for about 2 years, have just 1 T10. Admittedly I only play weekends, days off, some nights. Still amazes me how teams can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. CVs are a pain, yes, and I have been focused down by them, but I also look at them like all the radar – you need to adjust your tactics. That can be hard.

    As for all the new T9 and T10 ships – not sure what WG is up to other than making $. Some look interesting, others meh. And what’s happened to the lower tier premiums? Like that Italian DD or the Austro-Hungarian BB?

  10. I dont understand why squads arent on cooldown like they used too when they would replace planes. Like if they wanna let CVs regen planes Im cool with that but after a strike the squad needs to go on a cool down and they need to nerf CV spotting. I told people when the Stalingrad came out that it invalidated a Moskva grind well here we are with Somners etc. but back then I was wrong

  11. 1 vs. 23 ….. I’ve not heard a better description of WoWS meta at present.
    Business 6… two ideas for new battle mode.
    1. Trying to introduce some fun (you know that thing missing in the game at present).
    Torp fight, this is not a new idea, I think players, some CCs do this in Training.
    Only available DDs, you take a DD, main guns are not available, you can just torp. I would personally not include T10… so WG won’t be interested in it.
    2. Battlements…..a variation a standard battle, you don’t cap, you kill the enemy fort.
    The fort has defences, it’s controlled by a player. It has a substantial HP… 5, 000,000 +, otherwise you will have Yamatoes, killing them in 10 shots, from 30km away. The fort also can send out PT (or equivalent) boats out, very fast to harass and defend the boat….control of the PT boat uses the old style RTS system.
    WG won’t be interested in this…. It will kill off CVs IMHO.

  12. Personally, I believe the new CVs are much more pleasant to deal with than the old CVs.
    Yes you will get focused down, but at least I can still have an okay match before I go down.
    On the other hand the fact that planes don’t die, and can actually regen health, makes the CVs AIDS.
    But the issue of CVs being able to freely roam the map, striking any target they want, is still persisting. No other class can choose to, at least effectively, fire at any target they want.
    I think a dynamic of CVs having to move their ships up because their planes have limited fuel and the CVs being made into ships that aren’t immediately hard focused when spotted could be great. It might be unrealistic, but the way I see it, it’s one of the very few ways to have CVs and the other classes existing along with each other in the same game.

    Edit: I completely forgot to mention the fact that CVs completely ruin a lot of the potential to make plays as a surface ship player by being able to spot them for no risk and often just accidentally blundering into AA spotting.
    And I also disagree with the idea of using carriers to balance carriers. That will never work.

  13. I agree but the latest updates make it clear that wg is not able to solve the problem that only worsens with every change and from another point of view the problem of having great players against other Leroy Jenkins players is encouraged by wg

  14. Terry Hollenbaugh

    You didn’t screw up! your just voicing your thoughts. Talk about F–k ups, I fell and got stuck between my bed and wall. I got lucky and had my life alert
    with me. I hate having MS and Diabetes. So losing a lot of blood and being unable to move you can see that I F–ked up

  15. I really want the Smollensk since I missed getting the OP Kutuzov. 😉

  16. NOW I can put my pitchfork down….

  17. I am not frustrated any more, I don;t play it anymore. Went back to Battlefield and other games

  18. BeMindfulkthxbai

    Agree with your rants Business. However, I am still playing too. DDs are the most frustrating against CVs IMO.

  19. i like it, totally spot on with the “we need ships meant to be broadside” area of the rant

  20. OMG, Thank you, it’s so refreshing to hear a CC that is saying what everyone is thinking! CV’s and their spotting are ruining the game, I mean stopping fighter planes being fighters ffs and it’s taking the fun out of it especially for us DD players, 40-sec launch delay fix, I mean cmon.
    I got so sick of CV’s in random battles last night I turned on my XB1 and played WOWS Legends, yep I actually typed that lol. Glad you’re back Business 🙂

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