World of Warships – Ships & Giggles Episode 3

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Citadels! Shenanigans! Butt-clenching! All in today’s episode of S&G! Streaming today at 3pm EST!


  1. 12:00 “he pays the Iron price for that” wow Business you watching Game of
    Thrones? lol

    (and of course he likes the Naval Warfare guys lol)

  2. Anolaana Seranaar

    I am glad to see I’m not the only one confused about getting out of
    dangerous situations! It’s definitely a lot easier to overextend than in
    Tanks and a lot harder to remedy your mistakes. Thanks for the tips and
    amusing comedy, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode!

  3. Jonas Drøjdahl

    Heh, I have really liked Ocean since the change too. Gone are the days of
    two blobs carefully moving along the edges and the battle ending in a
    terrible capping-decapping contest. Now there is usually some serious fleet
    action going on with see-saw struggles over individual caps and even
    battleships tend to get more stuck in (maybe it is because they can see all
    target all the time and there are no obstructions to ‘guide’ them away from
    ‘scary’ DD infested waters). Sure there are still potatoes, but not longer
    are their ways the only way on Ocean.
    It finally feels like it should have.

    Also, that Amagi on Udaloi action… You were damn lucky man. Udaloi has
    THREE torp launchers. He only used one side and the middle, and was turned
    to allow the other side launcher. So it was pretty damn risky letting the
    secondaries finish him.

  4. those DDs blew a big ass load

  5. @Business6, I was in a battle with you a couple of nights ago (OrneryTX)
    and performed HORRIBLY in the Cleveland that I’m still getting used to
    playing. I’m actually a pretty good player in my DDs. At any rate, my first
    thought seeing the new video posted was, “Good God, I hope that disaster of
    a battle didn’t make it into YouTube infamy.”

    Now it’s time to watch and find out.

  6. you think there bad. you wait for the kagero slow less torps and with the
    nerf on them they can see them miles of.. only option is the 10km torps
    have gone full stealth on her.. but she is slow and you get outrun by
    cruisers.. its a hard life being a jap captain lol :/

  7. Yeah you will not like Hatsu and the Fubs following it. I did ok in Muts
    and Hatsu but am really struggling in my Fubs at the moment. I get pretty
    shitty MM in my Fubs for some reason, its really hard for a DD to carry,
    esp a slow sluggish one like the Fubs (and those slow firing guns… oh
    boy). Its like it moves in slow motion…

  8. Good grief, I remember eating all six of those torpedoes… Felt like a
    real idiot after. I had a great shot lined up on those cruisers coming into
    the cap, I was ready to click to delete, and then Business6 out of fucking
    nowhere. Very sobering moment, never assume an unspotted destroyer isn’t
    nearby, never assume it’s not lining up torpedoes for you. Well, you know
    what they say, you learn best from mistakes, and you can still make basic
    mistakes like that, no matter how long you’ve been playing. Also, thanks
    for not bullying, I feared the worst when I heard my name of all things in
    one of your videos.

    t. Old_Hickory

  9. Im so excited for what you have in store for the channel. I love your
    content and commentary, and I know everytime I click on your video I’m in
    for a good time.

  10. ocean is great…and i heard that many naval battles took place there irl

  11. A good mix of ships and matches in this vid. So looking forward to getting
    the NC and sum US BB speed, I’m 20k xp away.

    Iv been meaning to ask, whats so bad about the Mutsuki? I hear everyone
    hating on it. Iv researched it, but not bought it yet.

  12. Just played in a game with you today! Sorry it was a pretty bad game
    though. You were on the enemy side in an Iowa. We had 2 t10 BBs and you had
    0, so MM seems to have screwed you guys. Your other t10 ship was a Zao, but
    he stayed so far back he took 0 damage all game and only got 500 exp. You
    did have the DD advantage, but I was in an Udaloi. Two of your four DDs
    rushed caps, so I killed them very quickly. Your one advantage gone, it was
    an easy win from there. In game name is Tembin.

  13. Good luck on the 5000 subs bro :)

  14. I felt the sa2me way about the Mutsuki, but so far the Hatsuharu has been
    pretty good :D

  15. “I feel so dirty,”


  16. Look mom, I’m on TV! around 9:58, the Ocean battle…brought tears to my

  17. where is the giggles?

  18. Miraak The Monster

    Kept wondering if American cruisers were even worth it, being that they
    lack the torpedo capability that the japanese ones do, I am convinced by
    that New Orleans. And that Udaloi getting owned-HILARIOUS. Could hear that
    guy screaming from here. Hahahaha.

  19. jared angel nolasco angeles

    helppp ayuda despues de la actualizacion, el juego cuando lo habro
    y despues de pulsar cualquier cosa ( como un barco o ver la rama de
    naciones) la ventana del juego se pone en negro y ya no me responde que
    hagooo helpp

  20. 100% agreed on the Mutsuki. It is simply a POS.

