World of Warships – Ships & Giggles Episode 11

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So, that …talk about changing my tune!


  1. I think your in Jingles videos

  2. That last game was really nice. And no, no Scharnhorst yet on EU, hopefully
    tomorrow together with the 0.5.10 and the german BB’s. And just love all
    the double strikes!

    Fletcher is, bar none, probably the best T9 DD in the game. Can’t wait for
    more news on the Black (premium fletcher) which I hope will be available
    not only as a ranked reward as the Flint is. How big of a difference do you
    feel the torpedo reload does between Gearing and Fletcher. Gearing has more
    guns to point straight forward, but IMO it looks like it would loose out on
    torps thanks to longer reload in comparison with the fletcher?

    I wish I had more credits, because I’m just 15k off from the Gearing, but
    then I wont have credits for the german bb’s.

    But oh well, just have to make due with the Khabarovsk in the meantime.
    Totally different play compared to the US DD’s, but also a great ship IMO.
    Especially specced without concealment, but with both DE and AFT. And only
    200k xp until I get the 17th point and thus a second 3p skill on the
    captain as well. Go loud, go obnoxious, annoy the other team, especially
    BB’s until they start crying in chat how you are mean to them(True story,
    that did happen -Enemy Tirpitz: “he wouldnt stop firing at me… Oh god,
    the fires, the Fires”).

  3. that last match was awesome to watch in stream. GG Business

  4. That end… epic.

  5. Haha, that torpedo double strike on the DDs was great. Straight line
    sailing, it’s not just for battleships anymore!

    Dammit man, stop tempting me to buy the Scharnhorst! ;-P Fantastic game.
    Check your heart rate after that triple strike? lol Awesome video with
    great clips, great way to unwind after getting home from work.

  6. gotta try the Khabarovsk… so long as you can manage risk properly (since
    it handles like a tashkent) it’s so good… i play the shit out of mine
    compared to my yammi

  7. I LOVE my fucking Scharnhorst! By the way, I love when a Fletcher or a
    Gearing shot at my Khaba, because when they realises the fact to do such
    thing, hold their fire and hide again, they have the 50% or less health =D
    nice vid man, as always. Cya.

  8. Wow, that Sharnie game rocks !! Some of your victims realy didn’t know what
    hit them… Can’t wait to see more of those games and check the ship out
    for myself.

  9. Yo Business, cool vids bro. I’m kinda new to the game and about to get the
    Kirov. My cruiser captain has 7 skill points but I’m not sure where to put
    them. Can you give me some advice?

  10. Hi Business, what is your opinion on Myoko vs. other T7 cruisers?

  11. I just had to check that Fubuki’s stats… wanna guess what I found?

  12. 7000Kts is roughly 1/4 speed for Khabarovsk, if I am not mistaken?
    With boost and signal it will most likley exceed Warp 11 or?

  13. triple strike !

  14. My Gearing has 16 points on the captain now wow, you will have fun with
    this ship.

  15. Holy crap, I have never seen so many double strike in one episode of Ships
    & Giggle like this one!

  16. Kerspaprog Balceram

    that triple kill was hilarious

  17. One of the ships I perform best in is the Myoko and this one seems similar
    enough, plus better armor and torp angles. Ok, the guns have bad dispersion.

    ps: Still no SH on EU, SEA or RU

  18. WG-EU does not think about releasing the Scharnhorst!! So many Players, me
    too, don’t understand their decission

  19. Business6, getting Double Strikes like it’s a piece of cake… Meanwhile, I
    got my first ever Double Strike just a couple of weeks ago

  20. bahri saifoun9900

    shark shark!

  21. I am such an easy mark for Wargaming, I wasn’t going to get this ship, but
    I can’t resist a good piece of aft!

    I also considered the Scharnhorst analogous to the Ishizuchi, i.e overgrown

    There are a few ships that really don’t quite fit into their
    classifications. The Yubari and Atlanta are more DD’s than CA’s.

    High tier Russian DD’s are the hardest for me to play as a DD, they are
    almost a ship type unto themselves. They have CA like detectability without
    the firepower and the torpedo’s short ranges don’t allow for them to make
    up the difference in CA v DD firepower. Which isn’t to say you can’t take
    on all sorts of ships and come out on top: the guns are great for
    long-range firing and they are fast enough to dodge incoming fire.

