World of Warships – Ships & Giggles Episode 12

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Sunday, 3pm EST. Join me live for a behind-the-scenes look at making a video! Will include some live recording of replays, too!

Gneisanauauauauaua amphibious assault:


  1. I want to sell my Yamato and get GK but common sense tells me to not do it.

  2. 4:06 wtf turrets?

  3. The thing about German BBs is that they are so prone to burn! When i’m
    playing Atlanta, i love taking chunks of 20K from German BBs, just in
    fires, and this is with only 5% fire chance… I bet USN DDs must be having
    a great time… lol

  4. Honestly, my experience with Scharnhorst is that while I don’t do the big
    burst citadel hits that other BBs do, she’s pretty good at delivering just
    steady consistent damage through the match. Less of a big imposing threat,
    and more of a hit and run raider. Her speed, her gun rate of fire, and her
    turret traverse make it so that she’s always ready to pounce on the enemy
    from anywhere in the map. Her armor is also great against citadels. Even if
    she takes a lot of regular pens, regular pens can be healed. Citadels
    can’t. I’ve been in matches in battleship where I got half my life knocked
    out in one volley by a lucky pair of citadels … and it’s damage I’d never
    be able to heal back for the rest of the match. German BBs don’t have to
    deal with that problem so much. You can always disengage, lick your wounds,
    and come back five minutes later with most of your health back.

  5. I’m loving the German BBs! I have been having 3 – 4 kill games regularly in
    my Kamikazi-R and Tachibana thanks to all the lemming like German BBs!

  6. 2 great battles. That ship literally got blown out of the water!

  7. +Business6 – Love all your content, and I know you are into producing great
    quality. I would personally benefit even more from your vids if you could
    record your games as played – meaning giving us the ability to see your
    rudder, throttle, AA/secondary selection and aiming positions. As I
    understand it, you use the replay to add your commentary – and we all know
    replays are still very rough representations of actual game play.

    Just my feedback FWW, Thanks as always, love your stuff.

  8. at 6:25





  9. unfortunately I’ll miss your stream on Sunday as I’ll be hauling a bunch of
    sweaty sunburned tourists across Europe and back. Maybe you could record
    yourself doing it and put it on here too!? (Or not since it’ll probably be
    quite long!) Oh well. Thanks for another entertaining vid!

  10. That Gneisenau was his own lifeboat. Got to safety before everyone died.

  11. Hope I can catch your live stream. Great idea

  12. with all the over pen, non pen, deflect etc since the patch i rarely ever
    shoot waterline anymore except against a few USN BBs that still give up the
    cits. I’ve been watching the detailed hit results and I’ve noticed that
    only a third of all shots seem to pen properly. Given that a hit rate of
    30% is decent that doesn’t leave much for actual damage.

  13. To be fair, you can double cit or more a Murmansk in a Nicholas. It doesn’t
    say much for the AP performance.

  14. Amaterasu no Mikado

    The force is strong in this one, the Gneisenau that is.

  15. The server has trouble decipher that Gneisenau’s whereabout because his
    laggy upload line/speed aka packed loss

  16. 2nd time this week I’ve seen the back of a torpedo hit a ship.

  17. We tried this strategy on two brothers, but not with Scharnhorst, we did
    this with T6 ships, and if you can catch the enemy team with pants down
    like this, the match gets fun as hell. We tried this also in some other
    maps where two sides cannot hit you at the same time, and it always worked.
    Yolo push right from the start ftw.

  18. Sadly, the evolution of the mountain climbing warship were never taken to
    its penultimate conclusion and prototypes were generally abandoned high and
    low. Experiments with lighter mountain cruisers proved more fruitful, but
    were abandoned once escorting mountain destroyers were found to have severe
    problems getting their torpedoes to run true in the steep and rought

  19. That Kongo is packing some extra punch to throw a BB over an island LOL

  20. Hacks confirmed :P

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