World of Warships – Ships & Giggles Episode 2

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Is there anything better than having an awesome battleship brawl? Nah man, nah is the only answer.


  1. Cant wait for you to do the Ognevoi gameplay vid… I hated the Ognevoi
    because the turrets were just so prone to breaking. I got the Kiev just in
    time for the 5.5 patch, and i seem to enjoying it more. With Oggie, i found
    that most games i came away with NO TURRETS left…

  2. Can you Admiral Hipster lel :D

  3. Reynaldi Widjaja

    This ship is very hard to citadel in my Fuso just normal penetration ….

  4. Cool replays. I like the New Mexico very much. In the begin part the ever
    presence dillema: do I risk the torp spread or the citadel by turning? I
    also chose the latter: always a chance RNG-us is on your side while the
    torps will hit and hurt for sure…

  5. Problems with internet connection? I know what you’re talking about.
    Looking streams impossible. YouTube Videos? Only if I download them in
    advance. Better connection, perhaps in 10 years.

  6. Great video! Is the New Mexico that OP that it seems in this video or is it
    just youre skill? I never played US BBs but im up to Nagato in IJN BBs, but
    watching this game im starting to thinking about grinding the US Tree. You
    get great salvos each time it seems?

  7. Đức Việt Nguyễn

    how can you be so good at shooting with scout plane on lol. I find it very
    hard aiming and shooting in that camera angle.

  8. babywhale destroyer lol

  9. fishercannonfsx

    +Business6 please do a review on you mods!

  10. Are you going to do a video on the Ognevoi? I have nothing but crappy games
    with it, not sure what i’m doing wrong :/

  11. You have a lovely voice and way of narrating. Thank you for all the effort
    invested in this channel.

  12. I am seriously starting to dislike this game. Not because of the game
    itself, but because of the player base. Too many players have no idea wtf
    they are doing and it is fucking frustrating. I’m not saying that I am the
    best player ever, but the basics are lacking way too often from other
    players. It has come to the point where I play maybe 2-3 matches a day and
    just get annoyed and leave.

  13. I have not been able to finish a match over the weekend. Each time I lost
    server connection with WoW and another online game. I know what you are
    saying about the internet providers.

  14. yay for battleships!

  15. Alexandru Izvoranu

    Internet provider problems? Move in Romania, the lowest internet connection
    I have from my provider costs around 7 dollars a month and is 100 Mbps and
    for the glorious sum of around 11 dollars u get 1000 Mbps and yes that is 1
    Gbps. 3 or 5 country in the world for internet services and those are the
    actual speeds, my average download is 11 MB which is pretty close to the 12
    MB of the 100 Mbps.

  16. the biggest problem i had with the new mexico was its armor, i started to
    notice towards the end of the grind that if you angle, you still take 5-10k

  17. oggy was good… kiev is a god sent even after the nerfs.

  18. +Business6 Just, that Königsberg at 8:15 smt. Citadels from behind/almost
    behind, I never ever get that on my NM(or any BB) but I constantly see
    others get it(I and get hit by it when I play cruisers). Just how the F do
    you get that? Am I just so unlucky? :<

  19. nice man defo enjoyed this vid with my coffee

  20. Business I love this series!

  21. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    Tachibana or Smith..? what youre oppinion..?

  22. does the buff for the iowa and montana you talked about include the North
    Carolina in that mix as well?

  23. I come here for game play to help me do better in my own game play.
    You have helped my BB game play but I play more DD and CA/CL games.

  24. great vid, I love the new mex. I agree that the brawls with other bbs
    makes it great, I love getting in close and seeing my secondary guns go

  25. what key do you use to do free cam?

  26. Oh Montana. I bought it because I am curious. I gotta say it’s better than
    I thought…as long as enemy does not have a Yamato. Judy had a 3885 base
    exp game without capture points :3

  27. Wow theres some good citadels, Awesome! Its a official Gucci-Ship!

  28. MrHandbananaNoo

    Having not played this nor the Colorado since CBT, I haven’t been impressed
    while facing them in cruisers. They both seem to be really vulnerable to AP
    fire from 208mms even from 10km+.

  29. They need to do something with the high tier US BBs. Honestly the NC-MT
    needs attention.

  30. So patch 5.5 must have really helped the Ognevoi because the problem I had
    with that ship was the turrets kept getting knocked out. It was not
    uncommon to lose all turrets.

    The Kiev is freaking awesome! I had sold it and bought the Tashkent but
    after playing a few dozen games went back to the Kiev.

  31. god please show me how to ognevoi. Right now it just leads to me smashing
    my keyboard. A recent match was 49 hits and 4800 dmg, made me really want
    to quit wows

  32. ahh that’s why you were on your New Mex…
    I sold mine Sunday to buy both tier 5 Russians while they were on
    sale…Now I’m gonna have to buy it back because of your commentary.
    once again, me and my Aoba had a blast with you.
    p.s. your dd vids helped me get my best Fujin game ever 121k damage
    followed by Kamikaze R 98k damage & Kraken. before that I sucked with em.

  33. Dylan Anderson (twisted-pixel)

    pretty sure all of us would have been stupid after one shotting a

  34. you will love the crap out of the Kiev!!!! It was maybe the most enjoyable
    experience so far for me! Got my Gearing, but I will probably soon go for
    the Russian DDs, right after I get th Des Moines 🙂 Right now only the
    money for the Tashkent is missing, then the fun continues 🙂

    By the way, I did notice, that if your enemy is very good angled towards
    you, you should shoot into the super structure! Most of the time, the
    experience will be quite similar, to what you have shown in your New Mex
    matches: you wont get the citadels, but huge non cit shots!

  35. The New Mexico is the one US BB I kept after getting to the Iowa. I love
    it. Now that I have the Texas, I believe I love it even more. 🙂 That last
    replay was some awesome ship handling and fighting. Great work.

  36. Damn son…

  37. BB knife fights are one of the most entertaining things in wows.

  38. yay, been waiting to see new mex. great ship, when she hits..

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