World of Warships – Ships & Giggles Episode 5

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Cue the Mic Drop.


  1. Hey Business – I like the Ships & Giggles the best. The Hipper taking out
    the Des Moines was hilarious. Is the Hipper good? I don’t remember you ever
    really talking about it (I know only u like York lol). Have a good one…!

  2. so why did you stop playing MWO? I thought about starting to play MWO, but
    it looks so goshdarn complicated… is it worth starting it? Do you still
    play it or stopped completely?

  3. awesome video :)

  4. You know just how to do that with the destroyers . Real good video . We can
    learn a lot from your videos . Thanks a lot Biz B )

  5. Is the AP on the Derzki good enough to shoot the broadside of cruisers,
    like when you got the double strike with the torps?

  6. You would love the vid jingles has up of a CV torino himself lol ?

  7. LOL clemson FTW!! loooooved the vid hahahahah

  8. Great gameplay.. loved this one. :)

  9. Well I miss those plays in the Clemson so I’m gonna buy it right back ^^

  10. The Clemson, so fun to run not to the side, but between two BB’s or CV’s
    and take them both out. As for Brawling, the Kodiak is out in MWO and mechs
    have been resized. Just think a locust half the size and catapults 2/3s the

  11. derzki is a fun ship. I’ve had a couple of krakens with her.

  12. I cant stop laughing! man this shit is so awesome jaja

  13. Have a safe trip.

    Thanks for the great content.

  14. nice one my friend with the Clemson lol

  15. Good stuff! Very close to 5000 subscribers, thats so nice!

  16. I’m glad someone had a few good games, ranked was awful today as I
    struggled in my Hatsu to pass rank 15.
    Against a Blyska, Mahan and some responsible cruiser drivers, I’ve been
    called out as a noob for keeping them spotted and trying to torp their
    By my Blyska teammate. Because I was in a Hatsu. Not because my cruisers
    weren’t engaging the spotted enemy dd’s. I was the noob in a Hatsu. He even
    asked me if I was new to the game. Rank 15 in a Hatsuharu. I said yes, this
    is my first battle. He then procceded to teach me how the jap dds are bad
    and I should bring a gunboat in ranked.
    Ah.. today was not a good day for science.

  17. Đức Việt Nguyễn

    this must be the best video I’ve ever seen from you lol. crazy actions.

    btw really hope you pull a Hipper review up next. I just don’t know how to
    handle this one and really need some advice.

  18. Do you think you’ll get the Arizona considering how much you love the New

  19. awesome man 🙂 I dedicate this to all the ships you sunk 😀

  20. Awesome vid, Quality destruction

  21. Heya! I remember that match!

  22. not gonna lie… you deserve alot more subs

  23. Alexandru Izvoranu

    That last game in the Clemson was really great/awesome, no other words to
    describe it. I wanted to ask u a small favour, could u throw me some tips
    on the NC, like what upgrades should I get first, the hull, or the speed
    upgrade, range at 21 km is OK for now. Thanks in advance! Keep up the good

  24. Finally ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  25. Nice video, man. Great as usual. One question though; will you be
    purchasing the Yubari if you don’t already have it?

  26. Hey Business, I need some advice from you regarding trying to do any good
    in Ranked Battles. This is my first go at ranked to date and man is it
    frustrating the sh!t out of me.

    The problem is I am able most of the time to carry myself in a game, but I
    am not a good enough player to carry others in game. Sometimes I can do
    better if the planets align, or RNG is on my side or if I make some decent
    choices with map positioning etc, but that is sometimes only.

    It seems like I do fine in Random battles as the number of players on
    either side seems to balance things out, but in Ranked it
    seems like a lot more rides on each and every player to do well, and here
    in lies my question.

    In Ranked how do I, as an average player get past the other players who
    struggle to hold their own in a game?

    From what I see it does not seem to be a lack of teamwork or a co operation
    issue. I don’t see how everyone dies in game to tell why or how they died
    as I’m occupied with doing what I need to do in game. If I see the team
    have a bit of a mid game fold, then I do try harder to make something
    happen, but that seems to get me blown up often.

    Any constructive advice would be appreciated by anyone who thinks they can
    help me.. Cheers in advance.

  27. Sometimes it’s fun to jump into a lower tier ship just for the sheer
    craziness of lower tier battles. lol Good stuff.

  28. Yo business, chop chop, video on new builds for patch 5.7 or atleast
    strongest ships for this patch, I would even go for a video on how the new
    modules would affect ranked matches… :/ :/ , We need your insight man,
    give it to us QQ

  29. One of my most memorable games, I was in my Clemson on New Dawn. I’d gotten
    four kills around, and hadn’t take a single point of damage. I went to
    fight it out in B, and the first hit I took was a Detonation.

  30. Clemson I liked a lot, Nicholas I absolutely LOVE, man the USN DDs make
    just bum rushing the enemy team fun!

  31. Business, it’s the middle of the night. For gods sake why do you do this to

  32. first

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