World of Warships – Ships & Giggles Episode 4

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No good deed goes unpunished, you bastard.


  1. Marty H (Vellarain)

    about the super testing. if they are making so many demands and expecting
    you spend your time at specific dates. that’s a fucking job that they want
    you to do for free for them. it’s a video game internship at best.

    tell war gaming to cut you a check or fuck off. I don’t give a shit who
    nominated you they are literally getting a free quality testing service.
    this is a massive game company and that kind of shit work should be putting
    money in your bank account.

  2. Christopher Doll

    I’ve had some of my best games in my Minekaze and Isokaze, especially after
    my Minekaze captain got the Concealment Expert skill. 5.4 km concealment
    range with the premium camouflage package makes for a seriously dangerous
    Minekaze. I never played when they had 10km range torpedoes for the
    Minekaze, which I agree would’ve been really broken, but with my current
    setup it’s very close to being OP. Cheers

  3. That NC game and cits galore. Amazing!
    Well done!
    (Alexf24 in game)

  4. I’m thinking of setting up a hotline for people that suffer from BCS (being
    cit syndrome), thank you for all of the potential customers!!!

  5. I LOVE my Yorck and, u have brutal games man, congrats!

  6. Beyond early access/giving WG feedback is there any real benefit to Super
    Testing if you can not talk about it? If your end goal is to grow
    youtube/twitch streaming and want to be able to have a life I would forgo
    it as well. I can see being able to use some knowledge or reputation you
    may gain as a super tester to upload videos ahead of your “competition”
    where you may gain early access to premium ship reviews or something but
    really I am not sure I see great benefits.

  7. hey +Business6 As someone else that has lived under NDAs, I look at this
    way. You use the NDA to get access to things early and be a force to
    implement good things and make an impact to the product, or in this case
    the game. Doing what you do currently, you can still make an impact to the
    game (though more as an after thought) but, you also impact the community
    with your own opinions, testing and feedback in your videos. It’s whatever
    you feel like, and congratulations!

  8. Whats the differens between ST and Contributer? They all get to preview new
    ships and such yes?

  9. Hey business i just watched the Montana overview and great points about
    penetration because in the stats the Montana ,Iowa ,and North Carolina all
    fire the 2700 lbs Mk 8 Super-heavy shell which is able to penetrate as good
    or better than the Yamato’s 18.1 in shell. So at least the Montana should
    be able to penetrate the Yamato but technically the North Carolina and Iowa
    should as well but that would be unfair for a tier 8 North Carolina to
    penetrate a Yamato that often

  10. Good luck on the supertester decision. That is a tough one. Seeing that
    your idea for the USN BB line being a little more accurate as a thing may
    happen, maybe they are listening. You already have influence.

    Whatever happens, it’s been great watching this channel grow.

  11. I enjoy your ships and giggles videos. They are really good and very
    informative on how you play. Over the weekend I happened to be in a match
    with you. Normally I don’t check players names in matches but notice you
    had written in chat and recognized the name. I thought about saying
    something but didn’t but overall that was a decent match. How I found out
    about your channel was from Swagger.

  12. Thanks for playing your “not so glorious” moments. I don’t blame you for
    forgoing super tester. I would miss these videos and your twitch stream.

  13. Hey, Business.
    Are you going to review the ships of the Russian cruiser tech tree?

  14. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Nice Work Biz. Keep it up!

  15. It would be nice if you could leave some live stream on Twitch to watch
    even if youre not online, I like to watch streams at night and im usually
    browsing some famous names to see something but theres no video on your
    twitch to watch :)

  16. Great episode. The NC saving the ram was a particular high point, as was
    the salvos on the Montana and Atago near the end. Very cool that you were
    asked to be a super tester, not a surprise though given your handle on the
    game. Congrats on that!

  17. BeMindfulkthxbai

    Another excellent video Business. As for the supertester, I’d say if you
    can work out a proper schedule, go for it. Your cogent reviews and tactics
    discussions would be greatly appreciated by your followers. I hope that’s
    not true presumptuous, but speaking for myself, I’ve learned much from your
    work. At any rate, keep the great vids coming.

  18. I’ll think you should talk to !ChaseGaming He is a ST and youtuber &
    streamer, and can give som advices

  19. Alexander Kaiser

    Well, enjoying your vids since quite a bit, so thanks for that!

    About the ST invitation: As much of a honor it is, if it doesn’t fit in
    your schedule and your not able to juggle all your other responsibilties
    around, so that you can keep your personal quality standards, than it would
    probably be best, to pass this invitation up.
    Despite all the perks about knowing ahead of the development. So as the
    others here commented: If you have a bad feeling about it, listen to that

  20. If you accept being supertester, you will probably hurt your channel by not
    getting the same amount of content. If more streamers/youtubers declines,
    then just maybe WG will reconsider the strict NDA.

