World of Warships – Ships & Giggles Episode 29

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Turkey turkey turkey nom nom nom
It’s gonna enlarge my bum bum bum

Have a drink, shoot ships, eat turkey. Sounds good to me. Thanks for the assist, Mr. Sinatra!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Due to copyright by UMG on the song mobile play should be mostly unavailable. PC or tablet works fine for me but on your phone you may be able to watch it using “view full site” via your mobile browser. If going through youtube’s mobile app it’s doubtful. I won’t be removing the track, in case anyone asks. Sorry for the inconvenience, of course!

    • Open YouTube on your smartphone browser, go to browser options and select “request desktop site”, than you can just click the video, make it full screen and watch it. Every browser that i know has this option.

    • Change your alternative battle interface to “full” in settings, so you can clearly see the enemy ship details, all of the time.

    • 177 – awesome ;p , the Scharny game was just majestic – as always!

    • Thank you Sir, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well

    • Thanks for opening with the Atlanta … I just bought the ship in the Black Friday sale and it is an amazing junk heap 🙂 Takes a lot of skill to make an impact on the game, but when the guns let go it’s amazing … Still have a mountain to climb to be good with it. Luckily it does not punish defeats …

  2. Great Video!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Edit: you should try IFHE in the atlanta.
    Only lose 1% to fire

    Edit2: that ceasare game though…

  3. People scrolling through the comment section looking for an answer! The video is unavailable because it can only be played via pc platform so people using phones can’t watch it.

  4. top work Business….and a kraken in an Atlanta….that`s like a Chicken tooth…Cheers

  5. Was about to go to bed and this popped up! Yay. Happy thanksgiving!

  6. Sharnhorst was the First ship i bought whene i started playing wow, started to grind the german battleships. Still to this day whene i finnished up that line i have Sharnhorst and Bismarck as most played. Lower tier’s are more fun to be honest! And about 3 week ago i had a insane 172000 damage game withe sharnhorst, so mutch fun to yust get in there in the fight, take the damge and brake up a pack of 2-3 ship’s. Best feeling in wow periode!”

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Biz! Watching the Cesare match live was awesome. Excellent music choice for the end of the match.

  8. Hey Business, I really like your gameplay videos, but your cross-dissolve cutting makes it really daunting for the my eyes sometimes. Cutting to highlight of the gameplay is great but the heavy use of cross-dissolve cutting makes it somewhat atrocious to focus on the gameplay.

    • Empty Slot That’s really…weird. I found it to help separate scenes and depict changes much more clearly than any other method. Not using some fade makes scene to scene transitions harsh and confusing, especially as it is frequently difficult to discern a significant passage of time. This holds true for battleship play in particular. Sorry.

    • I think the amount of cuts makes it daunting. I’m not a film editor myself but comparing your gameplay videos with others, you tend to cut much more, which I welcome because the game can be really slow sometimes. But the amounts of cuts during one round is extreme. For example there are more than 5 cuts in the first 7 minutes of this video. This makes it very hard for my eyes to focus on the gameplay because I have to refocus my attention to the new cut while the old one is slowly fading away. Anyway keep up your good work. Its a pleasure to see someone who actually plays to win in this game ;).

  9. I’m glad I was there for that crazy Ceasar game!

  10. Business, the B engagement on Strait reminded me of the double-driveby in my Tirpitz replay forever ago… shame you had no pedes lol

  11. Atlanta- “Release the bees!”

  12. Happy Thanksgiving! I enjoyed the turkey shoot in this video 😀 Respect up for Sinatra music

  13. boss man what do you use to record and edit?

  14. I really want to see you play Akizuki. That’s my best ship, and that ROF is amazing… Nice choice of music BTW.


  16. coutless times i listened to that song…since it is not my native language i never payed a lot attention to the lyrics…until now…what a fitting song for that scene 🙂 happy thanksgiving to you too.

  17. I absolutely love my Cesare too! I think my favorite thing about is just how damn accurate it is for me. Id have to say as far as fun factor “and frankly getting consistent good results,” the Nelson is actually my go to ship. Sure her armor is weak, but 9 406mm guns on a t7 battleship is a serious threat, especially when shes top tier. I actually use a combination of AP and HE, which has thus far given me roughly 140-180k damage on average per game. I do think she is more attractive to hardcore BB players like myself. Id have to say in the case of the nelson, mastering timing your heals, damage control, etc is absolutely critical to getting good results with her. Of course then again, I believe the aforementioned are fundamental skills any good BB player should master. Anyway, I still love your material. I just wish you had time to upload more frequently.

  18. I’ve been watching the stream as well as this and I am curious what skinpack you use? I didn’t see it on aslain. >.>

  19. therandomnessisreal

    Nice video! Really enjoyed it.

  20. Thank you for your content, bud. I really enjoy the style your videos and genuinely look forward to them when they are released. I was devastated until I realised I could watch this one on the ‘big’ computer rather than my usual tablet! I know that probably says more about me but never mind lol. Happy Thanksgiving.

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