World of Warships – Ships & Giggles 47

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Ships & Giggles: always better than the CV rework


  1. I’m happy to talk about the WiP ships but don’t expect videos on them. Go to Twitch and check the last few streams to see gameplay and my impressions. It’s few and far between that I’ll do vids on them simply because the work that goes into a video and then a few days or weeks later it gets a significant change. Ain’t nobody got time for that

    Current WiP ships: Hawkins, London, Goliath, Silliwang, Puerto Rico, Mainz and Odin.

  2. Great vid as always Business6.

  3. Wow that last game was so close! Great job.

    • My butt was firmly clenched but I can’t imagine the guy in the Z-46 that won it, lol. Next vid is with the Des Moines and the second match in it will make you say the same thing 😀

  4. Mate would love your capt builds in these vids. You obviously run different ones to the norm.

  5. Great vid bro

  6. Aw man so you div now eh? I’m jealous, I want to get in on that haha

  7. I’ve always liked 47 as a number. Didn’t disappoint this time either! I remember that Harugumo game. Tense! Definitely looking forward to more brawly Henri stuff. Hopefully you succeed where I often fail!! 😀

  8. Another “Praise the Horn” worthy vid, Biz!

  9. Hey, @Business6 … I… Think I love you 😀

  10. stefanos perivolaris

    Why to spam he from 20km away when u can just rush and rekt broadsides

  11. even i dont mention to play wows lately that much. i even like the vids here, they are so entertaining! CHEERS BIZZY! <3

  12. @13:00. i would have shot the Mexi and Rammed the Richu….double kill

  13. What is it about those Venezia torps? They always seem to hit something no matter who I’m watching, be it Biz, Flambass or Flamu.

  14. I just have to brag. In co-op, yeah I know, who cares, while playing the Thunderer, I did 430k in damages. Sank eight out of nine ships, did over 1200 in base XP in a lose. Just ran out of time. I had the CV in my sights but ran out of time. Once again, it was a co-op and it started with only two humans and the rest bots. Other human died within three minutes and my bots, well, what can I say. Still 430k in damages. I don’t believe the Thunderer is anywhere close to OP, but sure works for me.

    • Co-op is actually pretty rad now with 9v9. You can actually earn base xp and credits now. But good job, sounds like a good fight

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