World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 43

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  1. It took 3 damn months for me to get another double strike but finally hit #200 and 201 so yay! New WiP ships will be credited today and I’ll be streaming the initial impressions on twitch. Enjoy, folks!

  2. Like for #201 ?

  3. Congrats on #200, but #201 made my jimmies tingle . ..

  4. #201…. that would have made my freaking year!!!!!! wp

  5. Aslain removed BADoBEST sidepanels V2 due to that damage contour issue (your blank damage meter even though you still have health) in ver 8.5 #4 of his modpack.

  6. Currently my 2 most favorite ships. Kremlin because beast mode. And Alaska because it’s so punchy. Glad to see more videos from you business

  7. Nice Vid; I always enjoy watching you on Twitch but as I am from the EU, its not as often as I would like, so keep up the videos Business6

  8. Oh I remember this game, maaan business you got shit luck. That was supposed to be my 10th loss in a row, setting my new record from 6 :^)

  9. Michael Moeller

    Enjoy them all even the Super Salty editions.

  10. Congrats on the double strikes and Praise the Horn!

  11. I think the Sinop is going to be very popular with its big gun for it tier and it’s great accuracy.

  12. Spottig actually works on the HIghest point of your ship, if i remember it correctly from their “how it works” episode.

  13. Good stuff Business. Thanks

  14. Awesome as always))

  15. ЛентяйЁпта

    You are the Bob Ross of WoWs

  16. Terry Hollenbaugh

    That looked lite fun, glad you had good time

  17. Is the HP not showing as a graphic a Problem with the lasted patch? I just assumed It was my Aslains mod packs fault.

  18. Helena or Flint for tier 7 rank?

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