World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 44

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A double strike bonanza


  1. That carrier duel was awesome man. Would be more epic with some Ctrl+G shots.

  2. Holy shiiiiiit. Awesome man! o7

  3. I’d completely forgotten about the CV duel at the end! That was such a fun game to watch. Twice ;D

  4. Actually Jingles, it’s a Musashi… oh wait wrong channel 😉

  5. BB AP hit on a DD only does the dmg of an overpen, regardless what the ribbons are showing (exception are Khaba and Harugumo) WG changed that several updates ago

    • I’m surprised people are missing what I said: the shells count more than once not that they count for regular pen damage.

      When the shell travels down the axis of the ship it has a chance to register as more than one hit. It’s a frequent occurrence against destroyers coming toward or going away from you

  6. Sinop everywhere in rank this season, another good balanced release from WG that will be nerfed in 6 months. Grind and spam.

  7. 9:00 @Business6 they patched that. only high tier soviet DDs can get full penned. sometimes they show as full pens but they always only do overpen damage

    • Incorrect. They changed full pen damage not shells counting more than once. It’s quite frequent, particularly on ships that are lengthwise. I had a 6700 damage overpen as my only hit on a light cruiser last session, for instance.

      The Harugumo also receives full pen damage like that poor bastard I dropped 22k into the other night.

    • @Business6 correct me if I’m wrong but I only ever get overpens or full pens doing overpen damage. I get 6k overpens on BBs sometimes too. Wows is weird

    • @Niels Mallant I’ve plenty of shots where I get four overpens with something like a Kremlin (which would equal 6200 damage) that hit for 7750 or 9300 which is 5 or 6 overpens. It’s not just that ship, of course, but shells can absolutely register more than once for damage

  8. 2 uploads in 2 days! blessed weekend!

  9. Kremlin is dam hard to kill.. but gg,,ending is awesome,,Maybe wg should try make some this only cv fight,,just for fun..

  10. The shells landing short is a thing for basically all ships now. Yamato, Haragumo. All the same shit happens. RNG is more rigged than ever. None of these are “bugs”. The “lock-on bug” is by design… not a “bug”.

  11. I understand about the Kremlins dispersion issue with landing before or behind the ship. In my best game in it 6 kills, I was had a monty and an amagi BS me, i could have nuked em both sooner, but of my 9 shells 6 landed in the water beside the ship….on both enemeis. 4 salvos needed when 2 should have done it. I too love the Kremlin, and am annoyed at it from time to time too for the dispersion that seems to come out of left field from time to time.

  12. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Thanks for the replay Business6 , have fun

  13. Another great video. The CV on CV ending was epic!

  14. Business6 comments on Kremlin’s dispersion, Stalin sends him to gulag

  15. Seriously, that is NOT what Nimitz meant when he said that it should be a carrier vs carrier match up ! 🙂

  16. Wait are you in the process of getting Yamamoto? Or are you just going back and 100%-ing the mission sets?

  17. crackaassedcracka

    B6 is best thank you

  18. crackaassedcracka

    Can anyone tell me what mod he’s using that shows the hp of each ship on the side? Thank you

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