World of Warships – Ships & Giggles Episode 27

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20 minutes and I forgot to discuss the smoke changes…woops


  1. Have to admit I wans’t sure .. was it 2 years? .. Well I love your videos so please keep posting. The last few years you are on my favorite list of videos, I have to watch. Thousand thanks for great videos.

  2. Business I think this is your best video till date – both in terms of gameplay and the opinions you’ve expressed. BBabies – this is what they call battleship captains in the forums, while they run around in their Zaos and Hindenburgs and Henrys – with all that bullshit troll armour. Its so goddamn annoying, ya know? I mean, full broadside Zao, full salvo from my Montana and I get 4 overpens and 2 bounces? Are you kidding me? If a cruiser can show that much broadside and live, why aren’t people complaining about the lack of skill in cruiser gameplay, like they are talking about the Montana and Iowa? Some have even gone far enough to say that the citadels on the high tier USN BBs are ‘unreachable’, all because they missed a couple of salvos. In any case, high tier gameplay is just cancerous. I think they should remove HE from BBs entirely, rework that IDIOTIC overmatch mechanic, so that all BBs can overmatch 32mm armour, but only at certain distances. Deck penetrations need to start playing a bigger role now. There shouldn’t be invulnerable battleships at ANY tier. I know this is an arcade game, but would even a little bit of realism hurt? The power-creep at t10 is so bad – everyone has great guns, great armour, and some specialised characteristics where they are literally unmatched. Ships don’t need to be universally buffed anymore, they all need a massive amount of nerfing. HE, AP, armour schemes – everything needs rework. Mid-tier USN CVs need to become relevant again, why isn’t anyone addressing that issue?!
    Thanks for the quality stuff, Business. Finally someone agrees with (some of the stuff, atleast) I’ve been saying.

  3. If you’re having issues with Clear Skies these days… that would be because they changed the requirements, making it absolutely ridiculous. It used to be 35 plane kills, flat, but now you have to kill something like 70% of the total aircraft in the game (including any and all floatplanes in hangars).

    In high tier play, this means you’ll generally need 60+ plane kills.

  4. The thing is at that range it is alright, otherwise he’d only done 4k something damage, and w/HE he wouldn’t have destroyed him either because some of the damage would have gone into modules. DD players admit you just want to be able to sail up to BBs with impunity and launch torps that they can’t dodge

  5. Sigil "Wahboh" Reyes

    The one thing on my mind is how the AP change will affect the German DDs. The line trait of “taking more pen damage” needs to be addressed.

  6. The DD buff is a joke, the only thing the player has to do is give broadside (not angle or go bow/aft in) and then only overpens, it’s like when the cruisers give broadside they are dead so they only have to angle the ship then they are fine. DD players only need brain and stop crying since they are the ones usually saying BBabies…….. I think it’s time to main my Enterprise and fuck up DDs, and wait until they cry how op carriers are too. DDolls

  7. Agree there is no point of switching from AP to HE… if you hit with AP you have 100% 1000 dmg and like 30% to do 3000 … if you hit with HE you have like 80% chance to do 1500? and some broken rudder wont kill dd 😀

  8. The whole issue is that WG doesn’t make a realistic game. AP shells hitting under the waterline should cause flooding. AP hits should cause fires if they hit in certain spots. AP shells hitting destroyers should tear holes in them but not explode, (which is sort of modeled by the overpen mechanic). There should be degrees of damage for modules. Atlantic Fleet isn’t perfect, but it gets a whole lot more right than WoWS does, especially in that regard.

    Ranges are also absurdly short. The Iowa, for example, is really well armored against targets 20-30km away, which is what it’s designed to shoot at. Pretty much every ship that’s modeled in this game could fire at things at least twice as far away as the maximum range given in the game.

    I’m always surprised when you mention that you still haven’t achieved a Solo Warrior; I managed that twice in IJN DDs. Though to be fair, I did it by capping the enemy base so I only had to kill the guys that were close enough to try to stop me.

  9. That CV asking you to turn off AA… that’s a special kind of retard.

  10. Still no Solo Warrior Business? You should look up freihheieiheieheiheeerr, I hear he has tons of those… 😉

  11. What are you? a video factory or somethun?

  12. *Sees Business nuking a cruiser in a German battleship*
    Teach me senpai. XD

  13. Have to admit, having that stray round disperse for full penetration into a fleeing DD, with good evasion tactics, seems a bit much. Feel rather sorry for that captain when it happens. A little, anyway.

    Like your compromise proposal. It would mean that BBs will still have an opportunity to defend themselves, and the USN accuracy bonus, if still a thing, is still in effect.

    If they do make that AP change, BBs will be even less likely to fire at DDs, as many seem to be seeking damage numbers, and don’t want to “waste” a cooldown. Unless the DD is the only thing to shoot at.

  14. You pretty much took the words right out of my mouth in regards to the BB ap “issue”. Just yesterday I got deleted by one wave of shim torps (only 5 torps!) in my Amagi. So if he can one shot me why shouldn’t I be able to at LEAST hit him for a large amount of his health if and when he is spotted.

    I’ve played almost 600 games in the Gearing and I can say for a fact that BB ap was/has never been a big reason for me dying. The biggest threat I’ve had to deal with is radar, CVs and torps from other DDs. Want to see a preview of what will happen if they take away a BBs ability to defend itself against a DD? Go play a tier 5 or under game. All you’ll is DDs rushing BBs because they know they won’t get killed in one or two salvos so they just yolo rush every BB they can find. Real tactical play right there!

    Haven’t commented in a while but I’ve still been creeping on you Busi! 😉

  15. “mmm damn!” love it… can just relate 😀

  16. AussieAussie Aussie

    its the same old problem that has plagued this game from beta.people not wanting to learn skill, so they complain about anything that requires them to learn . 1st HE spam, second BB’s sailing in straight lines etc etc etc…….STOP USING FREE XP and learn to play Good Stuff as usual Business

  17. great games Business. I think they need to leave the pen damage alone when it comes down to a BB against a DD

  18. Lets take a look into our glas sphere. The same people that complain now that BB AP against DDs is OP, will complain that they only face cruisers who can fire counter torpedos or rip them apart with their guns, because no one wants to play BBs anymore or atleast stays at the back of the map. This buff to DDs will make it harder for them in the longrun. The system as it stands right now is fine, atleast for low and mid tier, can´t speak for high tier. I feel confident enough to destroy or atleast cripple a DD and scare him of with my BBs right now. These engagments often get decided by the better or simply by the better prepared player. DD captians like high damage numbers, guess where they come from, meaty BBs. Try to get the same numbers against cruisers, good luck with that. Ah we will see.
    I really enjoy your videos, you were one of the few ppl who said that the Colorado is a good ship, and I trusted you, and I don´t regret it. Well that review is already pretty old but still. Keep it up!

  19. You’ve got to consider that most players are not tier 10 gamers. Further, DDs get spotted by other DDs, planes, radar at higher tiers, and hydro at closer range. I don’t know that AP is the real issue. It’s just getting tougher to play DDs because of the spotting mechanics we have now and lack of stealth fire. Spotting distances by calibre and number of guns would be a better solution IMHO, and more realistic. Thoughts?

  20. I only wish I could play missing it comps down for how long ??. Nice video though

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