World of Warships – Ships & Giggles Episode 9

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I’ll just take that dunce cap and keep it for a bit if you don’t mind, thanks!


  1. it happens to us all at some point in time. you guys held your own tho,GG

  2. I think that was your best one yet! Cheers

  3. you can also zoom out in artillery view to get more depression

  4. “”mikasa tu casa”

  5. Do you think they took the NC accuracy buff from a couple of patches ago
    back off and moved it into the upgrade module?

  6. Great episode

  7. If I send you a Arizona replay would you watch it?
    It was a match I thought we were losing.

  8. Every time I use Colorado, if I survive, it is either a Dreadnought or a
    Fireproof medal for me. When the team lines up behind a battleship, we call
    that “Lemming Train”. Lots of hair pulling cursing on comms involved as
    well. It’s a love hate thing with the Colorado at the moment. It is no
    where near fun to play like New Mex is. But for some reason, I do a lot
    more damage with Colorado than I do in Nagato for a T7 BB.

  9. Dem fail platoon Mikasa’s, tho.

  10. speaking of kongos did you record that kongo in our clemson match the last
    time i played with you?

  11. +Business6 this help me in our previous chat on your last vid, ty.
    You say you don’t like >T7 ×/-, you seem to like that Iowa though, I’m so
    close I can taste it – keeping my NC of course… I have a similar play
    style as you, at 3,500 battles, I am nowhere near as skilled – props to
    your very honed talent at this game, see you out there again real soon

  12. Excellent as always. Pure comedy gold seeing that Mikasa effort again!
    I had a similar experience to yours with the DD on Two Brothers, except it
    turned out to be a Cleveland. I killed him (at point blank range – because
    I cannot kill Clevelands any other way apparently) but I took all his DD
    friend’s torps. Limped away with a couple thousand HP left in my Fuso. We
    won though, so yay! (as you’d say ;))

  13. wait, your gun depression is greater out of artillery zoom?

  14. Next time take a tier x, and two mikasa… PLEASE..

  15. Jesus, 8 kills. What a great job, I need to accomplish that as well one day

  16. Even more scary, the real Iowa could do 38kts on a good day and 34 in heavy
    weather, haha

  17. I don’t remember being that hostile in chat lol….. BUT YOU ALMOST FORGOT

  18. Mikasas shooting at Tier 8 ships, would love to see the results screens for

  19. Nice, 8 kills with about 90k damage, I got 2 kills with 270k damage
    once…don’t ask…

  20. Minekaze is an excellent gun boat. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  21. Yo Business, gunna be that guy lol but if youre finding the Carolina off
    with its accuracy, look around and find a replay or screenshot of your
    Carolina before 0.5.9, and compare the accuracy to how it is now. I say
    this because TIrpitz got its accuracy stealth nerfed twice since its
    initial release, not a single thing having been said about it. 236 to 257
    to 276. Doesnt sound like a lot, but its still certainly noticeable when
    you used to play it at least 10 times a day -.-

  22. o hoped for my izumo clip 🙁
    either way, had a good time watching this episode :)

  23. I hate to be that guy but your pronunciation of Aoba irks me a little 😛
    It’s supposed to be OW-ba, not A-oba.

  24. The 14 inch guns of the KGV class had a fair bit less penetration than the
    guns on the New mexico, but they had literally over twice as much explosive
    in the bursting charge, and exactly double that of the fuso and kongo’s
    guns. So historically penetration was sacrificed for more damage. Do you
    think Wargaming will factor this into the game? Like give the KGV’s AP
    higher max damage?

  25. The north carolina seems the same to me and other youtubers . I watched by
    notser on the NC and it looked pretty much exactly the same

  26. Congrats on the Jingles contest btw :)

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