World of Warships – Ships & Giggles Episode 30

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A hell of a lengthy cold, lots of long work days, time with the lady and a shit ton of Subnautica has delayed me. So let’s get this rolling again 😛


  1. Good bunch of game play, glad everything is OK

  2. Help! I finally raised a bit more than 300K free xp. Now i really don’t know what to do, i can skip Izumo and get Yamato or I can grind straight to the Tier VIII Pan-Asian DD or I can get F. der Grobe or i can get Nelson. Should i wait for French BBs? I really can’t decide! Yamato is not the ship it used to be, Pan-Asian can still be nerfed, Nelson looks great (well not in this video…) but it’s only Tier VII and tho i like Bismarck, i don’t have a clue on how good F. der Grobe is. I really don’t know.
    Nice video! I really like this Ships & Giggles series.

    • Nelson is a terrible battleship. Last time I played it I was bow forward and was citadelled by a Bismarck three times on two salvos. I could do nothing against him in return and died horribly. If you’re not getting shot at it’s great. But battleships are meant to be shot at.

      I personally wouldn’t skip any of the German BBs at all. You don’t really have to grind much for the french BBs since you can get four of them for free anyway with the new campaign (check their site.) Yamato has never been an enjoyable ship to play, in my opinion, and was never the ship people make it out to be. But if you like the PADDs, go for it.

    • Thanks for replying! I may go with the F. der Grobe. I guess i can have more fun out of it since i tend to rush a lot. I also watched your videos with that ship and you were having a blast. I’ll make sure i send you that 10 frag battle i’m gonna have with it!

    • AntlanticStrawberry

      Zbriu In my opinion F. Der grobe aint better then bismarck, but if you wanna go true it… you get a great tier 10 Battleship!

    • +Zbriu make it a secondary built. Then it’s fun with the weird dispersion guns f der has.

    • I have a secondary build captain because it came from Bismarck and i still haven’t reset the skills but in the ship upgrades, instead of secondary upgrade, i’m using the AA module for 99% AA during the day and Accuracy module if i play late at night (less CV players i guess). Still, i have around 9,1km secondaries and i really don’t find much difference to 11km or so because at that distance secondaries barely hit anything!

  3. IFHE on Clemson. Thats so disgusting 🙂 No, fun aside. I love that!!!

  4. YAY new video!! This one will make every BB players Jealous.

  5. Always good to see you around, Business – in game or on Youtube. I love the hell out of my Cesare and quickly learned not to show broadside. I was hooked on that baby with my first salvo – completely obliterated a cruiser. I’ve been playing her every day since then.
    And Subnautica looks like a great game – not my kind of game, but I’ve been watching vids of the gameplay and can’t get enough, for some reason.

    • I thought the same thing about Subnautica and decided to pick it up. Ran through the main story over 40 hours and I’m building a mega base right now in the creativity mode, haha. It’s just a nice atmosphere to be in.

  6. That des moines in the begining should have been using AP, plus should have kept backing up, rushing was not a smart move by him.

    • Spinosaurus1212 Of course. Plenty of mistakes. Like the NC earlier was broadside at close range yet the Hipper used HE. Very few cruisers use AP when they should.

    • i love cruiser ap on broadside battleships, especially from the likes of Zao and Moskva who’s AP loses almost no penetration even at max range, i citadelled a yamato with Zao at 13 km, 5 citadels later the guy decides to angle by that time though he’s inside the torpedo range and i kill him with 5 torps.

  7. Love that you added a text comment explaining your thinking when you deleted the Nelson. I’ll now use that to try to improve my own gameplay.

  8. If your finding it hard to record videos over streaming why not just upload stream games every once in awhile. I wouldn’t be apposed to it and i highly doubt anyone here will

    • Taylor Poteet Nope. Have to record replays because I listen to copyrighted music. It’s the same reason why I don’t have any VODs of Twitch.

  9. My thoughts after watching this ‘I should get myself a Julio Cesare’. Episode 30 was entertaining and inspiring as always Business! Keep up the good stuff. Oh and are you going to make a video on the French BBs? ^^

  10. Great Bouge game! The agressive DD hunting always makes for exciting game play.

  11. giving them the business

  12. eeeeewwwwwwww dd play hehe i’ve stopped playing dd’s too much of a “glass cannon” for my likeing

  13. I still see players in T8 pan Asian DD firing torps at other DD’s , u might think they should know by now it can’t hit DD’s .

  14. You should do a video series on your Subnautica (mis)adventures 🙂

  15. You make it look so easy Business. Thanks for the upload!

  16. Enjoyable video as always. Nice ‘sotto voce’ commentary on the BB stealth gimmick.

  17. Some nice game play

  18. you’ve found your soul mate in the Roma…

  19. I love the commentary in this. I liked the slight zoom out to see the broadside, and other thoughts put into this. Nice video man.

  20. Saw the Roma dev strk lede, pressed pause, clicked like, back to vid . . . (ima beatty kind of guy)

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