    The main problem I have with Russian DD’s is it is harder to cap without
    getting pretty shot up. I like to lag behind the stealthy DD’s and support
    them once they spot other DD’s, but if I am the only DD on the team, things
    rarely go well.

  22. I took old Colo for a spin last night and while I could consistently get
    10k or so salvos on Scharns I could never find the citadel. —however, it
    was funny to see Scharn captains rage as their 11 inchers bounced off my
    side again and again and again.

  23. Business6 – King of the double strikes! Awesome last game there.
    I’d like a Scharnhorst, but I think I’ll wait until I’m a better player
    before I take the plunge.
    Also since it’s a brawler, that’s not my strong suit. My computer slows to
    less than 2 fps when it has to cope with a furball. Very frustrating.
    Speaking of which, I had a nailed on kraken on my hands the other day in
    (believe it or not) my Karlsruhe until I attempted to thread the needle
    between 2 myogis – they woulda been kills 4 and 5 (neither of them
    targeting me). Unfortunately computer said no, wouldn’t fire my torps.
    Frame rate borderline locked and when it came back, I was dead (by
    secondaries). Still got >4.5K XP from the match but very frustrating.

  24. Nice. Another Ships and Giggles!

  25. Talking about DD captains.. so you’re saying that your most experienced
    captain is in the lowest tier and the most unexperienced in the Gearing?

  26. Man what a fight!
    Only US has the Scharnhorst by now. Neither Asia, EU or RU has it in the
    shop. On Asia there are news about the Update with a video with
    News in english:
    Video on YouTube:

  27. great vid, as usual! glad you like the Scharnhorst.
    in every vid i see with her she has (at least i think so) an unusual high
    amount of 2nddary hits for a T7…so atm…also seeing the high range of
    those on the upcomming german BBs…i have the feeling they made them more
    accurate then others nations bbs…as a trademark…which i would LOVE!
    have a good one

  28. Yeah…the Scharnhorst is all kinds of fun. Bought her yesterday right away
    but didnt have time to take her out for a match. Did 100k damage in a loss
    and 70k in a win. The former was a T7 game with lots of tier 5s and you can
    basically roll over those ships left and right. Was trickier in the later
    game since it was a TIX game….but considered I charged down an iowa and
    got the kill…I think I’ll be happy with it.

  29. Sea does not have the Scharnhorst, WG would rather sell us some more stupid
    flag packages -.-

  30. Cool to see some Fletcher and Gearing matches, Business. I used to play
    destroyers more … then started playing battleships exclusively, and now
    back to my Benson and grinding up the line again. And you’re right about
    what you said about high tier DD gameplay … while all the other ships sit
    at max range, you can always find a brawl in USN DDs. Exciting ass
    gameplay. That being said, USN DDs excel at capping during domination
    matches, and seeing the rest your team sitting back and not supporting you
    is a biiiiiitch. I’m very much looking forward to getting the Fletcher as
    she can run an AA build with five guns, and her torps are monstrous (better
    than the Gearing’s in fact). Although the Gearing’s four front facing guns
    make it an excellent ship for running and gunning down Shimis who get
    within spotting range.

    I also got the Scharnhorst and still getting used to her guns. I’ve only
    played five matches, but I had one match where I managed to only get off 5k
    damage (ick) … and then the following match did 105k, lol. But what I
    *really* like about her is her mobility and agility. She’s great at hit and
    run tactics and brawling and her secondaries are very impressive. My German
    BB captain is only at 12 points right now, but I’m looking forward to
    getting him to 15 so as to get Manual Secondaries which I expect will be
    brutal on this ship as well as many other ships in that line.

  31. Business, what is your opinion on the Khab vs. Gearing?

  32. I fight my Tirpitz as it is meant, I’ll do the same in the Scharnhorst when
    it is available for our server. Great work there Business!

  33. great game play mate..keep up the great work

  34. how do you get an 18 pt captain so easily I swear everyone has 18pt captain

  35. No Biz we still dont have the scharnhorst

  36. Oh man, that last replay.

    Scharnhorst is definitely full of surprises. I wasn’t expecting much from
    her HE, but from what you’ve said and shown us, it’s shaping up to be a
    case of hard stats lying. And that gun traverse, simply marvelous.

    Are you looking forward to the German battleships?

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