    Hatsuharu is a bit of a good news/bad news situation. Good news: it
    improves upon the best part of the Mutsuki. Bad news: it does not improve
    upon the worst part of the Mutsuki, at least not until you sacrifice some
    of the good stuff.

    Best part of Mutsuki was the guns. And that is what the Hatsuharu improves.
    I’d still take the Isokaze if I could, though, but not by much.

  21. 7:20 holy shit i’m surprised that udaloi is still floating.

    the hatsu IS shitty

  23. Sporting 71k average dmg in the Texas after 14 games, i like her. Also it
    replaces every USN BB below t8 for me because they are basically all the
    same, gameplay-wise.
    Will rebuy the NC, tho 🙂

    Would’ve preferred a t8 USN premium BB, tho…

  24. awesome, can’t wait to watch last half. it’s funny, I either agree or
    disagree with business 100%…, never in between

  25. they blew their load…oh you smooth talker lol

  26. Philip Hewitt II

    I called it the Mut”sucky”…hated it too!

  27. Concerning Mutsuki IJN DDs: Yeah, it’s not just you. Mutsuki felt really
    underwhelming for me, for a variety of reasons. The Minekaze is a great
    destroyer and really fun to play. It’s fast and the torpedoes have really
    good specs. Then you get the Mutsuki and it’s a downgrade in almost every
    way. The ship is slower, the torps feel extremely slow (BBs just turn away
    from them, even if they’re sailing in a straight line), the guns are
    basically the same at a higher tier, and the torpedo racks are worse (2
    fans instead of three, and the fans spread out really wide at a distance,
    so it’s harder to get multiple torps on 1 target). Pretty much the only
    upgrade you get is better torp range, which isn’t that relevant when it’s
    so difficult to hit torps at that distance.

    I can’t say it was absolutely terrible as you’re still in a sneaky IJN DD
    and you can still contribute by taking caps and torping oblivious ships,
    but basically the whole time it felt like playing a worse Minekaze. Sold it
    immediately after getting Hatsu. Not sure about Hatsu yet, guns definitely
    feel stronger, but it has a lot of the same weaknesses as Mutsuki (slow
    speed, slow torps).

  28. Sergio Seminario

    Balti is not *that* bad…its just ~subpar~ but the Des Moines is really
    worth the awful grind.

  29. I absolutely LOVED the Baltimore, I see though you don’t transfer captains
    though.. Having concealment spec makes her detection 9.8ish iirc and her
    radar sweep is only a half kilometer off that so it’s really hard to get
    jumped. And her AP is no joke either dumping a 5 citadel Salvo out of the
    front turrets into and Iowa is very satisfying

  30. Business man you’re becoming OP fast lol. Make it look sooo easy. Love the
    vids, good learnin

  31. Gucci Ships, Gucci Video, Gucci Gameplay, Gucci Commentary. 10/10 Guccis.

  32. nice video, keep em coming!

  33. that salvo on udaloi tho… pretty jokes

  34. In case it helps anyone: Press C to switch from front to rear turret POV in
    the binocular view. Then you can really see which end has a clear line of

  35. Have you tried the Indianapolis yet? The fact that you like Ocean is that
    deep down you love to play battleships. 😀 Have you played Colorado in
    0.5.6? I didn’t read anything about it, but shells go all around the
    places, my last 10-15 matches in Colorado were terrible.

  36. Nice vid biz6!!!!! Love those meaty bb salvos. Lookin forward to play with
    u again :)

  37. I can totally understand, that you spare out the Baltimore grind… it is
    quite painful… But you get an idea of the Des Moines, which is pretty
    much the same ship with about 3 times the dmg output and the fun with it is
    absolutely worth the grind. I still suck in my DesMo though >_<. I brought my IJN DD line up to the Kagero, but I have the Gearing now and dont feel the need to get the Shima... Next project will be the Khabarovsk, cant wait to have that ship in my port :] Thx for the vid, was fun to watch as always! Keep it up and cya^^ (cant wait for the 5k subs special :})

  38. Aww, no clip of the Fuso taking 4 salvos at less tan 1k damage for no
    damage? lol

  39. Some fairly abrupt deletions there!
    Something f**king big eh? interesting!

  40. That torp dodge was pretty much as insane as your dodge on stream the other
    day! I felt scared even watching! haha

  41. trumpW_Im_Clean

    Good stuff

  42. i sold mutsuki half way through the grind…i even tried torp
    acceleration…no way…

  43. Its gonna be HUGE!

  44. He pays the Iron price? Someone watch Dan Gheesling’s Star Citizen by any

  45. Alexander Disney

    You’re up early

  46. Re IJN DDs, the Mutsuki is a pain, the Hatsuhara is better but still not
    fantastic, the Fubuki makes up for the grind. Fantastic DD.

  47. Let’s do the Baltimore grind together! Oh, you’re on the Mitsuki too, we
    can team up in and torpedo each other in despair…lol :/

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