  21. idk why i still seeing lots of destroyer rushing the middle in the early
    game. in worst case scenario even a division of two or three dd do it.

  22. Hi, been following your videos. Don’t play as much WOWS as I would like to.
    One change I think would help teams is to change one of the text messages.
    Personally, I would never use “Help” since I feel that you put yourself
    into the situation you are in. What I think would be helpful, especially
    early in the match is “Detected”, to let teammates know when you have been
    spotted before you can detect your enemy. Keep up the good work.

  23. great yorck gameplay there! its still hard for me to find my way how to
    play the german Ships 🙁 the german Ships are so sexy ;)

  24. Marty Rudd (Bad Wulf)

    what do youvthink of the Yorck for ranked. with the plethora of DDs
    cruisers are needed on the teams.

    I have the Myoko but it just doesn’t work well for me. The Yorck feels
    better but with significant less health and the need for cruisers to hunt
    the DDs I am concerned about survivability in a ship of a class that has a
    tough time surviving as it is.

  25. its probably not worth it for youtubers to be supper testers, they have to
    be so careful with what they say and do.

  26. A new Biz episode! sweetness! Haha

  27. If you don’t have time to do ST then it’s a moot point. I wonder if the 5.7
    BB mods will get them into OP territory. We will see but the sigma change
    was huge, their AA is huge and they got the speed buff so now the IJN
    really seems weak. Maybe it’s fair due to the USN cruisers being so week in

  28. so what’s actually required of being a supertester and also who do one get
    it? you sign an NDA but since you’re not paid you don’t have to partake if
    you don’t want/can’t, right? The worst is that you’re pretty MIA and they
    say sorry we’re booting you off, which is no loss for you. What’s the
    downside of signing up, really?

  29. Is that Hold My Beer the ganker / scammer from EVE?

  30. I enjoy your vids and have learned a lot at the feet of the master …. so
    for what it’s worth, my vote is don’t take the tester job if it means you
    can’t make these vids anymore. thanks for your postings

  31. maybe stalin called order No. 227 on that ognevoi

  32. Business, while I understand your apprehension and hesitation on becoming a
    Super Tester, I believe that is a position that you can best serve in to
    help with the game. While you have a NDA in place and cannot talk about
    what you’re doing with new stuff, it doesn’t preclude you from doing what
    you are doing right now, unless they specifically say you cannot. So, if
    they do not, accept the position and put your wisdom, knowledge, and skill
    to work for the game and the players.

  33. 56k quad citadel. By far the greatest shot I’ve seen.

  34. Really inspiring watching how you play the NC. It’s a much better ship now
    with the patch and my current fav. Thanks for the vids and streams!

  35. Aaaand followed on Twitch. Really needed someone playing WoWs in my
    streamer list :)

  36. The best way to get around an NDA is go to a coffee shop with a computer
    and anonymously upload everything to a third party site. The reason why is
    WG is hugely Russian bias and we know that they hate the American tech

  37. I’ve thought about it since you’ve told us the other day on stream, but I
    don’t think the supertester role would be best. If my feet were in your
    shoes, you wouldn’t be able to stream, record, and publish as much as you
    do. Personally I think the ships are fine as they are released, the
    majority that is. If you aren’t required though to participate in the
    tests, I do think having it on your name is nice, that way you have some
    serious proof to back what you’re saying (although not all STs are the best
    that is).

    Up to you but ultimately I’d think you’d be crushed for time trying to

  38. dude just go for the super tester position. You might not get another

  39. buisness6 ill send you a 1v2 battle with my cleveland soon so be ready :P

  40. Not knowing what all is involved in being a Supertester, it seems like it
    would be quite an opportunity to influence the game. I think what you are
    doing now also has an influence on the game. The difference to me is as a
    Supertester you would have more of an impact on the development side. With
    your current projects you impact the Wow community. It depends what you
    would enjoy more. Perhaps you could communicate with other Supertesters to
    see what they think are the perks and pitfalls. Maybe you did this already.
    Whatever your decision it’s quite an honor and congratulations!

  41. Business6 … you are a double strike machine….

    That ram stuff, you had another one like this before I remember. And
    recently I am finding a lot more targets like you had here. Stationary Iowa
    and Amagis. I wonder how these people managed to get that far.

  42. Top vid as per normal. Pity about the super tester not fitting in. But
    thats why i follow you, if you cant do something up to your standard you
    dont do it. How many others would have grabbed at the “look at me im a
    supertester” badge and let the quality of the content slide? Good on ya

  43. Damage saturation is one of the many failed components in the damage
    mechanics of the game unfortunately. I wish WG would have implemented a
    more realistic damage model from the beginning, but it is what it is.

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